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China(Guangzhou) Int’l Exhibition Of Casting Products ,foundry Industry

Location: Guangzhou – Canton Fair Complex – No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China
Date: September 22, 2020 09:00 – September 24, 2020 18:00
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THE GUANGZHOU INT’L EXHIBITION OF CASTING PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGY SYMPOSIUM has become a great success after 18years of good working. Lots of large-scale industry enterprise have come to the event such as Modern Metal Precision Die Casting, Wencan Die Casting, Xinghe Precision Diecasting & Mould, Gaoyao Henlong Non-Ferrous Metals, Zhaoqing Power, Chongqing Yujiang Die Casting, JiangsuYuantong, Shenzhen Jibang, Huaxinda Metal, Kingston Precision Casting, Hengyang Heavy Foundry and Forging, Zhaoqing Honda Foundry, Hubei Chuwei Axle Zhejiang Qianda Power, Anycasting, Tongling Wanxing Motor Parts, Lidebao, ShunKingPark, Jiangmen Chaoyang, Zhejiang Shenggu Foundry, Foshan Hoyang Precision Metal, Wuxi GREAT Technology, Jiangsu Casting Group, Foryou Multimedia Electronics, Pohill International, Dong Feng (Shiyan) Nonferrous Casting, Dongguan Jingming Metal, DYNACAST, Dongguan, Yian Electrical, Zhejiang Defo Auto Parts, Zhongshan Guangzhong Foundry & Rolling, Zhuhai Yichen Die Casting, Kunshan tian yuan precision,Zhongshan Dongdi, Zhuhai East Ying Cheng, Zhuzhou Jiufang Foundry, Nanyue Mold Die-Casting, Pingyuan jinke xinye machinery manufacturing, Joyful Precision Casting, Glitter (GGE) Group Co.LTD., Yiqiu Metal Recycle (China)Share, Apex Metal. etc.. We are sure the next event in 2018 will be the first choice for you to expand the market and enhance the brand.  
Product Categories:
1. The casting of Cu, Al, Zn, Mg alloy and other non-ferrous alloy, mold, stainless steel casting. 2. The cylinder cover of Automobile, motorcycle, hub, automobile engine organism, cylinder and casting parts 3. Casting for general use such as pump, valve, electron, computer, lighting, electric appliance, electric tools, furniture, etc. 4. Casting for machine tool, textile/garden/agriculture machinery and civicism project, elevator, hardware cast, etc. 5. Casting raw materials: Cu/Al/Zn/Mg alloy ingot.

6. Casting materials: mold release agent, precoated sand, furane resins, curative agent, lubricant, refine agent, zircon sand/powder, etc.

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