Shanghai International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition & Conference(AICE CHINA)

Location: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center – 1099 Guozhan Rd, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200126
Date: May 23, 2021 09:30 – May 25, 2021 18:00
Shanghai International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition & Conference(AICE CHINA) 1 IACE CHINA was founded in 2007 and has been successfully held to the edition. With more than ten years of continuous cultivation, it has become the largest professional exhibition in the advanced ceramics industry in China. Promoting technology innovation and achievement transformation, IACE CHINA is the preferred platform for domestic and foreign enterprises to strengthen communication and cooperation, improve brand value, promote new products and expand the market.
Broad Industry Development Prospects
Advanced ceramics material is one of the new materials developed in a century. At present, it has been widely used in national defense, aerospace, machinery, automobile, electronics, chemical, medical treatment, and many other fields. As one of China’s seven strategic emerging industries and one of the ten major development areas in “made in China 2025” plan, new materials are the industrial foundation of the transformation and upgrading of the entire manufacturing industry. It will have a positive impact on the sustainable development of China’s economy. With the continuous development of various functions of advanced ceramics, its position as the supporting material in the microelectronics industry, communications industry, automation control, intelligent technology, and some other fields will be more and more prominent and it’s market capacity will also be further improved. According to the statistics, the global advanced ceramics market scale was 56.7 billion dollars in 2015. With the growing demand for advanced ceramics materials of many industries, it is estimated that the global market scale of advanced ceramics will reach 134.6 billion dollars in 2024.
The Exhibition Scale Keeps Expanding
The exhibition scale of IACE CHINA will be further expanded. Suppliers of powder metallurgy industry which has the same manufacturing technology and equipment with advanced ceramics will gather together. It is estimated that the total exhibition area will reach 25,000 sqm and the total number of exhibitors will be over 450 with expected 20,000 visitors from home and abroad.
Gathering Global Elite Enterprises
Hundreds of elite enterprises from more than ten countries and regions around the world are not only exhibitors of IACE CHINA, but also the long-term strategic cooperation partners, witnessing the growth of the exhibition together. Moreover, IACE CHINA gains strong support of Tsinghua University, Wuhan University of Technology, Hunan University, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Shanghai Institute of Materials, Jiangsu Ceramics Research Institute and some other institutions of higher learning and research institutes. Well-known domestic and foreign enterprises such as Sonoma, ORIENT IRONIC, Surpass, HUAMEI, Guiyuan, FOTAOJINGANG, Sinosteel, AOKEROLA, ISOLITE, ALCERA, KANGRONG, Tomley Hi-tech, Shantian Abrasive, ZETA, XY, Bayer, KINGPIN, PRO STEP, EBE, FINETECH, 3DCeram, CSU, Ten Dimensions, Dorst, Nabertherm, SHIMADZU, CH Instruments, Google, VERDER, SIMM, Malvern, NETZSCH, Anton Paar, etc. will showcase the most advanced technology, equipment and high quality products in the world.      
Pragmatic Concurrent Activities
Forums of high quality will be held during the exhibition: The 8th Shanghai International Injection Molding Forum, The 8th Shanghai International Powder Metallurgy Forum and  Academic Annual Meeting of the Industrial Ceramics Committee of Chinese Ceramic Society & Advanced Ceramics Industry Summit Forum. Global authoritative experts, scholars and corporate executives will be invited to the meeting and participants will exchange the latest technology and development trend and discuss the practical application problems. Academic exchange and industrialization research will be integrated and innovative thinking and social practice will be closely combined. Besides, the organizers will organize the Industry-University-Research Cooperation Docking Conference and invite famous universities and research institutions, building a connection between enterprises and colleges and universities, accelerating the transformation of scientific achievement of college and university into practical productive forces and enhancing the industrialization of intellectual property and patented technology.
More High-Quality Buyers
Visitors of IACE CHINA will range from advanced ceramics raw materials/equipment agents, advanced ceramics products manufacturer to the end users ( electronic, automobile, high-end equipment, aerospace, biomedical, petrochemical, metallurgy, etc.) and wider fields related to new material industry, as well as government departments, research institutes, universities and investment institutions. In view of the target visitor, the organizers will carry out extensive publicity and visitor invitation through more than ten ways, and in virtue of domestic and foreign media, industry societies and associations and strengthening the interaction and publicity to every exhibitor, PM CHINA will ensure the best returns for both exhibitors and visitors.  
Four Special Exhibition Sections

Covering the Whole Chain of Advanced Ceramics Industry
1. Advanced ceramic raw materials section:
Oxide–aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, indium oxide, etc.

Carbide–Silicon carbide, zirconium carbide, titanium carbide, boron carbide, chromium carbide, etc.

Nitride–aluminum nitride, silicon nitride, boron nitride, etc.

Boride– noncrystal, crystal, titanium boride, silicon boride, and other additives
2. Advanced ceramic equipment section:
Preparation–Grinding, Mixing, etc.

Molding–mould, pressing machine, etc.

Drying machine–roller, chamber, spray, microwave, etc.

Thermal technology–burner, furnaces, etc.

Measurement control–valve, sensor, etc.

Experimental equipment–calorimeter, analyzer, dilatometer, tester, microscope, etc.
3. Advanced ceramic parts/products section:
structural ceramic, electrical ceramic, high Temperature ceramic, ceramic bearings, ceramic cutting tools, optical ceramics, ceramic membranes, ceramic catalyst carriers, biomedical ceramic, ceramic matrix composites, intraocular lens, refractory materials, etc.
4. 3D printing section:

3D printing equipment–industrial 3D printer, desktop 3D printer, and other 3D printing manufacturing equipment

3D printing materials–photosensitive resin composite material, polymer powder material, ceramic powder material, metal powder material, plastic powder material, paraffin powder material, coated sand powder material, etc.

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