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Shanghai International Data Center Technology And Equipment Expo

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC) – 2345 Longyang Rd, ShiJi GongYuan, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, China, 201203
Date: June 16, 2020 09:00 – June 18, 2020 18:00
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China‘s data center construction is leading the global market with astonishing growth
China‘s data center construction is leading the global market with astonishing growth. According to data, the total market size of China IDC was 94.61 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of 32.4%. The absolute value of IDC market size is still growing, and the domestic IDC market has entered a mature period; IDC application scenarios of Internet enterprises are more stable, and the proportion of digital transformation of traditional enterprises is increasing day by day, the overall market size will still keep increasing, and it is expected to exceed 120 billion yuan . With the technical evolution and iteration of 5G, Internet of things and other terminal application scenarios, the demand of terminal side online access will increase exponentially. Meanwhile, the application scenarios of IDC will be further expanded, and the market demand of IDC will rise accordingly. It is expected that the market of China IDC will usher in a new round of large-scale growth, and the market size will exceed 200 billion yuan.

 In order to promote the exchange, cooperation and market development of data center industry, display and recommend new products, new technologies, new equipment and experience of data center at home and abroad, build a community of products, technologies and applications of the whole industry chain of China‘s data center, and accelerate the development of China‘s data center, co-hosted by China Data Center Committee and China Data Center Industry Development Alliance, and organized by Rocon Expo (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the “China (Shanghai) International Data Center Industry Exhibition ” will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center .

 Shanghai International Data Center Technology And Equipment Expo exhibits Server, Storage, Disk array, Optical transmitter and receiver, Database, cabinet, UPS, EPS, HVDC, Clean Source UPS, Energy storage technology, Battery, Power distribution cabinet and cable, PDU, Power generator set and load, Buscouple and ATS, Power quality, Intelligent power distribution-related products, etc.
Product Categories:
1.ICT equipment system
  • IT facilities:
    Server、Storage、Disk array、Optical transmitter and receiver、Database、cabinet
  • Network communication system:
    Switchboard、Router、Optical module、Firewall、Gateway、Network architecture、Data management、Data backup、Network security system
2.Data center infrastructure
  • Power supply and distribution system:
    UPS、EPS、HVDC、Clean Source UPS、Energy storage technology、Battery、Power distribution cabinet and cable、PDU、Power generator set and load、Buscouple and ATS、Power quality、Intelligent power distribution-related products
  • Cooling and fresh air system:
    Water-cooled chilled water set、Air-cooling chilled water set、Precision air conditioning、Cooling tower、Water thermal storage、Ice thermal storage、Plate heat exchanger、Water pump、Piping and valve、Wet membrane humidifier、Air exhaust、water drainage、Central ventilation system。
  • Fire and security system:
    Fire system、video monitoring system、Access control system、Intrusion detection system、Alarm platform。
  • Data center management:
    KVM、Data Center Infrastructure management、Power environment monitoring system、RFID Asset management system、3D visualization
  • Structure cabling system:
    Copper cable cabling system、Optical fiber cabling system、Wire mesh cable tray、Cable tray、Optical cable tray、Identification、Rack and Cabinet
  •  Other:
    Lightning protection、Testing instrument、Big screen display system、Anti-static floor、Fire-proof sealing
  • Data center operators:
    Telecom operators、Joint venture data center、Private data center、Cloud data center
  • Related services:
    Planning consulting design、Engineering construction、Final acceptance、Rating and certification、Infrastructure maintenance、IT services and operation maintenance。
  • Industry application:
    Cloud computing、Big data、Data center leasing

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