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Suzhou Intelligent Factory Exhibition

Location: Suzhou International Expo Center – 688 Suzhou Ave E, Wuzhong Qu, Suzhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China, 215000
Date: March 18, 2020 09:00 – March 21, 2020 18:00
  Suzhou Intelligent Factory Exhibition 1
Suzhou intelligent factory exhibition (SIA)

In recent years, with the rise of megalopolis in Suzhou, Suzhou has become one of the most remarkable cities in the Yangtze river delta region with strong industrial and economic development. In particular, high-end equipment manufacturing industry is one of the pillar industries that Suzhou will focus on in the near future and in the future. Local and surrounding areas have accumulated rich resources of exhibitors and professional buyers, creating favorable conditions for the successful holding of Suzhou intelligent exhibition every year.

Suzhou intelligent factory exhibition (SIA) is a regular meeting in the field of the automatic robot and intelligent manufacturing. It is expected to attract 400 exhibitors, with an estimated professional audience of 50,000 and an estimated exhibition area of 40,000 square meters. It is held in Shanghai and Suzhou every year. Now it has become the indispensable brand exhibition of domestic intelligent factory industry. The exhibition covers industrial automation, industrial robots, AGV cars, machine vision, and other fields. Meanwhile, CME Suzhou machine tool exhibition (Suzhou industrial fair) is held to directly and comprehensively serve the whole industrial chain of intelligent factory industry from the source to the terminal. 


Product Categories:
  • Industrial automation and industrial robots exhibition area:Industrial robot native, development platform and software, robots, robot manipulator 4.0 wisdom, industrial plant overall solutions, industrial electrical systems, industrial control systems, industrial equipment, industrial automation, computer software, interface technology, man-machine interface, connectors, low voltage switchgear, man-machine interface device, microsystem technology, laser technology, mechanical parts, industrial measurement and instrumentation, industrial communication, industrial automation, factory-integrated management software, information technology and software industry IT software, basic system and development tools, factory production software, Internet, non-standard industrial automation spare parts, CAM splitter, FA factory automation parts, transmission, mechanical drive system and parts, mechanical and electrical parts and auxiliary equipment;
  • 3C automation exhibition area: 3C automation, SMT technology, and equipment, mechanical manufacturing and automation, welding equipment and materials, test and measurement, electronic manufacturing automation equipment, electronic manufacturing services, etc
  • AGV car exhibition area: AGV automatic logistics equipment and system,AGV automatic porter,AGV unmanned porter, omnidirectional moving AGV car, intelligent AGV car, magnetic navigation AGV car, trackless navigation AGV car, magnetic navigation forklift car,AGV unmanned transport, all kinds of AGV car, automatic navigation car,AGV car accessories, etc
  • Core components machine vision technology exhibition area: machine vision, intelligent camera: black and white and intelligent, line scan camera intelligent camera, color smart cameras, CMOS smart camera, read ID code machine, machine vision, image processing software tools, industrial camera, FA, high resolution camera lens, image scanning lens, light source, LED light source, the UV lighting system, the infrared light source, the image processing system, optical character, identification system, integrated automation/robotics, machine vision: character processing and recognition system, intelligent vision, surface detection, etc.; 

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