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Shanghai International Central Kitchen Equipments & Technology Exhibition

Location: Shanghai – National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) – No. 168 East Yinggang Road, Shanghai, China
Date: May 07, 2020 09:00 – May 09, 2020 18:00
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Only Chinese Central kitchen fair-CKEXPO was held successfully several times in Shanghai and achieved great success, attracting hundreds of Central kitchen suppliers from 40 countries and regions in the world to join, gathering nearly 10000 leaders from hotels, restaurants, airlines, schools, factories, military forces, hospitals and so on. The 3-day exhibition reached expectations of exhibitors and professional buyers. It is an important fair to promote developments of China Central kitchen industry, enjoying an extremely important role in the international Central kitchen industry exhibition. During the first exhibition, the organizer invited Professional Zhang liqiang-deputy principal of Beijing Agriculture University and professor Linruibiao, guest lecturer of Singapore state university and China North Traffic University, professional in Central kitchen, addressing keynote speech on construction and development of Central kitchen and kitchen management & improvement for catering enterprises and so on. The forum attracted up to 400 large scale catering enterprises to join on the topics of fully developing the role of Central kitchen and speeding up industry transformation, supply chain management of catering and restaurant, improvement of Central kitchen productivity, management efficiency of stores. The success of above event attributes to strong support and participation of catering, equipment manufacturers and relevant industry organizations, reaching the expectation of delegates and speakers. In order to expand the market demand of central kitchen and push forward the development of industry brands, Golden Commercial, and Shanghai Hotel Products Professional Committee will hold The  Shanghai Catering Industry and Central Kitchen Integration Exhibition, in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). During the exhibition, kitchen experts at home and abroad will be invited to continue to give keynote speech and experience sharing regarding the central kitchen in construction, utilization, operation, management, and other links. And they hope to make a contribution to the construction and development of Chinese central kitchen. The exhibition will gather catering companies and restaurant chain related enterprises at home and abroad in order to promote the understanding and friendship between catering enterprises, supply and food purchasing management department and it will drive the win-win cooperation of supply and demand The show scale and visitors are expected to have large rise compared to last year.
Major exhibits
• Catering and service: Chinese and western food, catering and raw material, catering IT and management, etc. • Central Kitchen Equipments: central kitchen whole design, central kitchen full set, products, and technology, etc; • Chinese and Western Kitchen Equipment: cooking equipment, baking equipment, kitchen stove, induction cooker, microwave oven, and oven, etc; • Fast Food Equipment: fast food table, heat preservation tank, cold drink machine, and burger machine, etc; • Storage Equipment: ambry, fresh cabinet, ingredients cabinets, shelves and plastic wrap, etc; • Refrigeration Equipment: ice machine, freezer, cold storage, and refrigerator, etc; • Exhaust Equipment: range hood, purifier, and exhaust fan, etc; • Food Processing Plant: coffee machine, juicer, meat grinder, dough mixer, vegetable cutter, and meat cutter, etc; • Washing Disinfection Equipment: dish-washing machine, disinfection cabinet, vegetable basin, sewerage, and waste disposal facilities, etc; • Kitchen Supplies: kitchen knife, stainless steel tableware, chopping block, slice, and colander, etc; • Conditioning Equipment: mill, stirrer, eggbeater, soybean milk machine, food cutting tools, etc; • Table Supplies and Restaurant Service Supplies: ceramic ware, tray, knife and fork, kettle and wine glasses, etc  
Target Visitors
• The distributors, agents and wholesalers of central kitchen equipment in domestic and overseas regions; • Restaurant enterprises and restaurant chain enterprises: restaurant enterprises and chain enterprises purchasing centers and purchasing managers, etc; • Hotels, restaurants, and cafes: all kinds of hotels, group meal, restaurants, and cafes (catering managers), chain restaurants, large catering center, and chain hotels, etc; • Related kitchen equipment market and hypermarket merchants, and storekeepers of kitchen supplies; • Schools, army, hospitals, and enterprises: schools, army, hospitals and enterprises catering purchasing principals; • Aviation, railway, and shipping: airline catering companies and railway catering companies with purchasing departments, Cruise and ferry catering companies with purchasing departments, etc;

• E-business: designers of central kitchen equipment, technician and buyers, etc

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