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Quality Control & Product Inspection Service

Do you know how much it can cost a Business by not Controlling Product Quality?

Billions Of Dollars have been lost by Inferior Quality products or wrong product. The biggest culprit is Assumption while giving the product detailing to your supplier. Compromise in Quality can also be due to an obvious price cutting. Chinese Proverb – “If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”

Have you come across Fake Factories with mouth-watering low prices? 

Do you trust the supplier and their quality inspection team?

Have You had Bad products shipped from a supplier in the Past?

Do you need a professional local representative in China?

When you are looking for a trusted partner use us for honest quality results

Helping you Find & Eliminate production issues at the Source


4. Quality Inspection 1

Supplier & Factory Audits

Step 1

We can source a new supplier or audit your current Supplier to synchronise your budget, output and quality expectations with their manufacturing capabilities. Also avoid wasting money with Fake suppliers with our First hand Factory Audit.

4. Quality Inspection 2

Pre-Production Inspection China

Step 2

With our on-ground professional Inpectors we audit you suppliers manufacturing facilities at the preproduction stage to ensure they are capable of achieving production on time and to your specification.

4. Quality Inspection 3
4. Quality Inspection 4

During Production Inspection

Step 3

In order to identify any non-conformance, we can start during production inspections shortly productions begins. Any non-compliance or poor production standards can be identified and resolved early.

4. Quality Inspection 5

Pre-shipment Inspection China

Step 4

Inspect your goods after the production before it arrives onshore. Catch defects of production including packaging issues to avoid transit damage. Let us stop wrong unwanted parts reaching your door step.

How Much Does a Quality Inspection in China cost?


Supplier & Factory Audits – USD 399
You get Complete Factory Audit Report Find a sample Report here

3 level Inspection – 7% of Order Value
Step 1 – Pre-Production Inspection China
Step 2 – During Production Inspection
Step 3 – Pre-shipment Inspection China
please get in touch with our team before placing order as the 3 level inspection requires more detailing and analysis so the same is being communicated to the factories.

If you are only Looking for Last Step inspection (Pre Shipment inspection)
Our Charges are 3% of Order value.
Simple Form of Inspection involves loading and product examination, qty check etc.
Contact us for more information.

Quality Assurance Services for Chinese Manufacturing

4. Quality Inspection 6

Audit & Verify Manufacturers

Be your eyes and ears on-the-ground working on your behalf with factories

4. Quality Inspection 7

Catch bad production, defects and poor packaging

Provide the Quality Assurance your customers require

4. Quality Inspection 8

Efficient. Cost Effective. Trustworthy.

Save time and money by controlling your manufactured goods with Quality Control in China.

4. Quality Inspection 9

Real-Time Communication

Work directly with the factory when non-conformance is identified

4. Quality Inspection 10

Timely un-bias Report

Give you detailed un-bias reporting for you to make informed decisions

4. Quality Inspection 11

Reduce waste and rework of non-compliant products landing onshore

Prevent quality issues caused by package loading and shipping problems

Efficient, Cost-Effective &Trust worthy.

Are you unhappy with your Chinese supplier, always piling up with an unsettling number of defects arriving at your warehouse? Are you planning a new Product Launch, Looking to manufacture goods in China?


How much quality inspections cost and what’s included in a ‘man day’

So why the figure of 299 USD for 1 man-day of work (which is sufficient for a good number of random inspections)?

1 man-day of work generally includes the following activities:
  • Studying the client’s documents and the checklist — 15-30 min
  • Going to the factory — this is 1-2 hours on average
  • Introduction, opening meeting, going to the warehouse — 10 min
  • Counting the quantity, doing proper sampling, getting the picked samples to the inspection area — this is 30-45 min on average. It varies from 10 min in the best case to half a day in the worst case. I explained all this in ‘Sampling Is an Important Part of a Random Inspection‘.
  • Inspecting the outer packing, the inner packing and the unit packing (if any), and the product, including time-consuming tests and visual check — about 4 hours of productive, focused work
  • Eating and waiting during the factory’s lunch break — that’s easily 90 min, during which they don’t want an inspector to work alone without ‘supervision’
  • Jotting down notes along the way, then explaining the findings to the factory representatives and defending one’s logic — about 15 min
  • Coming back from the factory — again, 1-2 hours on average
  • Preparing the draft report, including clear comments and many photos — 1 hour on average
All in all, this is a 12-hour job, and it involves much more than people usually think of (typically just visual check).

Travel expenses might also apply, on top of the cost of labor, if the factory is far away from the closest importer. Let’s take 3 typical examples:

  • If the trip is only 60 km, it is included in the price.
  • If the trip is 120 km, an extra 50 USD might be charged.
  • If the trip is 400 km, an extra man-day might be charged (at half price) and an extra 100 USD might apply.

(Exact costs are quoted on a case-by-case basis, depending on transportation options available. Contact us at Sofeast if you’d like to discuss quality inspections now.)

I would add that using one’s eyes for checking for more than 5 or 6 hours in a day becomes quite inefficient. Many issues are no longer visible, simply because the eyes are tired.
How do i trust your inspection officer?

You Don’t need to worry our inspection officer would share as many pictures & videos as possible. We shall also make sure every detail is shared with you in case you still need further check you can raise an immediate request. We shall ask the officer to stay back for further clarifications.  

What if we Still get wrong or Damaged product?

There is a 0.0001% chance of such an event. However, in such an unlikely case, we shall help you negotiate or claim damages from the factory. Incase the Damages are occurred due to manufacturing defect then factory is liable to get the goods replaced, however, if the damage is due to transit or mishandling of goods by shipping company then the best suggestion is to take 100% Damage insurance before shipping the goods to safeguard such unlikely events.

What happens if Supplier is not accepting the rejects?

Yes, this is a very common situation. When our officer inspects the goods and found that they are not as per your specification and there is a dispute with the supplier for such agreement. There is a scope of renegotiation with the supplier. Or you could hire a legal team to take this further.

What to do if you’re operating on a small Order?

If $399 is too high a budget (maybe your entire order value is less than $1000), what can you do?
Here are a few alternatives:
Ask the supplier to send many photos, and maybe a live video (easy with Wechat) .
Ask the supplier to send you a few samples taken from production.

How do we start? Step by Step Process?

1. Supplier contact information
2. A Detailed Product Description and Specification, with photos and maybe a short video.
3. Description of the packing & packaging specifications
4. Any Quality Standard Indicators – what you can/can’t accept must be specified
5. A sample in hand can help

How do QC inspections usually work in practice?

Factory Audit – Our Sample Report of Factory Audit will give you all information about Past history of the supplier, his business details and pictures of office, Factory or Warehouse etc.

3 Level Inspection- On Every trip Officer would Pick samples randonly from the whole batch of raw material or production or final product respectively and check those samples. If your requirements are not met, or if the quality is not consistent, the inspector would report the same to you.

Pre Shipment inspection – Final Randon Inspection, a few days before shipment officer would count the quantity, ensure picking random samples from the whole batch and check those samples. If your requirements are not met, or if the quality is not consistent, the inspector would report the same to you.


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