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Planning to visit Factories in China? We can make complete arrangements for your visit. From Airport Pick-up to Booking Hotel, Fixing up an appointment to meeting Key Managers/owners of factories.

Making a visit to the factory requires much planning ahead. All this will cost you time. Leave it to us by just sending us the list of factories you intend to visit. We shall do your homework. Right research and background check will help you to decide on which factories to visit. So here we are, we shall let you know major parameters that will help you decide the visit plan. (Check out our Company Verification Tips)

We will ensure you would: 

  • See maximum factories in shortest period time 
  • All travel arrangement and proper route planned
  • Have our manager accompany you for negotiations and translation
  • Visiting Canton Fair and Yiwu market for better sourcing experience

why you should visit your suppliers in the first place?

  1. You can reduce communication time with suppliers (e.g. from 2 months to 5 days).  Personal touch and feel is always better than words.
  2. You will be able to evaluate suppliers and how suitable they are for you. You can observe how management communicates between themselves and get introduced to the boss (This can help you solve little problems regarding your orders in the future).
  3. You will have a chance to tour the manufacturing facilities, confirm factories capability and their progress (on occasion the information that a supplier is providing you over an email might not be exactly correct, especially in regards to how much and how fast they can produce, this comes from 16 years of personal experience). Get ideas for other product or new products.
  4. Your visit will also show the supplier that you want to be in control and have a hand on the pulse. This will lead to better working productivity and quality on your orders.
  5. On occasion the quotes that a supplier might have sent you would be completely different from what they give you when you visit them (they usually give you real fairly good prices as they know you would also visit their competitors, this comes from 16 years of personal experience).
  6. Suppliers will perceive your determination and sincerity about placing the orders and this, in turn, improve long-term communication between you and supplier.

6 Tips for Visiting Factories in China

Planned Itinerary

Spending All Day on the Road

China’s Industrial area are fairly divided in large areas in order to make a comprehensive list viable we make a detailed travel plan and travel arrangements direct from the Airport it self.

First hand Short List

We pick the most suitable factories and not waste your time in just making the numbers game. The shortlisting process is through our proprietory method of evaluations based on your requirements.

Audit Supplier

We shall help you Audit the Final supplier, if they have necessary legal licenses and certification, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Asking Right Questions

Focusing on Quality Over Quantity

Having a list of questions and expectations for your suppliers will help you get the most out of your visit. After all, major reason for making the trip is to ask questions and resolve issues related to manufacturing.

Not Just Factory Tour

Only Looking at What You’re Shown

Looking only at what the supplier wants you to see at the factory is a Big No. We recomend our clients to explore all areas of business. As supplier intend to show only the premises that they feel live up to your expectations.

Broker or Trading Company

Assuming You’re Actually at the Right Factory

Dont be shocked to know lots of trading company claim that they own this factory (Its Ok to buy from trading complanies but not liars). On occasion we also have come across visiting the same factory twice or even thrice claiming they own it.

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