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Budgets and Deadlines are lifelines of all Builders, we know the secret of Sourcing product for Builders. With our Best in class quality, we can help builders import a wide range of products. Just give us your requirement and we shall prepare the road map of your procurement.

Doors & Windows

Doors & Windows

These patio doors and windows are excellent fits for new commercial buildings or just as replacements in home renovation. These wholesale building materials from China can spell the difference in savings and costs without sacrificing the quality and beauty of your home or commercial space.

There are various choices in the style and quality of pre-made doors that are made from wood, vinyl, and fiberglass

Exterior door/ front door Fiberglass

This door is built to last and can add substantial curb appeal to your property. This fiberglass mahogany front door unit comes with an MSystem 2-year Warranty on the Door Component and the Base Prehung System as well as a 10-year warranty on the Glass Lite.

All of our fiberglass mahogany front doors are virtually maintenance-free and will not warp, rot, dent nor split. The door has an accompanied pre-hung unit which seals out the effects of weather and practically eliminates air and water infiltration altogether.

Patio door

The patio door is a smart addition if you seek elegance and functionality for your home. This product is part of the MasterPiece Series of MP Doors, its manufacturer. This type of door is engineered with Hydroshield Technology which makes the full composite door system 100% waterproof and resists rotting, warping, splitting, delaminating, denting and rusting.

This gliding door includes:

Durable adjustable stainless steel rollers and track
Stylish satin-nickel handle with keyed lock and an auxiliary flush bolt.
A smooth white interior and exterior finish
This patio door is engineered to withstand a lifetime of use and offers peace of mind that your door will remain beautiful for years to come —a low maintenance masterpiece only from the best building materials suppliers in China.

Acoustical Ceiling

Acoustical Ceiling

  • These ceilings are built to provide quality sound control for any interior space. These acoustical ceilings come in various textures, colors, and styles.
  • The building materials supplier made sure these easy-to-install HG-Grid are engineered to counter the effects of spaces with high humidity. This is a preferable option over conventional metal systems.
Features of Acoustic Ceiling Grid Kit
  • Durable PVC construction provides long-lasting use.
  • Designed to conjoin 2 ft. x 2 ft. or 2 ft. x 4 ft. ceiling tiles into a ceiling grid system; suspends from floor joists.
  • Rust and scratch-resistant design repels corrosion and withstands wear and tear.
  • Includes seven 8 ft. main runners, twenty-five 2 ft. cross tees and six 8 ft. wall brackets.
  • Installs easily by fastening wall molding, suspending main runners with hanger wire and snapping cross tees into keyholes.
Sets of ceiling grid products also include the following:
  • 15/16″ and 9/16″ flat grid
  • 9/16″ decorative profiles
  • Clean Room products
  • Drywall grid systems
  • Axiom perimeter trims

PVC Ceiling Panels

PVC Ceiling Panels

Light Ceiling Panels are somewhat unique compared to other ceiling panels people are accustomed to. This feather-lite weight makes these ceiling panels unique. The panels are formed from a thin sheet of vinyl that is only 0.013 in. thick—just like holding a business card.

The building materials company’s geometric design combined with the inherent strength of vinyl makes these tiles rigid, durable and easy to install. Their special design tricks the eye into seeing 2 separate square tiles rather than one big 2 ft. x 4 ft. tile.

Light Ceiling Panels have the following features:

  • Don’t generate dust
  • Unaffected by moisture
  • Don’t harbor mould
  • Easy to cut..
  • Their white finish is bright, pure and easy to clean. Place them in your ceiling grid and you ’ll be thrilled by the way the Stratford improves the look of your room.

    Choices of ceiling tile products include:

    • Mineral fibre tile
    • Fibreglass tile
    • Painted panels

    Ceiling Tiles

    Ceiling Tiles

    These fine-textured acoustical tiles, the building materials supplier, are designed to last a lifetime. They are manufactured using a patented process that maximizes sound and anti-sag performance— for high sound absorption and sound blocking.

    Embedded within these ceiling tiles is a formulation that inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

    Features ceiling tiles:

    • Easily installed in a suspended grid panel
    • 48 sq. ft. coverage area per carton
    • Class A fire rating
    • Noise reduction coefficient 70
    • High light reflectance properties
    • Antimicrobial
    • Sag-resistance properties
    • Easily maintained with a soft brush or vacuum



    These floor products are best suited for both commercial and residential spaces —-just perfect for both aesthetic and functional purposes. The product types are made of solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring, ceramic tile flooring, laminate flooring, sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl plank, VCT, linoleum, ceramic tiles, porcelain, broadloom carpet, carpet tiles, and combimix.

