Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition

Location: Shanghai – National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) – No. 168 East Yinggang Road, Shanghai, China
Date: August 25, 2020 09:00 – August 27, 2020 18:00
  Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition 1
Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition is a large-scale water treatment exhibition platform in the world
Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition is a large-scale water treatment exhibition platform in the world, aiming at integrating traditional municipal, civil and industrial water treatment with comprehensive environmental treatment and intelligent environmental protection, and creating a trade exchange platform with industry influence. As an annual extravaganza of the water industry, the 250,000-square-meter Shanghai international water show is composed of 10 sub-exhibition areas. Last year, it attracted 3,401 exhibitors from more than 23 countries and regions and attracted 99,464 professional visitors from 100 countries and regions.  
Exhibitors and professional visitors cover all aspects
During the exhibition, in addition to the traditional municipal units, engineering (installation), design institute and distribution company and the agent, the exhibitors can also come into contact with 28 terminal industry professional audience coverage: food, beverage, brewing, textiles, leather, printing and dyeing, paper making, printing, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, steel, electroplating, metallurgy, rubber, cement, electric power, electronics, automobile, shipbuilding, machinery, construction, gas, public facilities, municipal, water conservancy, agriculture, etc. With several international water industry technology innovation of institution, association and industry media cooperation, Shanghai international my BBS launched nearly afield projects and activities in sharing technology and the market at the same time, also brought extra exposure for exhibitors, to help enterprises more efficient customer relationship maintenance, expand cooperation and promote new products and services, enhance brand image, to win the advantage in the market competition!  
As the ring will be one of the series
As the ring will be one of the series, with the Shanghai international exhibition, Shanghai international air pump pipe valve air show, Shanghai international solid waste gas exhibition, Shanghai international building my, Shanghai international exhibition of water conservancy and the ring will be owned by the exhibition form the pattern of the industrial chain, as well as a strong economies of scale, resources and share the audience, the escort for the exhibition effect. Three days of business opportunities everywhere, worth every enterprise in the industry to grasp!  
Product Category:

1. Sewage/wastewater: Water treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment, air flotation equipment, block the dirt precipitation equipment, filtration equipment, evaporator, crystallizer, disinfection sterilization, filtration equipment, machinery grille, sewage equipment, aeration equipment, biochemical treatment process, water treatment agent, oil/water separation equipment, air flotation equipment, integrated wastewater treatment equipment, channel management

2. Sludge treatment: Equipment sludge dewatering equipment, stirring equipment, solid and liquid separation equipment, filter press, centrifuge, blower, sand suction machine, mud scraper, mud suction machine, electrolytic treatment equipment, aerobic and anaerobic treatment equipment, others

3. Comprehensive environmental management: And engineering services for water pollution prevention and control technology and equipment, technologies and equipment for the control of air pollution, solid waste disposal technology and equipment,  soil and groundwater remediation technologies and equipment,  noise and vibration control technology and equipment, ecological restoration and protection technology and equipment, the rural environmental protection, green low carbon technology and equipment and products, water supply and sewage treatment and disposal services, engineering services, environmental management and ecological audit, new and high technology service platform, investment and financing, computer hardware/software, analysis laboratory, operational/maintenance

4. The environmental monitoring: And instruments and meters, gas, water quality, noise, vibration, light, temperature, pressure, flow, heat measurement, such as continuous automatic monitoring system, the Internet of things technology involved in environmental monitoring instrument and meter technology and equipment, environmental monitoring sensor technology and products, the wisdom of water supply and drainage instrument technology and products, environmental water quality automatic monitoring system in succession

5. Membrane technology membrane treatment equipment related supporting products: Membrane components, membrane separation technology equipment and services, membrane shell, membrane supporting equipment, ultra-pure water equipment, softening water equipment, filtration equipment, industrial pure water machine, recycling of reclaimed water, desalination and utilization of seawater, zero discharge process of high-salinity wastewater, landfill leachate treatment, etc

6. Water purification equipment: The central soft water machine, RO water purifiers, ultrafiltration water purifier, central water purification machines, household/commercial water purification water purification machine, straight drink machine, kitchen water purifiers, pure water machine, ceramic water machine, ultrafiltration water purification machine, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis pure water machine, water purification machine small molecular group to develop water purification machine, running water, electrolyte, in-line water dispensers, water boiler, IC smart card water machine, automatic machine, quartz sand, water purification equipment and so on

7. Supporting services: Water treatment engineering units, consulting and design institutions, branches, certification/testing services, education, research, consultants, Internet of things

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