Taipei International Food Expo

Location: Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan – No. 5, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110
Date: May 01, 2020 09:00 – May 04, 2020 18:00
Taipei International Food Expo 1

Taipei International Food Expo

The annual gourmet feast will be held at the Taipei world trade center pavilion. The food shows a total of six kinds of characteristic topic “set of Taiwan is great reward”, “ready-to-eat food area”, “popular group buying food area”, “international gourmet carnival”, “boutique coffee area”, “sweet drinks area”, a food will bring together the traditional and creative cooking food, besides will the world cuisine to enter Taiwan, more hope through food exposition will Taiwan cuisine to the world!


Six theme exhibition areas
Taiwan with a gift

Taiwan is a food kingdom, all over the time-honored brand hand gift is a good travel or holiday gift, want to know all Taipei, central, south, east and outlying islands of the characteristics of hand gift what?Kaohsiung Mars hall, taitung hanshan cake, chiayi lamb soup, chishang champion rice, taichung sun cake, fresh water iron egg, yilan ox tongue cake and Hualien mochi are all designed to give you a taste and visual taste of Taiwan.

Instant cooking area

Excellent quality requirements, provide consumers to enjoy the texture of delicious;Trend-setting innovation offers a wide variety of options from frozen to instant cooking to conditioning packs…And so on;Convenient cooking, delicious product design without discount, save precious time, increase happy gathering time.From breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner to snack, only from the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival dumplings, meat to Mid-Autumn festival party dim sum, since the childhood friend brown-bagging, big friends mountaineering camping, mother nursing to LeLing fill gas regimen, the family all the time, all kinds of occasions, each life stage, each kind of lifestyle, consumers can find the best quality and the most valuable delicious food!!!!!

Popular group purchase food area

Want to know the recent hot group food, gift box, popular dessert cake?Group buying food is a favorite pastime for office workers, you can taste the popularity from all over Taiwan without leaving the office!But now you can eat the Internet’s most popular food at one time during the exhibition period. The bite by bite, the unforgettable taste, is worth the price.

Specialty coffee section

Strict choice between Taiwan and countries since the baked coffee shop quality coffee beans, hanging, hand coffee appliances, etc., make you relaxed from the regional flavor wine estate (coffee), coffee processing method (water, sunlight, honey processing, half bath), roast (shallow baking to deep baking) selection of quality coffee beans and hang, with the hand, Italian coffee machine or matches pot etc on your coffee flavor drinking experience.

International food carnival

If you can’t travel around the world, eat all over the world!Local cuisine faithfully presents the flavor of the people, together with taste memory of the world!Japanese sushi, Korean army pot, burrito, American hamburger, Hong Kong style dim sum, Indian curry, Italian ice cream, Argentine mate, pho, Malaysian bak kut teh…Global food, global index food is waiting for you to taste.

Mellow drink area

Taiwanese love the trend of queuing, in the drinks world also rolled up a whirlwind, on earth why drinks can have so high charm?!We will collect many kinds of drinks from various countries, gather well-known agents at home and abroad, relevant services at home and abroad, drinking utensils and storage equipment, etc., to display different drinks from all over the world, and meet all kinds of needs at the same time.It is not only a grand purchasing platform but also a cultural feast to provide communication between the industry and the general consumers.



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