    Builders Projects 1

    Cement Floor Tiles

    These authentic, traditional cement tiles from Merola Tile Cemento are hand-crafted 7-7/8 in. x 7-7/8 in. with a geometric monochrome pattern of various designs. These durable tiles can be used in a variety of interior settings.

    Here are the features of these high-quality tiles:
    • 0.43 square foot per piece, Piece weight equals 3 lbs. (Each piece sold individually)
    • Grade 1, first-quality cement tile for floor and wall use.
    • 7.88 in. width x 7.88 in. length x 0.63 in. thick
    • Unglazed smooth finish with a low sheen and slight variation in tone.
    • P.E.I. Rating IV has high resistance to abrasion.
    • Suitable for heavy-duty residential and commercial kitchens, hotels, exhibition and sales rooms with some dirt conditions.
    • Non-Vitreous flooring has a water absorption of more than 7% for indoor use.
    • C.O.F. greater than .60 to .79 is required for commercial applications to meet or exceed ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Guidelines.
    • Skid Resistant
    • Indoor and outdoor use

    Builders Projects 2Ceramic Floor Tile

    The Glazed Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile from one of the top building materials suppliers in China, MSI Bergamo Gris features a matte finish to help add style to your space’s design. This rectangular gray tile is made with the HD inkjet technology and features a luxurious stone look that adds class to a contemporary aesthetic.

    Suitable for medium-duty commercial or residential floors and walls, using this tile incorporates a distinctive personal signature in a wide variety of designs and patterns.

    • 6 square feet, 8 pieces per case. The weight of each case is 70.08 lbs.
    • Grade 1, first-quality glazed ceramic tile for floor, wall and countertop use.
    • 12 in. width x 24 in. length x 9 mm thickness.
    • Glazed smooth matte finish with a low sheen and slight variation in tone.
    • P.E.I. Rating III is suitable for medium-duty residential and commercial floors including kitchens, corridors, terraces and areas used more often with everyday footwear and small amounts of dirt.
    • Semi-Vitreous flooring has a water absorption of 3%-7% for indoor use.
    • Non-Vitreous flooring has a water absorption of more than 7% for indoor use.
    • Slip-resistance/C.O.F. rating of .50 both wet and dry is marginally skid resistant, appropriate for indoor or some outdoor applications.
    • Residential and commercial use.

    Builders Projects 3Laminate Flooring

    This laminate flooring product from Pergo Outlast+, the Vintage Pewter Oak has a warm grey color. Its neutrality perfectly fits any home and commercial designs. This home building material is sought after for its durability and beauty.

    Take a look at its impressive features: :
    • Wear protection (SurfaceDense)
    • With SpillProtect waterproof technology
    • 10 mm thickness + 2 mm attached underlayment x 7-1/2 in. width x 47-1/4 in. length planks
    • 19.63 sq. ft. per case. Tiles per case: 8. Case weight: 36.7 lb.
    • Vintage Pewter Oak, Medium Color, Authentic Deep Texture with SurfaceDefense Protection
    • Planks have a pressed edge
    • Attached 2 mm underlayment that reduces sound and increases ease of installation
    • Appropriate Grade for Installation: Above Grade, On Grade or Below Grade
    • Radiant heating may be used
    • Can be installed over smooth, flat, dry surfaces: concrete, ceramic tile, vinyl and wood
    • Approved for residential and light commercial use
    • Lifetime limited residential and a 10-year limited light commercial warranty

    Builders Projects 4Marble Floor Tile

    This Greecian White Polished Marble Floor and Wall Tile, one of the wholesale building materials from MSI is best used to brighten any interior wall, floor, and countertop with its elegant white shade. Its smooth, high-gloss finish gives a distinct beauty—-only found in natural marble stones— to your residential or commercial space.

    MSI Greecian Marble Floor Tile distinct features:
    • 5 square feet; 5 pieces per case. Case weight is 30 lb.
    • Grade 1, first-quality natural marble tile for floor, wall and countertop use
    • 12 in. width x 12 in. length x 3/8 in. thick
    • Polished smooth finish with a high sheen and random variation in tone
    • Impervious flooring has water absorption of less than 0.5%
    • Marginally skid resistant

    Builders Projects 5Mosaic Floor Tile

    Here’s another of the wholesale building materials from MSI. The Honed Marble Mosaic Tile is compatible with subsurface heating elements and is impervious to water, bringing its potential uses to as far as the imagination goes—floors, walls kitchen, and bathroom— name it.

