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How to Import from China to India

Let us look into how this whole process of importing goods from China to India works. What details are required from you?

How to Import from China to India Successfully!

Importing from China to India has proven a successful tactic of global sourcing for many businesses. This presents a fantastic opportunity for you as a buyer and reseller. How to Import goods from China to India successfully is a question every newbie or a first-timer has been asking.  

The importing process can be extremely complex, confusing, and costly. Expected gains can often be erased by long transit times, rising or fluctuating delivery costs, regulatory fees, and unexpected delays. 

If you are worried about quality, don’t listen to the horror stories. As long as you spend time talking to your supplier, check their reputation, ask for a sample, and start with a small order first, you shouldn’t have any problems.

When it comes to contacting suppliers, the best way is to either call or use instant messaging to chat. Email is fine too, but sometimes suppliers get snowed under with emails so phone or instant messaging if the supplier uses it, will get you your answers faster.

Here’s a step by step Guide with our experience on import from china since 2006 as an Import consultant and Import agent serving the exporters in China and importers worldwide for years. Let’s check out how to import from China to India, and what you can do to make the process more smoothly and efficiently.

How Import Process Works: Step by Step guide

How to Import from China to India

Find Supplier

How to Import from China to India


How to Import from China to India

Place Order

How to Import from China to India

Secure Payments

How to Import from China to India


How to Import from China to India


How to Import from China to India

Submit your Product Sourcing Request

More the accurate and specific the Details, the better it is. Please don’t leave any space for assumptions.

Let us know what products you need – we’ll help you to source and negotiate with high-quality manufacturers. Send us complete details of your requirement with pictures, sizes, the quantity you wish to purchase, what’s the target price?

  1. Which products
  2. Estimated order quantity
  3. Target Price
  4. Detailed specification
  5. Certification requirement (if any)
  6. Packaging requirement
  7. When do you have a plan to visit China

Submit your Product Sourcing Request

Step 1

What we Shall Do?

  1. Speak with different suppliers based on your Specifications
  2. Shortlist the best suppliers for you. (Typically 3-5 suppliers)
  3. Make supplier’s quotes comparison report List
  4. Carry out the basic background check on the prospective suppliers. 
How to Import from China to India

Plan your Trip

Trade show, wholesale market, Factory Visit and many more

Planning your trip to China (may not be mandatory)

Most of our client would like to Visit china at least once to meet their potential supplier. 
Many choose not to invest their time in travelling as they would like to rely on our sources and place order. 

In any case, we are always there to help you.

Plan your Trip

Step 2

What we Shall Do?

  1. Planning your trip itinerary
  2. Schedule your appointment with the identified suppliers or trade shows
  3. Arranging local travel
  4. Optimise Business and Pleasure to make your trip comfortable
  5.  Arranging a Translator with you at all times just in case
  6. In case you did not want to travel and you have hired our team to meet prospective supplier we shall well plan our scheduled visits to your desired suppliers in a cost-effective way and discuss the charges accordingly.
How to Import from China to India

Negotiation, Costing Analysis & Sampling

Our Team will source a suitable supplier/factory with verified legitimacy. A Complete Cost Analysis will be given until your door step, leaving no room for hidden costs.

This does not mean that we will not source products from small suppliers. We will provide you with a tentative landing quote which includes ALL the costs to get the goods to your door. Production samples can be arranged so you can see the products with your own eyes. (courier and handling might be charged if any)

Negotiation, Costing Analysis & Sampling

Step 3

What we Shall Do?

  1. Finalise the best supplier
  2. Negotiate with the final supplier. (Price, lead time, trade term, payment term, etc.)
  3. Arrange sample on your request (Product specification, sampling time, sample cost, sample freight, etc)
  4. Evaluate and test the sample(s) and make a report for your review to decide if it’s good to go.
How to Import from China to India

Order Approval

Once you’re satisfied to order we will place the bulk order with advance payment

    You are required to place the purchase order(s) to the supplier(s) with detailed specifications as concluded. This step is very important as assuming any specification can bring in trouble.

    Order Approval

    Step 4

    What we Shall Do?

