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Mixed Air Services 1

Mixed Air Services

Our Next Mixed Air Cargo Leave in

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Mixed Container Services

We are going to answer the Following Questions.

  • How to Import Multiple Products & Small orders from China?

  • Do you order small volumes from many different suppliers? You might be wasting thousands of dollars on exorbitant courier fees.

  • Multiple Shippers with One Air Way Bill: Is It Possible?

  • How to Ship Multiple Different Products in the Same Consignment?

    Combined multiple orders can save you a lot of money.

    When it comes to Airfreight, there are two types of shipments:

    Courier Mode
    Door to Door usually all the reputed courier companies give you Door to Door service.

    Cargo Mode
    From Airport to airport 

    Courier can be 2 to 3 times more expensive, per shipped unit, compared to Air Cargo. The fact that the administrative cost (which makes up a big part of the total shipping cost) is as high for a Courier shipment as compared with Air Cargo.

    Hence, you can save quite a bit of money if you combine several individual Courier shipments into one single Air Cargo shipment.

    Mixed Air Service: We have come up with a hybrid model where we will mix all your goods from multiple suppliers and make a Single Air cargo and ship them to India. This is still cheaper than Courier almost 1/2 the cost of Courier in many cases.

    Following are the Important Steps how that works.

    1. Buy according to FOB or FCA terms from all suppliers

    Your cargo cannot leave the country without export clearance documentation. There are two ways we can obtain these documents:

    Option A: Order FOB or FCA
    FOB stands for Free on Board (Export documents and shipping to the port), while FCA stands for Free Carrier (Export documents, no shipping).

    Each supplier will provide export clearance documents.

    Option B: Order EXW
    The suppliers will not provide the export clearance documents. Instead, this is managed by Our Export company.

    The second option can be complicated, as the export documentation shall normally be issued by the supplier. This is not always easy when it comes to lithium batteries and other hazardous goods.

    2. Coordinate delivery to our warehouse

    All shipments must be forwarded to the same port of loading. You can do this in three different ways:

    Option A: Order according to FOB terms
    This means that each supplier book transportation to the port of loading, for example, Shenzhen. The FOB charges vary, depending on how far the goods must be transported.

    When you ask for a ‘regular’ FOB quote, the supplier quotes based on the closest port.

    Hence, we need to instruct the supplier to:

    a. Provide a FOB quote that includes transportation to a specific city
    b. Make sure that they declare that port as the port of loading

    Option B: Order according to FCA terms
    FCA includes the issuing of export clearance papers, by the supplier, but the cargo is not transported from the factory to the port of loading.

    This also allows you to make sure that the goods are properly insured when transported from the factory to the port of loading.

    Option C: Order according to EXW terms
    EXW does not include any transport charges hence they will quote you the lowest price. We will instruct each supplier to book transportation to our dedicated warehouses where we will carefully load all the goods and export them.

    Hence, we need to instruct the supplier to:

    a. Provide an EXW quote that includes transportation to a specific city
    b. We shall not require any Export documents from the suppliers…

    Ideally, small factories or products that do not have drawback benefit from the Chinese government are Exported by EXW, as factories producing has no benefit of exporting drawback they might opt for an easier option.

    3. Make sure to sync production between suppliers

    Manufacturers have a tendency to delay orders. Sometimes for weeks.

    If one supplier delays production, all other shipments will be delayed.

    While it’s impossible to predict exactly when the production is finished, we need to sync your orders to avoid long term delays.

    As such, products with longer lead times must go into production, several weeks before those with shorter production run times.

    You should also have at least a 2-week buffer for potential delays.

    4. Combine the cargo as one DAP or DDU shipment

    Once all shipments arrive in the port of loading, we can ship them as a Single Air Cargo.

    We will also issue the bill of lading, commercial invoice and packing list.

    This is based on the export clearance documents issued by each supplier, or by the forwarder itself.

    This can take a few days extra when involving many different suppliers.

    Do you need help with shipping and customs?

    We know how hard it is to understand the shipping and customs process, especially if you have never imported from Asia before. To help startups get a grip on the process, and avoid scams and overcharging shipping agents – we created the Starter Package:

    Our Mixed Air Service leaves every week from China. We just need a Proforma Invoice and or Purchase Contract from your supplier along with the Packing list with Space Volume (CBM) and Weight (KGS) details. We shall allocate space for you in our next available Air Cargo.

