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Product Sourcing.

There is no Secret Recipe to Product Sourcing. Let the professionals help you get the best deal for your Product. Our expertise and experience in procurement can get you the finest quality products and merchandise.

What products to Import from China?

Yes, Key to be a successful importer is to get the right Supplier. Finding the best price is not enough you need to get a supplier who fits your business Model. Discuss your business plan with us and we shall find a suitable supplier who can not only give us a good price also be flexible to our needs.

“A Detailed Requirement can Save you Billions and assuming them can only shock you.” – Maulik Shah

Did you assume your requirement without communicating with your supplier be prepared to be shocked by their output. List down every detail about what exactly you want. We shall make sure you get what you ask for.

Why do I need a Sourcing Agent when I can source online?

Just Sourcing products Online on the B2B portal may not be enough. We require our clients to visit relevant trade fairs along with our team to get the best source. Sourcing online can be good to start with but once you grow your business you might want to look for a better source.

Wedoimport helps their client to identify the best possible supplier for your procurement needs. We add value by recommending a supplier with not only the right price but also flexibility that will help you focus on your core competency.

“More business is lost every year through neglect than through any other cause.”


– Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.”

– Steve Jobs


Getting Started

For Beginners/Startups

How it works

Narrow down the product you are planning to Buy, prepare the specifications list and sent them to our professional sourcing agent. They will assist you in simplifying the then complex purchasing process. Our professional agent will look for the best supplier suiting your product requirement and sent you the best-filtered quote so it becomes easy for you to decide.

Getting Help

Multiple products or Bundling

Are you planning to buy multiple products or have a product to be bundled & assembled from multiple suppliers? In this situation, we would require you to send us a list of product(s) that you would plan to purchase. You are required to travel to China and we shall fix up your meetings with the potential suppliers. Our professional Agent will help you at all times during your trip from Airport pickup to hotel booking anything you may need for your procurement.

First Steps

Modify Horizon

Try to get every detail about the product jotted down and then prepare the product specification. It could be as detailed as how many numbers of screws you required or the exact colour code you require your product to be manufactured. Send them to us and then we shall start the process of sourcing. We would require a small security deposit of USD 300 for us to start investing time in getting the best source. This is completely refunded on your first order.

Advanced buyer

Plant & Machinery

Sourcing Factory Setup, Turnkey projects, Production line or Raw material for your factory. We can source everything you want. Let us know what are you planning to Manufacture we shall dig deep inside to get the best-hidden gem supplier for your next project.

1. Product Sourcing 1


We do not have Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) as long as the suppliers are willing to supply the given quantity we do not insist on MOQ. However, From our expert analysis order, less than 8000 USD generally do not repeat their orders.

1. Product Sourcing 2

Do you Guarantee lowest price?

Obviously, why would anyone source from china if the prices are not low. Is the lowest price the key to your success in product sourcing? I would say the Right price is more important than a lower price. We guarantee our clients the right price for their requirements.

Top of the class, always.

“If we start to focus on ourselves, instead of focusing on our customers, that will be the beginning of the end,” he said. “We have to try and delay that day for as long as possible.” – Jeff Bezos

Factory Visit
& Trade Shows

We require our clients to be up to date. Our best clients have grown multifold just by keeping themselves up to date. One of the best ways of keeping your selves abreast with market trends is to meet the suppliers. How we do it? We make sure our clients travel to china to the relevant trade shows and make factory visit explore new ideas. Our Agent shall assist you during your next business trip to China.

1. Product Sourcing 3
1. Product Sourcing 4

Get your First
Free Costing Today

 If you already have a supplier and you wanted us to give the Cost Of import till your doorstep we shall reply to you within 48~72 hours.

For us to give you accurate quote Please sent us following information:
1. Value of order
2. CBM or size of the boxes
3. Weight of total order
4. HSN code
5. Product description
6. Mode: Air/Sea
You can also share Proforma invoice and packing list if you have.


