China Taizhou International Medicine Expo

Location: Taizhou – China Medical City(CMC) Conference & Exhibition Center – No.388 Taizhoudadao, Taizhou, Jiangsu
Date: September 19, 2020 09:30 – September 21, 2020 18:00
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China (Taizhou) International Medical Expo
China (Taizhou) International Medical Expo which has registered many successful sessions. With years of hard-working, the Expo attracts the attention of medical industry at home and abroad. It is of great significance in promoting China’s Internet plus medical treatment, product development, health care reform and international cooperation etc. China medical City is located in Taizhou, which is the first national high-tech zone of medicine in China and the only medical high-tech zone jointly built by all provinces in the country. As the most perfect industrial chain, the most perfect technical platform and the most professional service level, China Pharmaceutical City nurtures and builds vaccines, diagnostic reagents and high-end medical devices, biopharmaceuticals, NEW chemical preparations and the present situation of traditional Chinese medicine. The six characteristic industrial clusters, such as modernization and preservation products, are the channels and windows for exhibition, exchange and transformation of achievements, as well as R & D institutions are located.  
Exhibit Category
Medicine, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, Apparatus and Instruments, Chemical Reagent, analytical instruments, Glassware, Lab Instruments, Pharmaceutical Facilities, Packing Material, Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials, Health Supplement, Cosmetic Raw Materials, Relevant Medical Technology and Service
Exhibition Sub-areas
1.Center Exhibition Area
Overall development of Jiangsu Province, Taizhou and China Medical City.
2.Exhibition area for international groups, domestic and foreign famous pharmaceutical enterprises
The area mainly demonstrates innovation products of global pharmaceutical industry in developed countries and regions, and well-known enterprises to promote communication and cooperation between pharmaceutical industry of Jiangsu Province and developed countries and regions.
3.Exhibition area for pharmaceutical manufacturer
The area demonstrates the latest research achievements and development directions of pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical chemicals, modern Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical equipment, packaging.
4.Exhibition area for high-end medical devices
The area demonstrates the latest innovations and products in the field of high-end medical devices, in vitro diagnostic technology and reagents, laboratory equipment, packaging materials, etc.
5.Exhibition area for food for special medical purpose, health care products and cosmetics
The area demonstrates the latest innovations in food for special medical purpose, health care products, cosmetics and medicinal materials, as well as patent property rights.
6.Exhibition area for innovation and entrepreneurship competition of high-level talents at home and abroad
High-level talents at home and abroad with innovative achievements participate in the competition, promoting more medical innovation achievements settled in China Medical city.
7.Exhibition area for massive health industry
The area mainly demonstrates Chinese medicine and health products, pension real estate, including Chinese medicine technology and services, Chinese herbal medicines, health care products, health food, pension real estate, etc. At the same time, it shows rich tourism resources and beautiful ecological environment in Taizhou and the surrounding areas.
8.Exhibition area for high-end generic pharmaceutical industry

The area mainly demonstrates the research and development of domestic and imported generic drugs and original research drugs, and promote development of generic drugs by domestic enterprises and research institutes.

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