China International Door Industry Exhibition

Location: Beijing – New China International Exhibition Center – No. 88 Yuxiang Road, Shunyi, Beijing, China,
Date: March 07, 2021 09:30 – March 10, 2021 18:00


China International Door Industry Exhibition 1

With the rising level of consumption and improved

With the rising level of consumption and improved, consumption concept, the custom has become China’s household consumption irreversible reality, as China’s door industry custom furniture industry professional exhibition trade platform, the key elements involved in the platform -, industry associations, enterprises, professional industry media from different dimensions to promote a platform for innovation and transformation


China International Door Industry Exhibition

China International Door Industry Exhibition, China international integrated customized furniture exhibition will be fine for exhibition division reform, 13 square meters exhibition area is divided into whole house custom, smart home, wooden door (window), door into/non wood interior door, paint metal household and auxiliary materials, intelligent manufacturing machinery six themes exhibition, display the custom upstream and downstream industry chain, promote the exhibitors and suit the audience interaction, improve the efficiency of business and negotiations, the strengthened enterprise brand awareness and product features, explore potential business opportunities, with the power of the platform can China door industry custom furniture industry development.


China International Door Industry Exhibition/Custom Home Exhibition is known as “the vane of industry development and booster”

China International Door Industry Exhibition/Custom Home Exhibition is known as “the vane of industry development and booster”, greatly promote the industry exchange and trade cooperation, is the industry/customize the real drivers of household market prosperity and witnesses, doors, and Windows at home and abroad is custom furniture industry production enterprise for trade in goods, brand promotion, channel construction, widen the vision, share ideas, progress, innovation as an important platform.


Product Categories:

1. Whole wood, custom home/smart home

  • Whole wood home decoration, customized home furnishing, whole wardrobe, staircase, whole cabinet, whole wood skirt wall, whole study,
  • Integral kitchen and bathroom, cloakroom, smart home system;

2.Wooden door

  • Wooden doors, solid wood doors, solid wood doors, molded doors, bamboo doors, etc.; 

3. Door/non-wood indoor doors and Windows

  • Bronze door, villa door, aluminum door, sliding door, courtyard door, fire door, metal door, guardrail fence, sunshine room,
  • Electric doors, garage doors, fixed Windows, flat Windows, rotary Windows, push and pull Windows, shutters, Thermal Windows, etc

4. New materials/technologies

  • Environmental protection coating, hardware lock control, accessories auxiliary materials, automatic control technology, etc.   

5. New home manufacturing equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment

  • Deep processing equipment, home manufacturing equipment, automation complete sets of production and processing equipment.

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