    Its Frost-resistance property makes them suitable for exterior applications and they are highly skid-resistant to foster solid footing. Use this mesh-mounted tile in any commercial or residential setting for an upscale look at a cheaper price.

    Builders Projects 6Porcelain Floor Tiles

    MARAZZI’s Montagna Dapple Gray Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile beats any type of wood when it comes to aesthetics and durability. Its rugged look can be mistaken for wood but its ability to resist moisture makes it the best choice when it comes to versatile applications.

    • 14.53 square feet per case, 15 pieces per case; case weight: 58 lbs.
    • Grade 1, first-quality porcelain tile for floor, wall and countertop use
    • 6 in. width x 24 in. length x 5/16 in. thick
    • Glazed textured finish with a medium sheen and slight variation in tone
    • Class 4 abrasion resistance – suitable for floor applications with heavy foot traffic
    • Impervious tile has a water absorption of less than 0.5%
    • Frost resistant

    Builders Projects 7Solid Hardwood Flooring

    The solid hardwood flooring from the building materials company—Bruce Plano Collection—gives the natural beauty of wood tiles like no other. Minor imperfections like mineral streaks, knots, and small holes give every individual tile its own character and color variation.

    • Wood Species: Oak
    • 3/4 in. Thickness x 3-1/4 in. Width x Random Length Planks
    • Coordinate with molding made for 3/4 in. solid hardwood
    • 22 sq. ft. per case and case weight: 60 lbs.
    • Construction: Solid Hardwood
    • Prefinished Dura-Luster Marsh Color
    • Planks have a beveled edge and square ends to emphasize the
      definition of every individual.

    Builders Projects 8Vinyl Flooring

    The latest innovation from building materials supplier Home Depot is the LifeProof Luxury Vinyl Flooring which is a highly engineered closed-cell foamed PVC core. This product delivers strength and rigidity despite being lightweight. The vinyl planks are authentically embossed as well as designed with drop-and-lock joints for easy installation.

    The attached underlayment minimizes sound, enhances warmth and comfort, and absorbs shock. Product safety is also assured as it contains no formaldehyde and phthalate.

    Other features:
    • Sterling oak color finish
    • 7 mm thickness x 8.7 in. width x 47.6 in. length
    • Can be installed over most existing surfaces including tile,
      wood, concrete, and vinyl
    • For residential and commercial use
    • Easy to maintain – clean with a dust mop or
    • For use indoors and in temperature-controlled
    • 100% waterproof – can be installed in most
      rooms in your home or business
    • Realistic wood look and embossing
    • Wear layer enhanced with ceramic bead resists scratches and enhances durability
    • Innovative ISOCORE technology creates a lighter yet stronger product
    • Ultra-fresh treatment inhibits the growth of odor and stain causing mold and mildew on the attached underlayment and top surface layer of the flooring

    Kitchen Interior Section

    Kitchen Interior Section

    Kitchen Interior Section

    China can be a great source of products, equipment, and kitchen building materials. The designs, colors, and materials widely vary according to the specs of the building materials suppliers in China.

    These are the major reasons why wholesale building materials are appreciated by home and industrial builders alike for their kitchen construction and remodeling.

    Here are the highly regarded kitchen products that are ready to install:

    Drop-in Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

    Builders Projects 9
    Other features:
    • Top mount installation allows the sink to become a central point of the kitchen
    • Double basin design provides ample room for washing dishes, fruits, and vegetables
    • 4 pre-drilled fixture holes for installation of a faucet, sprayer, soap dispenser or other accessories (not included)
    • Large sound deadening pads keep the noise down
    • Minimum cabinet size 36 in.

    Kitchen Cabinets

    Builders Projects 10

    Home Decorators Collection’s Hallmark Arctic White features solid MDF doors and drawer fronts with a clean, durable white thermofoil finish. These cabinets have CARB compliant all-plywood construction with full-depth 3/4 in. thick adjustable shelves for added storage. All cabinet sides have natural birch veneer finish for added design flexibility.

    These added features just shows how innovative
    the design of these cabinets is:
    • 3/4 in. thick thermofoil doors with a durable white vinyl overlay
    • Crisp, rectangular profiles with raised center panel detail create a clean, modern
    • 3/4 in. thick plywood adjustable shelves with clear high-strength locking shelf
      support for added strength
    • Solid hardwood drawer with dovetail carpentry joints glides smoothly on concealed undermount runners
    • Decorative molding includes fluted fillers, crown molding, and light rail are available to give each kitchen a decorator’s touch
    • Concealed high-quality steel door hinges are adjustable in 6-ways to enable perfect door alignment
    • Durable Arctic white vinyl overlay creates a seamless finish makes it easy to clean

    Kitchen Countertops

    This amazing collection of countertops made by building materials suppliers in China is very popular among imported products to the US. The price and quality of these wholesale building materials are unparalleled.

