Taipei International Tea Culture Expo

Location: Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan – No. 5, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110
Date: October 08, 2020 09:30 – October 11, 2020 18:00


Taipei International Tea Culture Expo


Taipei International Tea Culture Expo

Taipei International Tea Culture Expo will combine tea culture with the new thinking of Taiwan art creation, and subvert the established impression of tea by combining the new generation of tea drinking fashion.”Tasting” a cup of tea is not only to feel a leisurely and comfortable moment but also to experience profound feelings of humanity, art and land, which will be perfectly presented to you through “Taipei international tea culture industry & cultural and creative aesthetics exhibition”.


The show set out to provide an excellent platform for communication and display

Taipei International Tea Culture Expo from tea art, tea, tea food, tea set…Set out to provide an excellent platform for communication and display.Five-star tea factory, champion tea, specialty tea, award-winning tea, smallholder tea, popular gift recommendation…Just serve you a proper tea.


Unique exhibition planning, coupled with tea experts tea ceremony discussion

Unique exhibition planning, coupled with tea experts tea ceremony discussion, so that the movement of the exhibition is appropriate, through the aroma of tea, let a person comfortable and happy, in order to get insight, make the exhibition to a higher texture. From tea art, tea, tea food, tea set…A series of complete contents, including high-quality tea crafts, various professional teaware, tea processing products, and gourmet tea…And so on, promotes the world and in the place Taiwan tea culture


Exhibition planning
  1. Taiwan tea district: the reputation of “tea kingdom” in Taiwan is not a hollow one! In this area, we will display the special tea produced in Taiwan, so that people can taste the special taste of Taiwan.
  2. World famous tea area: elegant English black tea, strong Japanese matcha, fragrant Indian tea, organic national tea of South Africa…Taste the hardenability from all over the world, and you can drink the sweetness of the world without going abroad.
  3. Natural and organic tea area: in response to the tea problem of hand-shaken tea drinking, the “natural and organic tea area” is specially designed to gather the natural tea that has passed the organic certification and health testing, and to provide consumers with the most reassuring shopping environment.
  4. Teaware craft area: “if the workers want to be good at their work, they must first benefit their wares”, this area plans to display various professional tea utensils, handmade ceramic cups and POTS, iron POTS, tea art collection, etc., allowing consumers to buy all the teaware in one time.
  5. Tea cultural and creative design area: integrate new creative elements, tea packaging design, characteristically mixed tea, craft and creative…Such as commodity theme exhibition, to attract the attention of consumers, leading the new trend of tea.
  6. Creative tea drinking area: Taiwan leads the world in tea drinking creative ideas. This area will display various creative tea drinking themes to create tea cultural exchanges and drive industrial development

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