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China Shanghai International Bamboo Industry Exhibition(CBIE)

Location: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center – 66 Caobao Rd, TianLin, Xuhui Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200235
Date: October 10, 2020 09:00 – October 12, 2020 18:00
China Shanghai International Bamboo Industry Exhibition(CBIE) 1

China Shanghai International Bamboo Industry Exhibition(CBIE)

“Providing bamboo industry as a whole solution”, China Shanghai International Bamboo Industry Exhibition(CBIE), by the Chinese forestry association, China forestry association branch of bamboo, bamboo craft of China arts and crafts society of, the development of Chinese forestry industry association of bamboo enterprise branch bamboo reorganization of association of industry of Chinese forest products material and products branch, China forestry association bamboo rattan resources utilization branch, zhejiang bamboo industry association, atlas domain exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD in Shanghai everbright convention &exhibition center (88), cao bao road, Shanghai, advocating the idea of “innovative security, ecological beauty”, “in one thousand,Bamboo “as the theme, with green, ecology, health and comfortable bamboo industry development trend, promote research and development of bamboo industry innovation, dig bamboo industry potential value, never achieve transformation and upgrading of enterprise, brings together the many high quality suppliers, get through the important link of bamboo industry chain, as the core of architecture industry top event, held bamboo industry high-end BBS and workshops, pay attention to the precise matching between supply and demand that bamboo industry at home and abroad and effective cooperation, for the country much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning in clear green development planning, condensed policy force, improve the development efficiency.

This exhibition, together with the Shanghai international bamboo industry expo which has been held for many years, witnessed the innovation and transformation of the bamboo industry, and the further deepening development of the bamboo industry, which provided a new development model for rural revitalization, demonstrated the whole industrial chain and all-round, high industrial cluster degree, and prominent resource advantages. We are building the only communication platform of “science, industry, and trade” in the bamboo industry in China to help buyers of bamboo products select suitable bamboo brands according to different needs. Help to improve the popularity of the bamboo industry, expand the market sales of bamboo products. The cutting-edge technologies and products exhibited at the exhibition site cover the fields of bamboo architecture, bamboo building materials, bamboo pulp and paper, bamboo furniture, bamboo charcoal, bamboo handicrafts, bamboo fiber, bamboo food, bamboo machinery, etc., and are the international platform for the industry to strengthen exchanges, assemble elites, open and share, and promote the “going global” of bamboo industry enterprises and institutions’ technologies and products.


Product Categories:
  • Bamboo architecture: bamboo villa, bamboo house, bamboo twining composite material, bamboo twining house, bamboo pipe, bamboo pavilion, bamboo bridge, bamboo building, bamboo flower stand, bamboo corridor, bamboo fence, etc
  • Bamboo decoration: indoor and outdoor bamboo decoration;Bamboo board, bamboo rubber board, bamboo fiberboard, bamboo wood fiberboard, bamboo material, bamboo curtain, bamboo mat, bamboo carpet, bamboo bathroom, bamboo mat, bamboo planing and cutting board, bamboo home, bamboo products, bamboo screen, bamboo shutter, bamboo lamp and other bamboo building materials; 
  • Bamboo floor: bathroom floor, heavy bamboo floor, parquet floor, put the bamboo floor, outdoor floor, bamboo and wood composite floor, geothermal floor, bamboo carpet;
  • Bamboo products, bamboo system, bamboo, bamboo packing pillow bamboo, bamboo bamboo kitchenware, tableware, tea set, bamboo stationery, bamboo bamboo pulp paper, household paper, bamboo bamboo electronic products, keyboard, bamboo, bamboo and wood products, bamboo clean appliance laundry equipment, auto supplies, bamboo bamboo winding carriage, outdoor supplies, sporting goods, daily necessities, bamboo bamboo bamboo salt;
  • Bamboo fiber products: bamboo fiber products, bamboo fiber home textiles, bamboo fiber towels, bamboo fiber clothing, bamboo fiber paper towels, etc
  • Bamboo furniture: bathroom furniture, bamboo desk, bamboo chair, bamboo stool, bamboo bed, bamboo sofa, bamboo tea table, bamboo bookcase, outdoor furniture, bamboo furniture, bamboo rattan furniture, etc.
  • Bamboo handicraft: bamboo handicraft, bamboo musical instrument, bamboo fan, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo weaving technology, bamboo carving technology, bamboo rattan weaving technology, bamboo charcoal handicraft, bamboo root technology, lacquerware, photo frame, picture frame, gifts, ornaments, spices, etc. 
  • Bamboo charcoal: bamboo charcoal products, bamboo charcoal health products, bamboo charcoal drinks, bamboo charcoal particles, bamboo leaf flavonoids, bamboo charcoal, bamboo vinegar solution; 
  • Bamboo food: bamboo shoots, bamboo tea, bamboo wine, bamboo drinks, bamboo medicinal materials, bamboo health products, snack food, seasoning, bamboo salt, etc. 
  • Bamboo equipment: bamboo sawing machine, cutting machine, slicing machine, wire-drawing machine, bamboo fan machine, bamboo wire machine, material opening machine, grinding machine, sanding & polishing machine, carving and milling machine, tenon machine, round stick machine, drilling machine, bamboo curtain braiding machine, piecing machine, carving machine, cold hot press, drying equipment and other bamboo flooring complete equipment;

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