    Builders Projects 11

    Quartz kitchen countertops

    These countertops made from natural quartz comes in many colors and patterns. Carefully engineered from ground quartz and resin, their surfaces are smooth, durable, and require low maintenance.



    Builders Projects 12

    Quartzite kitchen countertops

    A durable stone structure presented in neutral tones, the surface features swirls with natural veins with a distinctive shine. Pre-sealed for easy care.



    Builders Projects 13

    Marble kitchen countertops

    A natural stone with elegant veining perfectly fits any theme. An all-time classic.




    Builders Projects 14

    Solid Surface kitchen countertops

    This man-made acrylic comes in many patterns and colors. It’s smooth with no visible seams. The countertop can be repaired if chipped.



    Builders Projects 15

    Laminate kitchen countertops

    This laminate kitchen countertop comes in many patterns and colors that make it look like natural stone. Affordable and easy to clean.




    Builders Projects 16Dekton kitchen countertops

    A unique blend of raw materials that looks like stone or concrete. Highly durable.




    Builders Projects 17Wood kitchen countertops

    A butcher block that provides warmth and natural beauty, looks great unfinished, oiled or stained. Good for meal preparations and dining islands.





    Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet

    This line of products is a definite mix of innovation, style, and functionality—all which are needed in every home and kitchen out here. This collection of top rated faucet designs ranges from vintage styles to the modern touchless kitchen faucets. These wholesale building materials are sterling examples of high value and style can be achieved at the lowest price.



    Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment

    China’s manufacturing prowess has established the country as the world’s central hub for outsourcing sanitary wares.

    One can find all of the requirements needed by commercial and residential sanitary and bathroom needs in this posh collection from top-rated building materials suppliers in China. When it comes to sanitary ceramics, bathroom vanities, bathroom units, bathtubs and whirlpools, shower, bathroom sinks, toilets, bathroom mirrors, bathroom cabinets, partitions, and bathroom hardware and fittings —name it—everything is covered.

    Bathroom Toilet

    Builders Projects 18

    Bathroom Vanities

    Builders Projects 19A home builder has a lot of choices when it comes to stylizing and sprucing up a bathroom. These bath vanities from building materials suppliers in China have already delivered the home building and renovation industries a lot of fortune.

    The choice of home vanities depends on your plans at hand. The range of choices for bathroom vanities depends on the style, size of the area, and quality of the materials that make up the vanity.

    Vanities by Style

    Vanities by Size

    Vanity Materials

    Check out these different styles of bathroom vanity sets. The themes of the modern, industrial, farmhouse and rustic vanity sets will surely augment your home building designs. The area of your bathroom has just the right vanity sets to fit and provide adequate functionality. From freestanding bathroom vanities to double bathroom vanity set, the choice is entirely up to you. The bathroom vanity sets coming out from China are built to match the budget and preferred quality of materials.

    Wall Panels

    Wall Panels

    These imported wall panels are also among the wholesale building materials that are built with high quality and safety in mind. These are specially designed by a building materials company which is geared towards meeting our local standards of safety. Great consideration is placed on the materials, sizes and color options.

    Materials with special features include fire rated and moisture/mold resistance gypsum boards, fiberglass matted gypsum boards, abuse, and impact resistant boards, acoustic wall panels, tile backers’ boards, and shaft wall liners.

    Builders Projects 20Acoustic Insulation Wall Panels

    These soundproof wall panels are suited well for living rooms, home theater, game rooms, office spaces, and auditoriums. Their ability to enhance sound while dampening the noise distractions is just remarkable.

    • Application: Interior walls
    • Wall panels have a 0.90 Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating
    • Resin hardened and corners are fully tailored edges
    • The base panel contains recycled content
    • Class A Fire Rating (ASTM E84)

    Builders Projects 21FRP Wall Panels

    These Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) overlay, manufactured by the building materials company FiberCorr, are laminated to a corrugated plastic core. The result is a lightweight panel that is so durable. Easy-to-manage and install.

    • 0.030 White cracked ice FRP facer on a 10 mm corrugated plastic panel
    • Moisture, stains, odors and chemical resistant
    • Textured panel with a scratch-resistant surface
    • Will not rot or deteriorate under high moisture conditions
    • Not susceptible to termites or other insect damage
    • International safety standards certified

    Builders Projects 223D Wall Panel

    3d wall panels is the unique product, easy DIY, lightweight and made of natural plant fibres.

