Shanghai International Urban Water and Wastewater Treatment Exhibition

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC) – 2345 Longyang Rd, ShiJi GongYuan, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, China, 201203
Date: September 02, 2020 03:38 – September 04, 2020 05:38
Shanghai International Urban Water and Wastewater Treatment Exhibition
the battle for clean water has once again become an important battle for water ecological environmental governance
In recent years, with the release of intensive policies on water environmental governance, the battle for clean water has once again become an important battle for water ecological environmental governance. The state has introduced a series of policies and accelerated its implementation. Of the seven previously proposed battles against pollution, five involve water. A series of policies introduced by the state also promotes the accelerated release of water environment management market. In the process of upgrading the supply side, the traditional sectors including municipal water supply, urban drainage, and waterlogging prevention, rural sewage treatment, water environment, and ecological restoration, and water treatment equipment will erupt in an all-around way. Shanghai International Urban Water and Wastewater Treatment Exhibition feature water supply system, Water Drainage system, Wastewater Treatment system, water purification system, Rainwater harvesting and utilization, Pumps /Valves/meter & Accessories, Pipe &Fittings, Fountain swimming pool equipment, Solar-building integration System, Fire protection system and etc.  
Product Categories:
(1) Municipal water supply and drainage
※ Various pumps, valves, shock absorbers, municipal water supply, drainage technology and equipment, secondary water supply equipment, pumps, valves, and connection equipment
※ Measurement, billing, management technology, equipment for municipal supply and drainage pipes, fittings, joints, inspection wells, etc., water quality, water pressure testing equipment
※ Water filtration, disinfection products, and sewage treatment technology equipment GIS, pipeline leakage detection and repair technology excavation and non-dig technology equipment
※ Earthquake and disaster prevention, emergency water supply and drainage equipment 
(2) Sewage treatment, water ecology, and water environment pollution remediation and treatment
※ Manufacturing Technology and Manufacturing Equipment for Membrane and Membrane Assemblies, Membranes and Membrane Assemblies Membrane Materials and Assist Equipment
※ Membrane Separation Equipment Complete Equipment Membrane Separation Equipment Related Technologies, Materials, Test Equipment Water Reuse, Water Recycling
※ Industrial Wastewater and Municipal Wastewater Treatment Technologies and Equipment
※ Wastewater resource utilization technologies and equipment, new urban water-saving appliances, applicable technologies, and products
※ Water treatment system automatic control, urban flood control, and drainage technology and equipment water quality analysis equipment, water treatment chemicals, materials, and ancillary equipment
※ Foreshore desalination technology and equipment pumps and lifting systems, grease traps, small sewage treatment equipment, pipeline cleaning equipment, centrifuges, sludge dewatering machines, aerators, microfiltration machines, air flotation machines, sewage treatment agents, etc.
(3) Construction of Sponge City and Construction of Comprehensive Pipeline
※ New Urban Rainwater Absorption Technology and Equipment Sponge City Outstanding Achievement Display System
※ Infiltration of green facilities (buildings, roads, green areas, etc.) Rainwater discharge and collection
(4) Water plant construction and smart water
※ Water quality monitoring and warning equipment information management system
※ Water production and operation management system Intelligent water meter system, remote meter reading system
※ Water supply and drainage pipeline network management system water quality monitoring, analysis equipment
(5) Construction and intelligent fire water supply and drainage
※ Living Water Supply System Living Drainage System Hot Water System Building Fire Protection System Waterscape Swimming Pool Fountain
※ New construction pipelines, home improvement pipelines Fire alarm system Automatic sprinkler system Fire hydrant system
※ Foam fire extinguishing system Dry powder fire extinguishing system Smoke prevention and smoke exhaust system solar building integration
(6) New technology and new equipment for sludge treatment

※ Sludge drying, dehydration, drying, etc. Sludge treatment technology equipment Sludge resource utilization technology and equipment
※ Sludge is used for landscaping and soil improvement technology. Sludge sanitary landfill, incineration and comprehensive utilization of technology and equipment
※ Microorganisms, Deodorization Technology, and Product Sludge Transport Technology and Equipment in Sludge Treatment and Disposal

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