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Since 2006, We have been helping Businesses Import from China Risk-Free.

Why Us 1

Founded in 2006,, a unit of Swastik Agencies, is one of the leading importers in India. We are importers and marketers for various products, ranging from Toys, Corporate Gifts, Soft Toys, Stationery, home décor, consumables, etc. We are importers and distributors of more than 20 international brands. 

We act as import consignment agents serving and advising our clients in importing products of their interest. We also serve our clients in sourcing products from China, Bangkok, Middle-east, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and European Markets. 

Why Us 1

We have been importing sanitary-ware, bathroom fitting, Playschool equipment, Electrical, Home decor, Cycles, Crockery, Furniture, Industrial Equipment, Security systems and many more OEM Products for our clients.

We are a small team working in a highly competitive world with renowned technology and strong ethics. We are a growing company in the Indian Import sector, with over 60 years of business experience and presence throughout India.

Our aim is to become India’s Largest import and export service provider with our operations in all major cities of India and abroad. Our Companies strategic plan includes penetration, strong growth, national and international expansion, and channel consolidation.

Here is what we can provide you:

  • Wondering how your competitors are doing it?
  • Find the products you’re interested in.
  • Identify potential suppliers and obtain a catalog, samples, prices and payment terms
  • We will make sure that goods brought into the country meet all national regulatory requirements. (Labeling, Quality Certifications, Weights, and measures, etc.)
  • Inspecting goods on-site in the factory, and give you a detailed report before shipping the goods.
  • Transferring funds and Advances: So you don’t need to deal with foreign currency  
  • Our customs clearance team will assist with importation in any Indian Ports.
  • We will prepare a cost analysis to arrive at a landed cost
  • Receive the products and keep the records

Ports &

Why Us 3
Why Us 4

Port of Hamburg

Mattentwiete 2
Hamburg D – 20457
Why Us 5

Port of Dubai

PO Box 17000
United Arab Emirates
Why Us 6

Port of Singapore

460 Alexandra Road
#19-00 PSA Building
Singapore 119963
Why Us 7

Port of Hong Kong

Harbour Building
38 Pier Road
Hong Kong
Why Us 8

Port of Chennai

E Kal Mandapam Rd,
Chennai Port Trust, Chennai
Tamil Nadu 600001
Why Us 9

Port of Mumbai

Jawaharlal Nehru Port
Navi Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400702
Why Us 10

Port of Durban

P O Box 1027
Durban 4000
South Africa
Why Us 11

Port of New York

Brooklyn Cruise Terminal
Pier 12, Building 112
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Why Us 12

Port of Los Angeles

425 S. Palos Verdes St.
San Pedro, CA 90731
United States

& Data

We have Been Helping Our Clients Import from China Risk-Free. 


Years of Experience

In Past 2 decades we have seen major trends shifts in the market. With Ever Changing Regulatory requirement and Compliance, we keep our team up to date with the latest updates.  


International Shipments

Wedoimport has shipped over 5000 shipments to date since launch in April 2006, achieving the milestone with a shipment of Finished goods, raw material, and machinery & parts from China to South America. Critical & premium product for urgent and emergency shipments, providing guaranteed capacity and enhanced shipment monitoring for ‘must-fly’ goods.


Connected Locations

We have dedicated Clearing Team and Third-party tie-ups in more 60 Ports Worldwide. We assure our Client Door – to – Door Services in All major port World Wide.

100,000,000 +

Business sourced So far

We decided to build a business around our real-life problem and a much better sourcing firm. We anticipated how the industry will perceive us and got ready for it in advance. So whenever regulatory issues hit us, we know how to tackle them. If we hadn’t prepared ourselves, we’d have crashed and burnt. Flexibility and speed of execution were integral for us.


Countries Worldwide

Imported and Exported From More than 25 countries So Far. Major Countries like China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, the Middle – East, Thailand, Malasia, USA, Netherland, Italy and so on.


Why Us 13

Maulik Shah — Business Development Officer

Why Us 14

Rushabh Shah — Sales & Marketing Head

Why Us 15

Kerr — Sourcing Officer

Cathy Meng — Sourcing Officer



Almond house

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Kathiwar Stores

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Guntur Club

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Ramoji Film City

Why Us 19

Dolphin Hotels

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Builder’s Welfare Association – Guntur

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Alpaks Kids World

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D Mart

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Pioneer Construction

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Maxx View

Why Us 27

Phoenix Group

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Sanman Homes

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Toy Globe

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Wall King

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M Hotel

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Big Bazaar

For a

We provide reliable and sustainable Import services.

Individuals or Companies who are looking for Risk Free Import from China can trust us. Our customers choose us because we provide leading technology, deliver unmatched services, and offer some of the best value in the industry. Over the last decade, our approach to business has helped transform us from a small upstart to a leading global provider.

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