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Importing from China Made Easy!

Product Sourcing

Find the right product solution to your unique requirements. We can help you uncover the full potential of Product sourcing for your business. We’ll take up the stress and tediosity involved in Finding Right Factory, so you focus on growing your business.
 Our Sourcing is not just giving you leads from online websites like or We deploy our best team to identify the best possible factories as required by your business plan. If required we may also require you to travel to China and meet a few factories (Factory Visits), attend trade shows & trade fairs and identify the best factory for you. 

Product Sourcing
6 Steps of Our Services 1

Confirming the Sample

Once the Factory or Supplier is freezed we would pick up the sample for you to check and approve. We shall courier the sample (starts from as low as $20) and once the sample is approved by you we would then ask the factory to start the production of our order.

Confirming the Sample
6 Steps of Our Services 2

Order & Production Follow-up

Procurement of Orders and negotiation the Price and time is the key to Purchasing. We shall Handle the entire process of Placing orders and Tracking your payments and Deposit and Making sure they are Scheduled for Delivery. Planning and Scheduling is one Key aspect of Saving Costs.

Order & Production Follow-up
6 Steps of Our Services 3

Quality Inspection

We leave no stones unturned with our Dedicated Inspection team we make sure you get what you have ordered. With our State of Art Inspection procedures at every level of production, you can save you millions on the mistakes which can be avoided. 
For Advanced buyers and Customised requirements, we also have a designed 3 level inspection. 

Quality Inspection
6 Steps of Our Services 4

Consolidation & Warehousing

Multiple Vendor Orders would require Order Consolidation. We dedicate free 7 days warehousing (optional) for all Mixed Supplier orders our inspection officers would check all the goods that arrive at our warehouse. For bulk orders with a Single supplier, we would allocate Free warehouse space at the port for further Export and Custom Formalities. 

Consolidation & Warehousing
6 Steps of Our Services 5

Shipping & Customs Clearance

We handle all kind of Supply chain for smooth Import Process. FOB, EXW or CIF we take care of any Orders. Documentation and Customs Clearance Procedure requires deep knowledge in Tedious Formalities we make sure all things are in place.

Shipping & Customs Clearance
6 Steps of Our Services 6

Getting Started

What are you waiting for? let us know what is your next business plan or a new product launch or are you planning to start up new business. We are just one phone call away our preferred members enjoy specialized service dedicated officers will be in touch with you all the time. Find out what is the next step to start with us.

Frequently Asked

  • You can start ordering with as small as USD 4000 by air and USD 8000 by Sea.
    We would appoint a Preferred Officer for All bulk orders more than USD 35000

  • Startup or any New business can start Importing without any Risk. We shall handle the whole Supply Chain. You are just required to focus on your Core Competency. Leave the whole import Supply chain and procurement procedure to us.

  • Million Dollar Question: A Simple Answer, Buy Product that you are comfortable in Selling. In other words, Buy something which you know whom to sell it to.

    Most of the time Even simple products are very good sales and have sufficient margins. It may not an ideal idea to l Always Looking for Innovative or New products to generate substantial profits.

  • An International Supply Chain has always been a challenge. keeping track of your products and Quality control can play a huge role in Import Business. And Agent like us can solve all the gaps in the Import process from Getting the best prices for Freight to getting the goods custom cleared so you can focus on your core and leave the Supply chain part to us.

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