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Shanghai International Occupational Uniform Exhibition

Location: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center – 1099 Guozhan Rd, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200126
Date: July 23, 2020 09:00 – July 25, 2020 17:00

Shanghai International Occupational Uniform Exhibition (short for “OUE”)
Shanghai International Occupational Uniform Exhibition (short for “OUE”) is held by Textile & Garment Chamber of Commerce, All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce and Liso Group, which integrate industry superior resources to build a brand new and one-stop purchasing platform for occupational uniforms, and it is a professional exhibition which is designed for taxation administration, justice administration, industry, and commerce administration, tobacco, mining, electric power grids, oil, petrochemical, aerospace, rail transportation, finance and banking, hotels and restaurants and other government enterprises and institutions. The  OUE will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, which will have a comprehensive display of administrative occupational uniform, vocational smocks, uniforms, occupational uniform materials, and fabrics and other organizational customer made uniforms. It provides a full range of solutions and one-stop trade services platform for government organs and units at home and abroad, occupational uniform distributors, traders, retailers, buyers of large enterprises and public institutions, and other industries.
Shanghai International Occupational Expo has already been the wind indicator which will boost the industry development and structure upgrading of the occupational uniform, and it has become China’s leading professional exhibition of occupational uniform
“OUE” is an international trading platform for leading occupational uniform brand channel construction and group purchase in China, and the  Shanghai International Occupational Uniform Exhibition was held successfully in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center  In terms of size and specifications, it leaves a fresh feeling to the exhibitors and visitors. 40,000 square meters for exhibition, it gathered 30,000 professional visitors, and there are 700 occupational uniform brands which are come from 20 countries and regions take part in the exhibition. Besides that, it has attracted 500 domestic and overseas media, 30 Chinese and foreign reporters to be presented on the scene, comparing to the third OUE, the number of exhibitors has an increase of 56%, and the exhibition area has an increase of nearly 180%, and the audience on the scene has an increase of 113%, which set up an international business platform for participants to have a close and an efficient docking.

Business forum communication meeting, industry tendency summit, new product presentation, brand selection, wonderful runway shows, and many other conferences are held simultaneously during the exhibition, which has the precise positioning of high-quality groups, builds the diversified platform, conducts an in-depth analysis of the industry and promotes the development of the industry. Including China Occupational Uniform Design Competition, China Occupational Uniform Entrepreneur Summit,  China Occupational Uniform Trends Release, Award for  China’s Top Ten Most Popular Brands of Occupational Uniform, Chinese Occupational Uniform custom standards forums and other activities. Shanghai International Occupational Expo has already been the wind indicator which will boost the industry development and structure upgrading of the occupational uniform, and it has become China’s leading professional exhibition of occupational uniform. c370.jpg - 74.13 kB
Product Categories:
  • Business fashion brand channel area:
    Business fashion, western-style clothes, dress, wedding dress, shirt, professional custom-made       clothes, accessories(tie, leather product, silk scarf, etc);
  • Occupational uniform group customizing area:
    Industry uniform area: for group customization of occupational uniform for governments, enterprises, and institutions and for industry uniform;
    Occupational overalls area: overalls, work clothes, and special protective clothing, etc for industrial and mineral enterprises;
  • Special supply area:
    School uniform: kindergarten-to-university uniforms, including spring/autumn uniforms, summer uniforms, winter uniforms, and sports uniforms;
    Hotel uniform area: clothes for managerial personnel and service personnel;
    Medical uniform: nurse uniform, doctor uniform, medical guide uniform, patient uniform, lying-in-woman uniform, operating room uniform, etc;
    Sports uniform area: outdoor wear, golf wear, wear for the bike, motorcycle, fishing, excursion and bodybuilding, etc;
  • Shell, auxiliary material and accessories area: 
    Shell and auxiliary material for occupational uniform, clothing accessories(shoe, cap, bag, silk scarf, emblem, waist belt, tie), etc;
  • Clothing production software, equipment, and auxiliary product area:
    Sewing equipment, CAD/CAM system/hanging system, cloth pulling and cutting equipment, clothes customizing outlet system, laser equipment, ironing and finishing equipment, embroidery and printing equipment, ultrasonic equipment, pre-shrinking, and bonding equipment and enterprise information management system, etc.


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