Bakery China Autumn and China Home Baking Show

Location: Shanghai – National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) – No. 168 East Yinggang Road, Shanghai, China
Date: October 15, 2020 09:00 – October 17, 2020 18:00
Bakery China Autumn and China Home Baking Show 4


Bakery China Autumn & China Home Baking Show is a leading event in Asia, which gives the global baking professionals the opportunity to seek out the latest innovations, experiences, and to find reliable suppliers.  The bakery event is a perfect procurement platform for pastry shops, hotels, café, and catering chains! Due to China’s high demand for quality ingredients and equipment, it became the world’s biggest and fastest-growing bakery market. The exhibition offers healthy and safe bakery ingredients, finished products, pastry decorations, beverage utensils, baking equipment, etc. In response to the mighty demand from Christmas, New Year and Spring Festival, Bakery China Autumn was launched by CABCI and Bakery China Exhibitions Co., Ltd. annually in Shanghai in October or November. In the past 4 years every year Bakery China Autumn Show keeps about 50% year-on-year growth and in the event will reach about 50,000sqm. China Home Baking Show is a trading platform with baking education and experience. It’s a superior stage for the home-baking ingredient, baking utensils, household appliances, packaging decoration, training, baking e-commerce, a year gathering for home baking distributors, agents, online platforms, personal studios, training institutions, supermarkets and bake-loving individuals, a year-end Baking Carnival. China Home Baking Show is co-located with Bakery China Autumn.

Our Event
  • Bakery China is Asia Pacific’s leading event serving the entire value chain for the bakery and confectionery market.
  • Most of the industry bells are exhibitors, and their industrial output representing approximately 70% of the total industry.
  • 90% of the TOP100 industry bells visit Bakery China.
Our Market
  • China is currently the world’s largest producer and consumer of bakery and is the world’s fastest-growing market. China has a strong demand for secure and advanced bakery ingredients and equipment overseas.
  • The improvement of living standards and increasing emphasis on food safety push China’s consumers and companies overseas to secure food supplies. According to the Office of National Statistics, the CAGR of China’s import food and food addictive market is 15% in recent 5 years.
  • Compared with fast-growing bakery industry, China’s local bakery equipment industry is much lagged behind. China has a strong demand for imported bakery equipment, especially from Western European, North America, Japan, and South Korea.
  • China has more than 100,000 bakery and pastry stores.


Bakery China Autumn by the numbers 
  • 50 000 visitors
  • 502 exhibitors
  • 37 000 sq. m of expo space


Product Categories:

● Bakery Ingredient & Finished Products

  • Grain & Oil
  • Additive/Preservative
  • Fillings
  • Cake Decorations
  • Finished Product
  • Other Ingredient

● Coffee/Beverage/Leisure Food

  • Coffee & Machine
  • Beverage & Machine
  • Tea & Utensils
  • Ice-cream & Machine
  • Leisure Food Ingredient/Finished Product & Machine

● Baking Equipment

  • Production Machinery
  • Baking Molds and Other Utensils
  • Ovens and Other Baking Equipment
  • Showcase/Storage/Refrigerator
  • Catering Equipment
  • Laboratory/Detecting Device

● Home Baking

  • Small-Packaged Ingredient
  • Home-baking Molds
  • Small Appliances(Oven/Mixer, etc.)
  • Decorations

● Franchising

  • Chain Store Franchising
  • Chinese Pastry Chain Store Franchising
  • Café/Beverage/Ice-cream/Restaurant Franchising

● Bakery Packaging Solution

  • Packaging Materials
  • Packaging Machine
  • Packaging Design

● Bakery Production

  • R&D
  • Mooncake & Production
  • Pastry & Production
  • Biscuit & Production
  • Bakery Hand-Gift & Production
  • Candy & Production
  • Snack & Production

● Others

  • School/Institute
  • E-Business Service
  • Information Service
  • Shop Design/Decoration
  • Logistics/Cold Chain
  • Media
  • Others, please specify


Bakery China Autumn an exhibition for those who are engaged in the fields of:
  • Production / import / export / wholesale purchases of confectionery products
  • Retail
  • Restaurant, hotel business
  • Healthy / diet foods
  • Research and development
  • Household appliances production, logistics and other related industries

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