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Shanghai International Unattended Retail Exhibition

Location: Shanghai – National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) – No. 168 East Yinggang Road, Shanghai, China
Date: August 14, 2020 09:00 – August 16, 2020 17:00
Shanghai International Unattended Retail Exhibition 1
Shanghai International Unattended Retail Exhibition
UR EXPO Shanghai Unmanned Retail Conference and Shanghai International Unattended Retail Exhibition will be held at Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition covers an area of 56,000 square meters. It is divided into the “Building-Retailing New Future” and is divided into the unmanned shop exhibition area, the intelligent vending machine exhibition area, the retail infrastructure exhibition area, the unmanned shop vending machine accessory product exhibition area, and the retail goods. region. The exhibition will attract more than 60,000 professional visitors from more than 50 countries, and its convenience store operators, retailers, self-service vending machine operators, commodity providers, complexes, hypermarkets, government agencies, and other professional buyers will come to the site. Conduct business matching, technical exchanges, and cooperation.  
Many government agencies and leaders at home and abroad have visited the site
Unattended Retail Conference & International Unattended Retail Exhibition will highlight areas like on the basis of two consecutive successes, continue to increase the industry propaganda and invite potential buyers to the exchange, many domestic and foreign government agencies and leaders visited the site, subversive unmanned retail professional equipment data marketing innovative gameplay, unattended retail exploration, case and supermarket species in the future, and much more.
The exhibition highlights:

1. On the basis of two consecutive years of success, continue to increase the industry publicity, and invite potential buyers to exchange;

2. Many leaders of relevant domestic and foreign government agencies were present at the scene;

3. The world’s leading unmanned retail-related enterprises gather together in China to do a 360-degree comprehensive analysis for Chinese counterparts;

4. Global 500+ media, 300+ investment institutions;

5. Innovative gameplay of disruptive unmanned retail professional equipment + data marketing;

6. Exploration, cases and market future of unattended retail superspecies;

7. Development strategies of unmanned retail in different fields in different environments, different scenes and different consumer groups;

8. Evolution of unmanned retail professional supporting service equipment and suppliers;

Product Categories:
  • Unattended retail terminal
  • Unattended retail technology and products
  • Goods and supply chain services
  • other
Shanghai International Unattended Retail Exhibition 
A unique platform dedicated to unattended retail technologies. The fair aims to present the latest strategies for unattended retail in different areas under different environmental circumstances and facing different consumer groups, as well as showcase the evolution of supporting equipment for unattended convenient stores and their providers. Leading companies in the unattended retail field and related technologies from all over the world will join the fair to share their experience, to network and to explore and empower the future of retail (new retail, smart retail and unattended retail). UR Expo 2019 will also invite over 150+ media partners, 200+ retail brands, 300+ investment agencies to attend.  
UR Expo by the numbers:
  • 43 000 visitors
  • 400 exhibitors
  • 58 000 square meters of expo space
Key products to be presented at the exhibition:
Unattended retail terminals:
  • Shop terminals; unmanned entertainment and recreational services (mini KTV, cinema, gym, massage chair, and billiard room), unmanned restaurants/cafes, self-service laundry, and other services
  • Intelligent vending machines (drink dispenser, integrated machines, convenience cabinet, coffee maker, meal machine, self-service dispenser)
Unattended retail technology and products: 
  • Visual image recognition, biometric identification, object tracking, AI technologies, settlement purpose recognition, and transaction system, e-tag, RFID, self-service detecting and tracking system, commodity information collection system, QR code, bar code, video security solution
  • Digitalized store, intelligent shelf, cabinet, shopping cart, package; service robot, fast packaging facility, entrance and exit equipment, container box
  • Intelligent cashier, automated settlement; printing technologies and consumables 
  • Big data analysis, consumer image sketch, IoT, blockchain, voice assistant, customer perception, commodity perception, and traffic analysis
Products and supply chain services: 
  • Fast-moving consumer goods (including food, drinks, alcohol, agricultural products, and fresh food)
  • Articles of daily use, cultural and creative products
  • Commodity delivery and equipment
UR Expo – an exhibition for those who are engaged in the fields of:
  • Export / import / manufacturing 
  • Franchising 
  • Intellectual technology
  • Service robotics
  • Retail 
  • Catering
  • Research & development of retail

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