Beijing Art Expo

Location: Beijing – China International Exhibition Centre – 6 N 3rd Ring Rd E, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100096
Date: September 10, 2020 09:00 – September 13, 2020 18:00
  Beijing Art Expo 1  
Art Expo Beijing is scheduled to be held at the China International Exhibition Center
Art Expo Beijing is scheduled to be held at the China International Exhibition Center (No. 6 East Road of Northern Third Ring Road). It will once again offer a gorgeous art feast to Chinese and foreign collectors. After more than 21 years of elaborated work, Beijing Art Fair has become the most comprehensive art exhibition in China with the largest volume and the trend of art development. It has established the most extensive and efficient communication platform among galleries, art institutions and collectors; it has become the oldest, highest specification, the most popular, and the most influential artistic brand event in Beijing.  
The Exhibition Attracts Domestic and Overseas Countries to Participate
The Art Expo Beijing attracted 100 galleries and art institutions from 15 countries and regions including China, France, Germany, the United States, Italy, Argentina, Australia, Sweden, Spain, South Korea and the Netherlands. During the four-day exhibition, more than 30,000 visitors attended the fair, with a total turnover of 120 million yuan. The “sculpture style” which is a staple of this exhibition including Taiwan Rich Art, Zhu Bingren Art Museum and Sina Sculpture became the most popular area.  
Beijing Art Fair will be held on the theme of “Arts Leads Future”
Under the policy of establishing Beijing National Cultural Center, Beijing Art Fair will be held on the theme of “Arts Leads Future”, there specialized zones designed for the theme including Contemporary International Gallery Area, Famous Recommended Area, Classic Art and Contemporary Art Design Area. More than 100 Chinese and foreign galleries and art galleries exhibiting will provide art collectors and viewers with a distinctive experience and experience of contemporary art, and will provide a more refined and unique platform for the discovery and exploration of art for collectors and visitors. At the same time, through the organization of a series of forums and lectures, as well as artistic tours linking Beijing’s art hot spots, you can feel the most intuitively the booming Chinese art market.  
Exhibition Object and Scope
1. Target Exhibitors: Gallery, Painting Academy, Fine Art Institute, Cultural and Cultural Relic Company, Artworks Auction Agency, Art Association and Art Studio. 2. Art Scope: Chinese Paintings, Oil Paintings, Water Color Paintings, Mural Paintings, Lacquer Paintings, Print Paintings, Sculptures, Installation, Art Packing, Multimedia etc.  
Galleries and institutions from all over the world are invited to attend the Beijing art fair
Hereby, we sincerely invite art galleries and institutions from all over the world to participate Art Expo Beijing in golden September to achieve great resplendence!



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