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Shanghai International Digital Signage Technology & Application Exhibition

Location: Shanghai – National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) – No. 168 East Yinggang Road, Shanghai, China
Date: July 21, 2020 09:00 – July 24, 2020 17:30
Shanghai International Digital Signage Technology & Application Exhibition 1
Perfect Interactive Experience
Digital Signage serves as an interface of representing various contents; It could be placed at both public and private places, like restaurants, shops, hotels, office buildings and etc. Through screen terminal, Digital Signage has functions of displaying equipment, releasing information about a business, economic and entertainment, as well as interacting with audiences.
Digital Signage could be widely used in various places, including bank, medical industry, service hall, chains, hotel, elevator, exhibition center, stadium, community, airport, railway station, bus station, metro station, shopping mall, retail store, building, school, theater, restaurant, park, museum, laboratory and etc. Review of Expo
Being one of the most important components of APPPEXPO, Shanghai International Signage System & Application Exhibition has held for a couple of years. No doubt that it is always a complete success in terms of both exhibition scale and exhibitor number. Many big enterprises have attended the expo for consecutive years, they are including Shanghai Fengning Corporation, Shanghai Joooc Corporation, Shanghai Haoyee Corporation, Shenzhen KTC Technology Group Corporation, Shenzhen Shiyun Technology Corporation, Beijing Tianchuang Kelin Technology Corporation and etc. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, and wish we all create greater glories!  
Advantages of Attending Expo
It’s worth mentioning that Shanghai APPPEXPO together with Shanghai Int. Digital Display Tech & Equipment Exhibition will be held at the same time at the National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai). Being the world’s largest advertisement industry event, Shanghai APPPEXPO  already attracted 176,118 professional audiences from over 100 countries for visiting and purchasing. And Shanghai Int. Digital Display Tech & Equipment Exhibition would show holographic projection, Interactive Multimedia, 3D Display, and other digital display techniques, digital display equipment, and digital creative display. That is to say, when you attend the Shanghai International Digital Signage System and Application Exhibition 2018, you already have 4 absolute advantages:
1. Excellent platform for living show;
2. Abundant advertiser resources;
3. A wealth of 4A advertising companies;
4. Enormous Social and industry Influence;
One Belt One Road Initiative Lead us to open a new world
The promoter One Belt One Road Initiative serves the purpose of advertising upgrade and innovation. It accordingly brings a beneficial systematic market of the whole industry chain. For those national brands, it would be a wise choice to go abroad if one is seeking solutions under the current competition. APPPEXPO would continue complying with One Belt One Road initiative, bring in world products to China, and meanwhile bring the world more Chinese products.

Exhibits profile:
Signs | Signage Products | Tri-vision and Multi-vision Billboards | New Media | Digital Signage | LCD Advertising Machines | 3D Products | Lightboxes | Luminous Products | LED Display Screens | LED/LCD TVs etc.


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