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Production Line: A Complete Trunkey projects

When importing products in bulk from China and elsewhere in Asia it is essential to ask for product samples. Ofcourse, it’s always better to see and feel the products before production starts. Or maybe you may also want to check if the supplier is legit.
As an Importer, we must let you know about Complete procedure of product samples, including costs, types and lead times.

Full Servo Puerperium Sanitary Napkin

January 4, 2024
Sanitary napkin production line includes main machine, glue applicates, packing system and other accessory equipment’s include air compressor, vision detection system and metal detection machine etc. Sanitary napkin machine can […]
Artificial Grass Mat Production Line 90

Luggage Extrusion Production line

January 4, 2024
(Plate thickness) 1-4 MM (Plate Width) 1-900 MM (Yield) 150-170 KG/HR (Weight) 8.5 T (Overall Dimension) 16500*3800*3300 MM (Total Power) 80 KW This production line is capable of continuously producing […]
Artificial Grass Mat Production Line 95

Cotton Swab Machine

December 29, 2023
Fully Automatic Cotton Swab Machine, Capacity: 1200 Pcs/Min Cotton swab machine connected with automatic packaging machine adopts PLC program control, using open type heating.Air drying technology, drying water in operation, […]
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