Wuhan International Flood Control and Drought Relief, Urban Drainage and Disaster Relief Equipment Exhibition(FCD)

Location: Wuhan International Expo Center – 619 Yingwu Ave, Hanyang Qu, Wuhan Shi, Hubei Sheng, China, 430156
Date: November 28, 2019 09:00 – November 30, 2019 18:00

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FCD to create a one-stop procurement platform for flood control

Flood disaster is one of the most serious natural disasters in the world, which is usually distributed in densely populated areas, high agricultural reclamation, rivers and lakes, and abundant rainfall. China, with its vast territory, complex terrain, and remarkable monsoon climate, is one of the countries in the world where floods occur frequently and affect a wide range of areas. Among all kinds of natural disasters in China, flood and drought disasters occur frequently, affect a wide range, and cause great economic losses.


At the third meeting of the central committee of finance and economics in 2018

At the third meeting of the central committee of finance and economics in 2018, general secretary Xi Jinping stressed that strengthening the prevention and control of natural disasters is related to the national economy and people’s livelihood, the establishment of an efficient and scientific natural disaster prevention and control system, and the improvement of the whole society’s ability to prevent and control natural disasters, so as to provide a strong guarantee for protecting people’s lives and property and national security. This year is a crucial year for completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. It is of far-reaching significance and the great responsibility to do a good job in flood and drought disaster prevention.


In order to adapt to the needs of the new situation China’s flood control and drought relief

In order to adapt to the needs of new situation China’s flood control and drought relief, and improve the efficiency of flood control and drought relief, practical, cut down the consumption of flood control and drought relief supplies, and reducing the loss of flood and drought disasters, promote the development of new technology and new equipment for flood control and drought relief, utmost ground to avoid and reduce casualties and property losses caused by geological disasters, strengthening cooperation and exchange between enterprises at home and abroad. Organized by Guangdong Hongwei international exhibition group co., LTD., “Wuhan international flood control and drought relief equipment exhibition” was held at Wuhan international expo center, China. The exhibition area of 20000 square meters, is expected to cover the domestic and foreign outstanding for flood control and drought relief, drainage industry chain products, advanced technology for flood control and drought relief, urban drainage and solution, flood control and drought relief industry information exchange platform, help enterprises to exploit emerging markets at home and abroad, in order to promote the central flood control and drought relief, urban drainage industry development has brought new opportunities.


FCD exhibits range

1. Flood control and drought relief materials: geotextiles, woven materials (woven geotextiles, woven bags, flood control, and emergency row, etc.), flood control metal mesh, seepage prevention, and water-retaining materials, floating tank platform, slope protection brick, etc.;

2, flood prevention and life-saving equipment: life jacket, life ring, rescue boat (assault boat), rubber boat, life rope, water safety belt, diving suit (clothing), underwater breathing apparatus, oxygen bottle, diving goggles, breathing apparatus, gloves, protective clothing, command clothing, combat clothing, reflective vest, raincoat, helmet;Relief tents and so on;

3, flood control and drought relief equipment: flood control lighting tools, generators, retaining wall, flood control, and emergency machinery, block production equipment, geosynthetics software drainage laying equipment, turbid water purifier, emergency pump generator set, water well drilling rig;

4. Urban drainage: mobile flood prevention diesel engine water pump unit, drainage rescue pump truck, flood prevention mobile pump truck, drainage equipment, etc.

5. Flood control and drought relief instruments: flow meter, water level (rain) and flow monitoring system, gate, and a control terminal, the dam is hidden safety measurement and monitoring system, flood control material testing instrument, soil testing instrument, etc.;

6, flood control and drought relief information system: automatic hydrological telemetry system in water conservancy, gate control system, the water environment monitoring automation system, digital hydrological station, flood the public information platform construction, flood control and drought relief material management system, rural water conservancy intelligent systems, hydraulic structure and material, digital wireless mobile information acquisition solution, water conservancy government affairs, irrigation, flood control and drought relief command automation system (remote real-time video, voice acquisition transmission system), decision support system for the flood control and drought relief, water conservancy information construction and application of water resources management and 3 s technology, maritime satellite products, flood control and drought relief, special vehicle, etc.;

7, flood control and emergency equipment: emergency Zhouqiao, emergency command system, emergency communication system, emergency support vehicles, emergency lighting equipment, emergency rescue equipment;

8. Flood control command and control system: visual command and control system, communication technology and equipment, call center system, full-color LED display screen, outdoor display screen, DLP large screen, 3D display screen, audio-visual communication equipment, multimedia conference room, etc.

9. Hydraulic equipment and automation: hydraulic machinery, water conservancy dredging equipment, sprinkling irrigation equipment, water conservancy informatization, water conservancy automation and advanced water conservancy technology;

10. Post-disaster support equipment: UAV flood control support, water treatment system, generator, mobile pump station, storage vehicle, command vehicle, environmental protection toilet, etc.;

11. Post-disaster rescue equipment: medical first-aid equipment, first-aid vehicle, post-disaster epidemic prevention, and sterilization equipment, etc.;

12, weather and lightning protection technology equipment: lightning monitoring and warning, lightning/surge protection technology, and products, lightning positioning, electromagnetic compatibility technology, lightning protection products, and devices, lightning detection, etc.

13, related units and products: engaged in flood control, drought resistance, product research and development institutions and production enterprises, the state flood control and emergency rescue products procurement unit, water conservancy project (water) to detect departments, related colleges and universities around the country, water conservancy construction units, including Jiang, river, lake, embankments, sites, a flood storage and detention area, the reservoir, the urban-related to flood control and drought relief, such as the engineering department), supervision unit, the local Red Cross and other charities, armed police, earthquake, ministry of water resources, ZongCan department, department of civil affairs disaster relief and flood control and drought relief materials reserve unit, etc.;

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