Shanghai International Tea Trade Expo

Location: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center – 66 Caobao Rd, TianLin, Xuhui Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200235
Date: May 28, 2021 09:30 – May 31, 2021 18:00
The  Shanghai international tea trade expo

To make Tea brand, expand Tea market, the prosperity of Tea economy, approved by the Shanghai commerce commission, ” the  Shanghai International Tea trade fair  (Shanghai International Tea Expo )” is scheduled , the reappearance of Shanghai world Expo exhibition hall, the exhibition will continue to play to Shanghai internationalization, specialization, marketization, scale of leading role, boost regional cooperation, strengthen the production and marketing docking, with “high quality, brand, development” as the theme, adhere to the new development concept, build a bellwether for the global Tea industry.

Since 2019, the China Association of high quality agricultural product development services Shanghai office officially spring tea Expo Shanghai exhibition organizers, the two sides will effort to optimize and integrate advantages of tea industry resources, to build an indicator of the global tea industry, tea expo in Shanghai really become a new carrier of the brand image, industrial upgrading of the new engine, different regional synergy, the new platform of production and marketing cooperation.


The China Association for quality agricultural development services

The China Association for quality agricultural development services (referred to as “China’s optimal vineyard4, CGAPA) by China engaged in farming and high-quality agricultural products production, processing, promotion, marketing, scientific research, management and agriculture leading enterprise jointly founded only quality products named national 4 a grade agricultural industry association, was registered by the state ministry of civil affairs of social organizations, business guidance belonging to agricultural NongCunBu.

Shanghai International Tea Trade Expo 1
China Quality Agricultural Products Development Service Association Shanghai Office

The Chinese association of high-quality agricultural product development services Shanghai office was established in June 2013, are China’s earliest vineyard4 set up the only overseas branches, on behalf of the association to perform his duties, key to conduct, coordinate and execute China east China (Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi province) optimal agricultural services and communication industry, play a positive role in the bridge between business and industry.

This exhibition is expected to 800 exhibitors, including, purple sand, ceramic tea, tea, teachers, tea packaging, tea machinery, bamboo tea, tea house, tea technology, tea products, tea room, let the audience sees Han Guoyin iron pot, Japan, Taiwan, pottery seize person eyeball, tea subdivision category is complete, the six major tea balanced show, exhibits rich and colorful. Pratt &whitney, culture during the fair by industry-leading, financial penetration, online trading, not genetic, tea throughout the six steps, going to find out a new way for the development of tea industry, combining traditional offline trade and Internet financial, creating new business model, for the development of the tea tea companies into a stream of fresh air.
This exhibition will pay more attention to China’s top ten tea regional public brands, China’s excellent tea regional brands, leading enterprises, local leading brands, overseas tea producers and consumers to participate in the exhibition, to attract investment, ask the industry, business and enterprise interaction, build a tea product appreciation, procurement and trading platform.

Product Categories:
  • All kinds of tea
    Green tea, Black tea, Dark tea, Green tea (Oolong tea), White tea, Yellow tea, all kinds of organic tea
  • Reprocessed tea
    Herbal tea, step-down tea, minimum tea, extracted tea, concentrated tea, fruity tea, health care tea, instant tea, tea bag, tea food, tea health care products, tea deep processing products, tea drinks, etc
  • Tea products
    Pottery and porcelain, purple sand, tea tray, tea boiler, tea making set, electric tea set, glassware, bamboo ware, metalware, etc
  • Tea packaging
    Tea packaging design, in packaging, metal can packaging, carton packaging, wooden box packaging, production printing, packaging materials, and packaging machinery
  • Processing machinery
    Tea picking, planting, killing, color selection, preservation, baking, storage, packaging, testing technology
  • Tea technology
    Tea weighing equipment, spray code identification, anti-counterfeiting technology, fertilizer technology, pesticide spraying, etc
  • Tea arts and crafts
    table, duan yan, mahogany, ya bai, teak furniture, tea gifts, root carving crafts, decorations, etc
  • Tea culture products
    Aloes, tea clothing, Buddhist, art porcelain, antique calligraphy and painting, tea culture books, tea audio-visual products, etc
  • Make tea with water
    Tea ceremony special water, mineral water, pure water, bottled water, direct drinking water, bottled water, and water purification equipment and so on
  • Tea circulation enterprise
    Professional tea market, tea distribution agencies, tea houses, teahouses, tea bars, etc
  • Tea related institutions
    Tea art training institutions, tea space design institutions, franchise teahouses, Internet + tea, tea-related product investment, and financing institutions, tea tourism, tea culture, and art exchanges, tea media, etc
  • Chen Xiang culture
    Agalloch eaglewood (powder), sandalwood wood (powder), agalloch eaglewood/sandalwood carving, pendants, ornaments, beads, thread incense, sandalwood, Pan Xiang, incense paste, essence, spices, incense bags, incense pillow and other agalloch eaglewood products, incense making machinery and raw materials


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