    • Place the order(s)
    • Complete and review the sales contract(s)
    • Help you in paying the supplier (Advance or/and Final Payment)
    • Most Chinese Factories agree to a 30% Deposit while confirming the order however, this may change based on the customisation requested.
    • Finalising Packaging & Barcode Requirements
    • Certificate and Compliance (if any)
    • Track the mass production and make weekly reports.
    • Checking the terms and conditions of the order before signing the final contract.
    How to Import from China to India

    STEP 5:
    Production Follow up with suppliers

    Once your have placed the order regular follow ups to check the timeline of the production is done

      Production Follow up with suppliers

      Step 5

      What we Shall Do?

      1. Regular and timely follow up with multiple or single supplier(s) shall be done.
      2. Delivery and Inspection Schedules are planned alongside the supplier

      How to Import from China to India

      Step 6:
      Pay the balance if all is satisfactory

      Once the supplier finishes production the supplier calls us for Final Check.

      Pay the balance if all is satisfactory

      Step 6

      What we Shall Do?

      • Do Quality control (Product inspection). Inspect the goods and send results for your evaluation. (Normally there are 4 inspection types for you to choose from:
        • pre-production inspection,
        • during production inspection,
        • pre-shipment inspection,
        • container loading inspection)
      • Cargo consolidation & Warehousing (if there are goods from different vendors ) and loading supervision
      • Lab testing if any 
      • Quantity checks
      • Check and match the specifications
      How to Import from China to India

      Step 7:
      Shipping & Export and documentation

      Once the Goods are ready to be shipped

      Shipping & Export and documentation

      Step 7

      What we Shall Do?

      • Trucking for EXW Cargo and Mixed Loads
      • Warehousing of Goods in case of Multiple vendors
      • Sea or Air Freight Comparision and arrangement.
      • In case of Sea load the Cargo in Container
      • Incase of Air sent the goods to Air cargo
      • Export and document assistance.
      How to Import from China to India

      STEP 8:
      Import & Delivery of Goods till your Warehouse

      Once the goods arrive at INDIAN Port (Sea/Air)

      Import & Delivery of Goods till your Warehouse

      Step 8

      What we Shall Do?

      • Submitting Documents
      • Clear all the customs and pay Duty and taxes.
      • Completing the Customs Inspections and Deliveries
      • Preparing documentation for delivering goods to your doorstep. 
      We arrange Product Sourcing, Purchasing & Negotiation, making payment (you will not have to deal with Forex transfers), Quality control, Product Inspection, export permits, import documentation, Clearing customs and Delivering your products to your Doorstep hassle-free.

      How Can I Source the Supplier Myself?

      Source Suppliers from the following websites:


      After you shortlist your supplier, next step is to get the best deal. We suggest you to negotiate on the quality and price to make sure all the specifications are mentioned in the sales contract. Please email this sales contract or Proforma Invoice to us to revalidate the transaction.

      Place Order:

      The next step is to confirm the order. In this step, we shall process the order after receiving the payment from you. Don’t worry your payment stays with us: our next step will explain to you how we safeguard your payment.

      Secure Payment:

      In this step, we shall first check the credentials of the supplier and then once our team is satisfied we shall proceed with the deposit or advance to them to confirm your order. (Deposit ranges from 20% to 50%) To gain better control over your order we insist on deposit, not more than 30%. We still hold your 70% Payment with us safely.


      Once the order is ready for dispatch (directly from factory/fulfillment center/warehouse), our professional team will inspect the goods and shall send you pictures/videos/test reports (or any requests that are done by you at the time of placing the order). We shall charge you 3% for inspection in most large orders. Please contact us for details on the inspection fee from small and medium orders.


      Once you are satisfied with the product we make the balance payment to the supplier and ship the goods to you via Mixed container service, LCL, FCL, etc.


      Here’s a quick recap of the important points from this Guide:

      How to Import from China to India

      • The growth period in China is provides you with an opportunity to buy low and sell high when you import from there
      • Don’t listen to horror stories about items from China being of poor quality – most of the world’s consumer goods come from China!
      • Avoid buying designer branded items from Chinese suppliers – they are probably fake
      • Before you import, you need to speak with your local customs authority and find out if any restrictions apply to the items you are importing
      • Shop around, or negotiate on shipping costs

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