How to Import Batteries In India

Import of Lithium-ion Batteries Import of lithium-ion Batteries requires authorization from the concerned State Pollution Control Board/ Central Pollution Control Board & MoEF (Ministry of Environment & Forest). An application complete in all respect along with documents can be submitted to the concerned pollution Board for authorization. After Scrutinizing the documents by the Board, the board issues the authorization certificate in the name of the Unit. How To Apply For Battery Import...

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How To Import Clothing and textile From China ?

Need Help On Clothing Importing from China? Importing clothing and textiles from China, Thailand, and Vietnam! In this article, you will learn more about the import of fashion items from your Asian suppliers. How to find the right clothing manufacturer. What you must know about sourcing clothes manufacturers You will also receive tips with which you can guarantee the quality of each product. We also explain how you can reduce the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Importing clothing...

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Should Indian’s Stop buying Chinese Products? (Ban Chinese Products, Really?)

Firstly, Can any country ban all products from a particular country (China)? NO, you read it right. No country can ban all the products from a particular country for the following reasons WTO (World Trade Organisation) Free trade Agreement does not permit us to do so. Exports to those countries can also get banned. Foreign investments in India can be affected as India become vulnerable to such Investments. Do we really need to ban products from china? I don’t think so,...

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Top 20 Products that India Exports to China.

What is China buying from India? India Exported USD 28.35 Billion in 2019 to China with 29.7 Billion in 2018 and 27.5 Billion in 2017.  China and Hong Kong total are considered while calculating the annual Import Here we have Listed top 10 Products that China have imported in Past 3 years Product code Product label India’s exports to China Value in 2017 Value in 2018 Value in 2019 ‘TOTAL All products 12500767 16503442 16959816 ’29 Organic chemicals 1690756 3082429 3131085 ’27 Mineral...

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What are hot selling Chinese products imported in India?

India’s imports of Chinese goods stood at USD 60 billion during the April-January period of 2018-19 fiscal and In 2017-18 (April-March), imports from China stood at USD 76.38 billion in the period. Top 20 Products along with the turn Over are Listed below: Sno. Product label India’s imports from China Value in 2017 Value in 2018 Value in 2019 All products 71890425 73845717 68163416 1 Electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof; sound recorders and reproducers,...

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How to Import Cosmetics in India?

Today in this blog, we will explain to you how to import cosmetics to India? Every Woman loves cosmetics and beauty products to enhance their beauty. Each woman has a different taste, skin, and choice. There are various types of products in the market, but it is not possible for each country to provide multiple units as per their choices and preferences. China is the world’s second-largest cosmetics consumer market only behind the United States, importing cosmetics, personal care, and beauty...

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Is it worth spending money on a trip to Canton Fair?

Canton Fair is just around the corner once again & I thought it would be a great time to answer a question that I often get from existing & potential clients, i.e. whether or not a trip to the Canton fair is worth their time. Many of these are clients have been importing from China for a few years now & started with a specific product in mind and then sourced using a sourcing company like ours or via one of the B2B Platforms (& then eventually came to us). Other are new importers...

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How to Spot genuine Manufacturers at a China Sourcing Fair

China Import and Export Fair As the spring edition of the 2015 Canton Fair is on at the moment, we have a lot of existing & new clients visiting our office, when they find some time-off from the Canton Fair or for free consultations that we offer at this time. Every year during these meetings, one of the questions that many importers, especially new importers tend to ask, goes something like this: “I have heard there are lots of trading companies at the Canton Fair, how do I ensure...

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Scrooge mcduck in China

Financing Your Import Shipments from China

Here’s the dirty little secret when it comes to importing from China- you need money to import products! So how exactly do you finance your shipments from China? Aside from cash in the bank, there’s several other creative ways to finance your products. First Thing’s First: How Much Money Do You Need? Lets imagine you want to sell $20,000 worth of tennis rackets. You intend to mark these tennis rackets up 300%, meaning you will buy them for $10 and sell them for $30. So how much money do...

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Minimizing Risk through Payment Terms Negotiation with Chinese Suppliers

In the last post we looked at 8 payment methods you can use to pay your Chinese suppliers. In this post, I will look at “Payment Terms” that go along with the choice of payment method & factors influencing the negotiation of payment terms. It is important not to confuse “Payment Terms” here with “Trade Terms” (FOB, CIF, etc.). “Payment Terms” include: The choice of payment method The timing of the payment Whether there is a pre-payment required & the percentage of the...

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