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Skin & Cosmetics

Location: Stockholm – Kistamassan AB, Stockholm County, Sweden – Akalla, Stockholm
Date: September 07, 2023 – September 08, 2023

Registration – Events – Exhibitors – Contacts.

Hud & Kosmetik, the only beauty exhibition in Sweden, is a major event for all beauty professionals, including beauty therapists and makeup artists. SHR, the Swedish Association of Beauty Therapy, organizes the fair.


One day 450SEK and two days 600SEK


Frida Selkirk and Celina Ryan
The Nailpodd podcast is run by the Nailpodd team, and they will be interviewing interesting guests at the “Living Room” (large-scale stage) as well as around the fair. Digital screens will display all interviews in the exhibition hall.

After work, meet people in the beauty industry for fun and games at the bistro on the 7th september from 17:00.

The Skincare Professional Award, the Beauty Therapists’ finest award, is presented during afterwork.

Elin Fagerberg & Anna Karin WahlbergThey host the SPA ceremony and run the podcast Hudvardsdjungeln. They have also written the book Hudnara.

The theme for this year’s Swedish National Makeup Competition is Rainbow Bliss. Anette Hambalek is the host.


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