Global Future Mobility and Charging Pile Exhibition

Location: Hangzhou International Expo Center – Ben Jing Er Lu, Xiaoshan Qu, Hangzhou Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China, 310000
Date: October 24, 2019 09:00 – October 27, 2019 18:00
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Embracing industrial reform and leading innovation trends — the global future travel conference and charging pile exhibition, as a grand event of new energy vehicles and charging pile industry, will be held in hangzhou international expo center.Exhibition is focused on the global frontier science and technology innovation, focus on display charging infrastructure in the field of new products, new technology, the new scheme, charging pile, automobile enterprise, power grid companies and other related core buyers, aims to promote the whole industry chain of the display, exchange and cooperation, help you grasp the development trend, display of enterprise strength, looking for partners, the promotion of new products, communication technology, access to information, scientific research, looking for potential buyers, digging the future business opportunities!Field will be around the electric car charging infrastructure, policies and regulations, standards, set up, the application of new technology, financial capital, business model, operation management, operations integration, and the connectivity, public transportation, logistics, time-sharing lease, commercial residential area construction experience and the market opportunity, held high-level project BBS industry, industry hot topic, to discuss the way of industrial development.


Product Categories:
  • Charging equipment: smart charging pile, wireless charging pile, flexible charging pile, high-power charging pile, charger, power module, electrical changing equipment, etc.
  • Charging pile components: wiring harness, charging gun, charging cabinet, power distribution cabinet, charging pile shell and base, plug and socket, power module shell, contactor, circuit breaker, power supply, cable, human-machine interface, supporting application materials, etc.
  • Charging pile supporting equipment: transformer, relay, inverter, filter equipment, connector, inverter, high and low voltage protection equipment, low voltage switch, converter, rectifier, radiator, etc.
  • Power supply: car power supply, car charger, motor, electric control, power socket, etc.
  • Battery: new energy battery, super capacitor, BMS, on-board power generation system, energy storage battery and battery management system, etc.
  • Charging station monitoring system: charger monitoring management system, distribution monitoring system, communication management monitoring system, security system, etc.
  • Services: charging operators and Internet operating platforms, overall solutions, maps, insurance, certification and testing institutions, integrated optical storage and charging solutions, coordinated development of vehicle piles, expansion of charging (replacement) power stations, charging facilities in parking lots, intelligent parking systems, parking equipment, three-dimensional garage, etc.

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