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Shanghai International Cable Tray Application Technology Exhibition

Location: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center – 66 Caobao Rd, TianLin, Xuhui Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200235
Date: May 25, 2020 09:00 – May 27, 2020 18:00
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Shanghai International Cable Tray Application Technology Exhibition                                        
■ seize the opportunity to be a leader in the new power industry

As countries increase investment in infrastructure construction, such as urban and rural power grid reformation, booming of the development of the information highway, communication, and upgrading of electrical equipment and the requirement of energy conservation products and improve, etc., will further promote the industrial electrical equipment, busbar slot and bridge products market demand, at the same time will drive industrial electrical equipment, busbar trough, bridge and the rapid development of the related equipment and raw materials industry. China’s industrial electrical appliances, busbar slots, and bridge products need to reach the level acceptable and competitive in the international market, and a large number of products need to improve the technical level and level of products, so in recent years, industrial electrical appliances, busbar slots, and bridge products will be in a boom period of demand. In order to enhance the promotion and application of new products, new technologies and new equipment of industrial electrical appliances, busbar grooves, and Bridges at home and abroad, improve the advanced technology level of industrial electrical appliances, busbar grooves and Bridges, and provide a platform of display and communication for domestic and foreign counterparts.

■ unprecedented size and popularity

The exhibition covers an area of 12,000 square meters, and more than 300 enterprises from more than 20 countries and regions around the world participate in the exhibition, with an estimated audience of more than 30,000 people. With an efficient and pragmatic attitude, the organizing committee will spare no effort to build a professional economic and trade platform for China’s cable bridge industry, and explore unlimited business opportunities for exhibitors.

■ value of business opportunities

We invite audiences from power companies, petroleum and petrochemical companies, power engineering companies, iron and steel industry, power material departments, purchasing departments, substations, power plants, power environmental protection departments, electric power equipment manufacturing enterprises, scientific research institutions decision-makers and relevant personnel. Personnel involved in communications, nuclear power construction, automobile industry, electrified railway and urban rail transit, ships, offshore oil exploitation, residential construction, and other enterprises. Overseas and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan energy and power industry professionals and business professionals, with high orders to carry out exchanges and negotiations with exhibitors: the organizers to create an efficient global cable bridge industry trade platform, it’s commercial value is unparalleled.

B strong publicity and promotion

Accumulated millions of giant professional audience database, to work together with more than three hundred overseas media, through all kinds of newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, websites, outdoor media, e-commerce, etc multi-channel synchronous propaganda, by strong timeliness and pertinence, professional and wide coverage, and create a good atmosphere for public opinion to exhibitors, bring numerous opportunities of cooperation.


Product Categories:


  • cable bridge, bridge groove bridge, network cabling, cable link set ark, cable tray, slide wire guide, galvanized bridge hot-dip galvanized cable tray, fire hot galvanizing bridge cable tray, tray-type bridge, the aluminum alloy bridge, stainless steel bridge, electrostatic pension bridge, this type bridge, modular bridge, big span bridge, fire bridge, FRP bridge, mounting bracket, bridge with aluminium and aluminium alloy stainless steel, aluminum alloy bridge and other peripheral related processing products.
  • processing equipment: industrial electrical machinery: CNC busbar punching and shearing machine, CNC busbar bending machine, busbar (busbar) processing machine, busbar (busbar) leveling machine, busbar (busbar) punching and shearing machine and other peripheral related processing products.
  • metal trough, tin bus duct bus bar groove, steel, aluminum alloy shell stamping bus duct, modular trough, prevent rolling line, mechanical equipment distribution lines, telephone lines, PVC trough, the floor trough, splice busbar trough, micropower and lighting bus duct, high and low pressure air current type insulation plug bus duct, with heat sink intensive insulating plug type slot, fully enclosed casting resin bus duct (waterproof, fire prevention, anti-corrosion bus duct), a total of high and low voltage bus duct, and rail transit lines trough and other related processing products.

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