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Consolidation & Warehousing

Could Your Business Benefit From Consolidation & Warehousing Your order at China Origin?

What is cargo consolidation? Cargo consolidation consists of combining cargo from many shippers into one ocean or air shipment. This saves money as bulk rates are applied when more cargo ships at the same time.

Why consolidate and warehouse in China? Warehousing and consolidating at origin can increase profitability and make your organization run much more efficiently.

Do I need warehouse if I am buying Full Load from Single Supplier? YES & NO, Incase you want to control inventory availability & Quality before shipments then Yes. AND No, If you want to load the goods after inspection from the factory as and when the goods are ready.

  • We can help you coordinate production completion times, Once the factories have completed enough products to fill a container we can ask each factory to deliver to the warehouse.

  • Free Warehousing — We offer free warehousing up to 1 Week for all our clients who have opted for our Inspection Services.

“Our consolidation services are considered very highly beneficial.”


Multiple Suppliers

Consolidate from multiple suppliers and/or manufacturers into one shipment.


Just in Time

Ship product when you need it for just-in-time inventory. Or Wait for other goods to be ready.

Quality Control

Implement quality controls earlier in the supply chain to increase vendor control.

Cash Flow

Frees up cash flow by allowing more frequent and smaller purchase orders to take place, suppliers will often sell minimum quantities domestically.

Track Orders

Large companies that have high and regular volumes can Track all order Compilations and Prioritise Urgent Orders First. 

Flexible Schedule

Can Plan perfect Departure schedules once all goods arrive at the warehouse.

Flexibility to FCL

Flexibility to work with more suppliers who will only sell full container loads.

Dropship direct

Dropship direct from the Chinese warehouse to the end consumer, fully-consolidated with your supplier information protected.

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