Size must be in cm or mm



Pantone Colour Code or hex Colour Code


Specify the Exact material to be used in each part of the product. (Plastic, Fabric or Metal are to generic) 

Certifications or Compliance

Please specify Certification or Test Reports that might be required for your product. Legal Compliance if any must also be considered while placing the order.

Plugs & Voltage

Electrical & Non electrical goods requirements must be defined

Packing Standards

Define packaging and packing standards as required.

Product Applications & Safety Rules

Environmental Requirement, Applications and Safety compliance must be specified.

IP or Patent Protection

Are your products Patent Protected or someone else has it. Trademarks Logo’s and their Rights must be Produced to ensure smooth Process.

I don’t know you. How can I trust you?

Since 2016, We have been working hard to build trust with our clients. Our Repeat orders prove us trustworthy. Of course, there are many competitors but we believe in developing trust based on action, and not just words.

We welcome you to visit us and meet personally to evaluate and build trust.

Is product Sourcing Really Free?

Yes, Sourcing Yes Free we do not charge a separate sourcing fee, However, We would require a commitment of $300 or Rs. 20,000 for us so we can deploy stable time to do quality sourcing. 

The Security Deposit is Converted to Payment on your First Order.

Where do you find the suppliers?

We select suppliers from various source channels (e.g. Trade shows, Fairs, Online, etc). Alibaba, Global Sources, Taobao, 1688, AliExpress, Exhibitions / Fairs / Conferences, Directories, Industry Clusters, Industry Association and more.

Yes, it’s easy to find suppliers and get quotes by yourself. The thing we are doing is to take care of the tedious but important details and make the entire procurement process safe, fast and simple. You can just sit back while we do the whole supply chain story for you.

We are aiming to be your “hassle-killer” instead of an “asymmetric information seller”.

Most importantly, supplier verification and evaluation play a big role and it’s what we will do also do for you.

We Try to Find Right Supplier for your requirements matching the level with your expectations.

Would you have preferred relationships with suppliers?

No, We do not prioritize or make a preferential list. 

We never take commissions from suppliers. Our sourcing and procurement will be 100% transparent.

What’s the payment method?

Typical payment methods

  • Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
  • Letter of Credit (L/C)
  • Alibaba Trade Assurance
  • PayPal

Please beware of Payment frauds and scams via email hacks of the supplier. Always do your due diligence before sending payment to new bank account.

As your preferred import agent you do not worry about payment you can transfer to us in INR in ur India Account we shall do the rest for you.

Are you limited to any particular industry?

No, Not at all

We are capable of handling a diverse and wide range of industries due to extensive experience in sourcing from China. We source from as small as a screw to a production line for machinery. WeDoImport has capabilities in sourcing all most all industries.

I have some existing suppliers. Can you handle the sourcing?

Definitely. Send your specific requests about what you want us to do for you. We can arrange things like negotiation, order tracking, supplier relationship management, shipping, export assistance, Imports and customs clearance and much more.

How do I start working with you?

Please send your request to [email protected] with as much detail as possible our sourcing agent will get in touch with you in the next 48 hrs. Once we approve the request you can transfer the $300 (or INR 20,000) to our companies account and we shall come up with the Right Supplier as per your specifications on Case to Case basis.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you still have any questions.

Do you have Commission From the Supplier?

No, We never take commissions from suppliers. Our deals are 100% transparent and objective to protect your benefit.

When should I make my supplier sign an Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

We have access to your product specification to identify qualified suppliers for your products. In addition, we must also share your specifications with potential manufacturers, to get price data.

NDA can help to prevent the supplier from sharing product information during the prototype development phase. However, NDA is not a substitute for proper IP protection.

Yet, many Importers are under the impression that the main threat comes from Chinese manufacturers when the real threat comes from competition at home.

IP protection in your target markets is Best Option.

Do you share my pricing to our potential Competitor?

We take the initiative to sign a confidentiality agreement with our customers and intellectual property protection. 

Do you Have MOQ for Sourcing? USD 8000?

Yes we have MOQ for Total Order 

By SEA – USD 8000

By AIR – USD 4000

however, you can choose as many numbers of products or SKU’s. We can ship as long as the supplier’s MOQ is fulfilled. 

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