China Metal & Metallurgical Products Exhibition(CMPI)

Location: Chongqing International Expo Center – 66 Yuelai Ave, Yubei Qu, Chongqing Shi, China, 400000
Date: October 14, 2020 09:30 – October 16, 2020 18:00

China Metal & Metallurgical Products Exhibition(CMPI) 4

China Metal & Metallurgical Products Exhibition(CMPI) was started in 2001

China Metal & Metallurgical Products Exhibition(CMPI) was started in 2001, after 18 years of development and innovation, the scale continues to expand, the degree of specialization continues to strengthen, the degree of internationalization continues to improve, the market operation mechanism continues to improve, the metal metallurgy industry at home and abroad has a far-reaching and extensive influence.


Exhibition covers from smelting metal mineral resources development

Exhibition covers from smelting metal mineral resources development, to the whole industry chain, deep processing of metal metallurgical industry is not only the enterprises at home and abroad advanced technology, materials, products, and equipment, understand latest industry information, industry development trend, extensive technical exchanges, product procurement, project cooperation platform for the professional, and related government units fully display achievements of industrial development and investment environment, expanding investment, improve the level of investment promotion and capital introduction, carry out various forms of economic and trade cooperation and good way. To promote the development, transformation, innovation and healthy and sustainable development of China’s metal metallurgy industry cluster is an important measure to accelerate the construction of China’s metal metallurgy industry.


The last exhibition data:

The last exhibition covered an area of 40,000 square meters, attracting more than 800 well-known enterprises to bring more than 5,000 kinds of latest exhibits and technologies. In the car to bring harmony, Renaissance, wide-bodied customization monorail, etc all series aluminum body with the latest technology, bao wu steel exhibited new energy automotive steel, lightweight seats with steel material solution for all varieties, such as cars, and set the lightweight VR experience area, the solution during the show in red on the latest intelligent trucks and electric technology, ABB, brings the world’s leading IRB760FX seven-axis servo linear robot, show the auto industry welding, stamping, electronic assembly, the latest technology, such as vehicle and parts manufacturing and assembling Nachi Nachi site presents the most rapid and intelligent robot factory solution,MCC Saidi brings industrial Internet technology, intelligent mining remote management technology, Yaskawa robot on-site production of ice cream to attract many visitors to stop, Kawasaki, Ruolamat, DE Meike, and other well-known enterprises exhibition. The city two Jiang new area, Lijiang, Wansheng, Beibei, and other districts and counties group exhibition.


Product Category:

● metal mineral resources development: related metal mineral products development and operation.

● deep processing of nonferrous metals: aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium, powder metallurgy and other kinds of nonferrous metal high-performance alloys and high-end products.

● steel and materials: stainless steel, tube, plate, strip, special steel and other large and medium-sized steel production enterprises, deep processing enterprises, production of carbon materials, refractory materials and other auxiliary materials.

● new metal materials: rare earth functional materials, rare metal materials, semiconductor materials, functional alloys, key supporting metal structural materials for major equipment and other new materials.

● technology and equipment: metallurgy and deep processing technology and equipment with industry-leading technology level.Metal recycling and recycling equipment.Metallurgical automation and informatization.Energy-saving and environmental protection technology and equipment.

● casting and forging heat: all kinds of heat treatment furnaces and industrial kilns, heat treatment production lines and equipment, quality testing equipment, instruments, heat treatment auxiliary materials, surface treatment technology, and equipment, etc.

Spring fastener: automobile fastener, standard fastener, fastener and spring material, fastener mold and consumable material, spring products, fastener equipment, etc.

● industrial parks and characteristic industrial bases: cities (districts) and counties with solid industrial foundation and complete industrial chain, as well as characteristic metal deep processing industrial parks and bases.

● others: scientific research institutes, engineering design and general contracting, geological survey, nonferrous finance, etc.

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