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Full Servo Puerperium Sanitary Napkin

Sanitary napkin production line includes main machine, glue applicates, packing system and other accessory equipment’s include air compressor, vision detection system and metal detection machine etc. Sanitary napkin machine can produce Three-pieces type ,blue chip, ultra-thin core and cotton core 2 in 1 Product Drawing Machine main parameters 1 Design speed 1500pcs/min 2 Working speed 1000-1200 pcs/min (ultra thin) 3 Qualified rate 98% (calculate based on 7.5 hours, the rate...

napkin, puerperium, sanitary, servo

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Disposable Vinyl Glove Dipping Production Line

Vinyl Gloves are made up of synthetic material(polyvinyl chloride), which is usually the cheapest price. Vinyl gloves are commonly used for food preparation and general house cleaning tasks, to keep hands protected at all times. Vinyl gloves are waterproof and provide low chemical resistant, so can be used with detergents and low chemicals that have easily reversible effects. Vinyl exam gloves come in different sizes, so medical staff members can use the pairs that fit them best. There are latex-free...

dipping, disposable, glove, production, vinyl

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Full-Auto Wet Tissue Paper Folding Packing Production Line

Wet tissue papers are very useful and you can use them for several purposes. These can help you remain fresh as well as clean and also maintain the right hygiene. These tissue papers have a longer lifetime and they come in scented varieties as well. Main Features: Folding way: “Z” “W” “C” shape. Wetting system: Double tanks with agitators. A wetting system with a continuous mixing system, circulating system, the maximum flow rate of fluid volume can be adjusted to 20L/min. Mitsubishi...

folding, packing, paper, production, tissue

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Pocket Facial Tissue Paper Folding and Packing Production Line

Facial tissue is sold in a variety of packages, including a small plastic film package commonly referred to as a pocket pack. These packages are convenient for keeping in pockets, purses, automobile glove compartments, etc. where the larger tissue cartons would be inconvenient or impossible to keep. Many of the pocket pack packages include a resealable opening to protect the unused tissues after the package has been opened.the user must manipulate the folded tissue to locate and grasp an edge...

facial, folding, packing, paper, pocket, tissue

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Disposable Medical Latex / Nitrile Hand Gloves Production Line

Natural latex/Nitrile glove production line using a continuous production and direct immersion mode, film uniformity, can be used for medical surgical gloves, examination gloves, medical powder, no powder-coated gloves. Automatic ejection, high yield, a product without hanging points. Adopt the most advanced gloves production technology and production process layout, product qualification rate is more than 98%, protein content is lower than 120 micrograms per gram. 2.TPU Coating technology. Imported...

disposable, gloves, latex, medical, nitrile, production

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Fully Automatic Disposable Hand Gloves Making Machine

This equipment after transform can produce some health care products, such as a frosted glove, plastic disposable glove, plastic finger shape, and so on. The product could be used in all hotels, health care, family life, paint protection, beauty salons, garden working, and clear working. The machine is suitable for HDPE plastic film, and it’s the ideal machine for producing the glove that the fast-food restaurant needs, like KFC, etc. Main Features : Touch Screen+PLC control, Sevor...

automatic, disposable, fully, gloves, machine, making

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Spun lace Nonwoven Production Line for Wet Wipes and Tissue

Production lines for spunlaced nonwoven composites with pulp for use in the wipes and medical sectors with special attention to raw material costs saving, energy-saving and environmental protection Features: Feeder equipment: Different feeder equipment can be supplied according to different raw material ratio, for example, the weighing feeder & mixer are suitable to the exact ratio of more than two raw materials, while the reciprocating bale plucker is for single or multiple raw materials. ...

nonwoven, production, tissue, wipes

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Fully Automatic Tissue Paper Folding and Packing Production Line

Tissue products are soft, thin, and absorbent sheets of paper. They are disposable products designed for a single-use. It is mainly defined by its softness and fabric-like feel. They contribute to improved hygiene, comfort, and convenience in our society. The companies in the group oversee the entire production process, from tissue production to processing, all the way to the finished product. Here, you can see the Tissue Paper Folding and Packing Production Line. Production Process Production...

automatic, folding, fully, packing, paper, tissue

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Fully Automatic Aerosol Filling and Sealing Spray Production Line

Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine is designed to produce conventional aerosols for simple and economical applications. It contains a cans arrangement machine, liquid filling machine, gas inflator. Fully automatic valve inserting equipment, automatic cap presser, an automatic weighing machine can be selected optionally. The line features all pneumatic control logic to address hazardous environment concerns while providing an easy-to-use system for maintenance issues. Suitable for all typical aerosol...

aerosol, automatic, filling, fully, sealing, spray

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Multi-Layer Double Screw Air Bubble Film Wrap Sheet Making Machine

Air bubble film wrap is a flexible packaging and cushioning material made of a polymeric film comprising of small air pockets. Bubble wrap which protects items during shipping and for storage are generally available in different types and sizes. This depends on the size of the object being packed, as well as the level of cushioning protection needed. It offers the most cost-effective protection for all your basic packaging needs. Air bubble film wrap is manufactured using the right proportion...

bubble, double, layer, multi, screw, sheet

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