    With a minimum order of USD 4000, we combine that with the orders received from other customers so you have your cost savings on your order.  Following services are included:

    • Cargo Loading
    • Repacking
    • Load Securing
    • Air Shipment Handling
    • Warehousing & Co-Packing
    • Cargo Discharge
    • 1. Cargo Loading

    • 2. Repacking
    • 3. Load Securing
    • 4. Container Handling
    • 5. Warehousing & Co-Packing
    • 6. Container Discharge
    Mixed Air Services 2

    Order A

    Multiple Order

    Consolidation Of
    Multiple Orders

    Mixed Air Services 2

    Order B

    Multiple Order

    Consolidation Of
    Multiple Orders

    Mixed Air Services 4

    Mixed Container

    Multiple Suppliers

    Loading Multiple Orders
    in Mixed Container 

    Mixed Air Services 5


    Consolidated One Invoice

    Multiple Container, Buyers
    or Suppliers Exported as Single Invoice
    Helps you save Paperwork and Expenses

    Mixed Air Services 6
    Mixed Air Services 7


    Import and Customs

    Customs Clearance and 
    Delivery to you Warehouses



    We combine small orders given by our clients into one container and pass on the cost-saving to them. This allows you to ship your goods at a similar price to that of importing full container load.

    As a part of that, we take care of all the expenses such as transportation to the port, customs clearance for their exports, and other documentation charges.

    • Competitive Pricing – Cost Savings – As you pay for what you get.

    • Schedule Reliability – Shipment 4th Week of Every Month

    • Sustainable Solutions – No delay as we ship Whatever is ready.

    • No Damages – As loading is carefully handled by our team unlike in LCL.

    • EXW Pricing – buying with EXW terms plus the delivery to our warehouse will be much lesser than the FOB price.

    • No Documentation Hassle – Documentation and  customs clearance for exports and Imports are handled by our professional team

    • Cost on Sharing Basis – All Fixed Expenses are shared on CBM (Cubic Meter) basis. you only pay for what you use.

    • Zero Hidden Cost- Unlike LCL where shipping Company is a Rip-off, We give you costing beforehand with no scope of changes.

    Our Experts


    Yiwu & Ningbo

    Cathy Meng

    Zhongshan, Foshan, Guangzhou


    Where do Containers Start From?

    Our Containers start from the following port. (For further information on container movements contact our Business Development Manager)

    • Ningbo & Yiwu
    • Shenzhen & Guangzhou
    • Foshan & Shunde
    Which Indian Port do they Arrive?

    Our Destination port of discharge for Mixed Containers is

    • Chennai
    • Nhava Sheva (Mumbai)
    When are they Scheduled?

    They are usually scheduled to leave in the Last week of every month, however, to know about the exact date our Business Development manager shall help you further.

    Most of the time our mixed containers leave once or even twice in a month. And during off-season once in 2 months. This all depends on how quickly the container space gets filled up.

    Note: Incase of Immediate or urgency of delivery we would help you in getting goods via LCL shipments.

    We guarantee that our Mixed container will be the cheapest way of importing compared to LCL shipments.

    Is there a Real Cost Difference between LCL vs Mixed Container Service?

    LCL Shipments are Calculated based on Volume (CBM) or Weight (kgs) whichever is higher. Shipping Companies offer mouthwatering low prices for LCL shipments as low as $5 per CBM. But in reality, they do not reveal the hidden costs which you end up paying at the destination port. Charges which are hidden can be Delivery order, De-stuffing Charges, CFS, Documentation Fees, to sum up it can be between $160 to $1000 per CBM or even more.

    Important: Demurrage Cost for LCL is very high, in case there are delays in customs clearance Demurral are charged from the 4th day of de-stuffing. However, FCL usually is with 7-21 days free Detention Period giving us ample time to do the documentation work for you.

    Typical Mixed Container Services 1 M2 ≤500 Kgs we charge you Rs. 6000 to Rs. 8500 based on the quantity and ports.

    So, how much will are really Save?

    LCL will cost you approx M2 (Per Cubic Meter) a minimum $160~$280. Our Mixed Container Services will cost a minimum Rs. 6000.00 ($92) to Rs. 8500 ($130). For a shipment of 10 CBM, you can save at least Rs. 50,000.00.

    How much time does it take for the goods to arrive?

    Once the goods are ready to ship, it takes about 10 to 21 days to sail to India and we would require 7 days approximately to complete the customs formalities. Hence total time is 30 Days from the day it is shipped.

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