Beijing International Education Equipment & Technology Expo

Location: Beijing – China International Exhibition Centre – 6 N 3rd Ring Rd E, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100096
Date: September 17, 2020 09:30 – September 20, 2020 18:00
Beijing International Education Equipment & Technology Expo 1
Beijing International Education Equipment & Technology Expo

Education is the foundation of people’s livelihood and the foundation of a strong country. In the past two decades, China’s education has achieved all-round development, witnessing the courage, confidence, and wisdom of the country to promote the scientific, comprehensive, rapid and sustainable development of education, and witnessing the brilliant achievements of China’s education development. 

As the capital, Beijing has the most advanced educational technology. As a national and international science and technology event, science and technology expo has a prominent publicity and promotion effect. Through the fair can this platform, will recommend and absorb domestic and foreign education and science and technology innovation and equipment industry leading enterprises, high-end and forward-looking products to participate in the exhibition promotion, exhibition, exchange and cooperation, show more effectively promote education equipment new science and technology, communication education equipment scientific and technological innovation, promote to university-enterprise cooperation education equipment application, develop into education and equipment to the international market. At that time, will have the overseas participation national government education department, the Beijing and the national education department, the big primary and secondary schools and the key kindergarten and so on the person in charge to visit the discussion.


Product Categories:

1. Educational equipment:

Show teaching instruments and equipment needed for the education of all types and at all levels, multimedia computer, teaching equipment, teaching AIDS, model, the construction of digital campus, digital library equipment, online education application, 3 d printing, teaching and campus audio-visual broadcast network system, video conference system, control system, the teaching software, education robot, VR/A, recorded broadcast and video technology, digital experiment system, big data applications, education cloud technology and application, the large screen projection, touch all-in-one PC, body sound beauty equipment, information technology products, preschool education supplies and facilities, preschool education and pre-school equipment, educational equipment, teaching, teaching books, wall charts, aesthetic results teaching resources and materials, school sports equipment, school logistics equipment, school buses, uniforms, school-run industrial products;

2. Safe campus:

Campus safety technology and equipment, video monitoring system, perimeter security systems, access/face recognition system, visitor management, IC card system, parking management systems, network security equipment, integrated security management system, campus information management platform, students’ dormitory intelligent management platform, kindergarten transport system, student information positioning system, air system, air purification equipment, energy-saving environmental protection, energy saving heating bath equipment, logistics management, campus guards, parent-school communication/school XunTong/wing school, schools/safety supplies, campus security drinking water equipment, training equipment, the simulation system, the campus insurance, etc.;

3. Special education:

Campus medical system and rehabilitation technology and equipment, education for hearing and visual impairment, education for language impairment, education for intellectual development, psychological consultation room, etc.Medical rehabilitation equipment; Rehabilitation AIDS, motion AIDS, electronic computer voice communication equipment, vision corrector and software, computer AIDS, eye lamp, sitting chair, communication AIDS, leisure and entertainment and other personalized training AIDS;

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