    A high quality, artistic and durable three-dimensional wall finish that is environmentally friendly, 3d board can be utilised to create beautiful looks of 3d wall, decorating your house interior with 3d wallcovering and 3d wall tiles will give you an extra dimension to your space

    Advantages: Waterproof, fireproof
    Material: PVC
    Size: 50x50cm or 60x60cm,30x30cm
    Style: Bamboo Fiber Wall Panel 3D
    Type: Ceiling Tiles, Wall Panel

    WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)

    WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)

    Builders Projects 23WPC decking

    (Wood Plastic Composite Decking) - Hollow Composite Decking is a kind of new eco-friendly landscaping material which is produced under high temperature and pressure from the mixture of HDPE and wood fibre.

    WPC Decking Is Perfectly Suitable For Outdoor Use:
    Low Maintenance and durable: No more paints
    Weather-Resistant: No splinters or cracks
    Natural: Beautiful appearance of wood
    Safe: Anti-slip, eco-friendly

    WPC can be widely used in the garden, square, balcony, terrace, walkway, landscape and so on.

    Why Choose Seven Trust WPC Decking?
    Firstly, our raw materials are mixed at high temperature. This process is not available in general factories. Its advantage is that the uniform distribution of the mixture will be better. The moisture of the raw materials can be removed quite effectively to make the molecular structure more stable and tight. The expansion coefficient of the product during outdoor use will be less than that of similar products, and the ageing speed will be reduced accordingly.

    Secondly, HDPE is an important main material of WPC, which directly leads to the advantage of product quality. We use the first-grade pe cable leather material. Many factories use PP or secondary material to produce. Under normal natural environment, HDPE has excellent weather resistance. For similar products, PE is resistant to low-temperature impact.

    Thirdly, the surface treatment of 3D embossed decking that our factory uses 3M soft sanding cloth roller, the general factory is treated with a sand belt.3M soft roller treatment has the advantage that the surface 3D effect is real, and the peeling effect is good, the sand belt is peeled rough surface, strong plastic, the advantage is low processing cost.

    Builders Projects 24WPC Pergola

    The pergola is made of WPC material, which looks like wood but has better performance than wood. Long life, anti-corrosion, no need for painting, environmental protection, etc.

    Specification :
    The environment-friendly WPC outdoor products we produced are made of :

    • — 35% HDPE (Grace A Recycles HDPE)
    • — 55% Wood fibre (Including Anti-UV agent, Anti-oxidation agent, stabilizers, colourants, anti-fungus agent, coupling agent, reinforcing agent, lubricants,etc.)
    • — 10% Chemical Additives (Including Anti-UV agent, Anti-oxidation agent, stabilizers, colourants, anti-fungus agent, coupling agent, reinforcing agent, lubricants, etc)

    Applications Of WPC Pergola
    The WPC pergola basically solved the problem that wood easily gets rot and deformed after exposing to moist and water environment, it can be used in an environment where traditional wooden products can not be applied. Pest control, anti-moth, various colours to choose from, embodied with wood sense and wood texture, colour can also be customized as clients require.

    WPC pergola is widely used in parks, squares, residential and other outdoor public places. It can also be installed in a private courtyard, roof platform etc.
    1. Good processing features Can be nailed, planed, cut, drilled, the surface can be painted.
    2. Easy to install, convenient to construction, easy to clean, time-saving and cost-saving for installation.
    3. Free painting, no need to maintain, easy to clean, save the maintenance fees.

    Builders Projects 25WPC Wall Panel

    wall panel - outdoor wall cladding is an ever increasingly popular choice for finishing the outside of a commercial and domestic building. Otherwise known as siding or facades, coloured or timber effect cladding is an attractive and economical way to finish the exterior of both new and refurbished buildings. our composite cladding provides a hardwearing, protective layer against the elements and is an excellent insulator.

    Fire resistance: WPC material is better than real wood material, environmental protection and no formaldehyde and other harmful substances, It can be safely used in kindergartens, children's rooms, shops and outdoor decking and so on.
    Colourful appearance: realistic wood grain pattern and rich colours.
    oil resistance: normal soap and water washing or pressure washer is ok for the cleaning
    Mildew resistance: outer layer has a compact structure to prevent mildew. High resistance to moisture and termites.
    Free maintenance: no painting or oiling required.More happy hours every day.
    Long-termed duration: will not rot or splinter. Moreover, 2000 hours UV test would be not a problem for this new material, etc.

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