Luggage Extrusion Production line

Luggage Extrusion Production line 1
(Plate thickness) 1-4 MM
(Plate Width) 1-900 MM
(Yield) 150-170 KG/HR
(Weight) 8.5 T
(Overall Dimension) 16500*3800*3300 MM
(Total Power) 80 KW
This production line is capable of continuously producing mono-layer ABS, PP, PE, PS, PMMA, HIPS sheet with the width less than 900mm and thickness between 1-4mm. The products are widely used in the fields of luggage, refrigerator, air conditioner, advertisement, automotive trim etc. This machine is composed of extruder, screen changer, melt pump, multilayer distributor, mould, roller calender, the effect of frame, cold station, air cooling rack, haul-off unit and cutter.
Luggage Extrusion Production line 2 1.Mould: This mono-layer or multi-layer co-extrusion mould is adopted hanger design. It processes hard chrome plating and mirror polishing, ensuring to extrude stable, uniform, good smooth finish sheet. 2.Three-roller Calendar: It adopts vertical structure and independent control of oil and water control device, to ensure precise constant temperature control.Rollers adjust the speed independently, which has the characteristic of easy operation, easy to adjust thickness, high-density sheet. 3.Haul-off Unit: It adopts the design of upper-lower cylinder pressure type,step-less frequency conversion timing, which is suitable for different extruded speed. Track the length of sheet transfer, it provides a strong guarantee for the stable production. 4.Cutter: the cutting board is adopted motor drive type, which has the function of auto measuring length and cutting. It can cut the sheet length effectively and smoothly.   Luggage Extrusion Production line 3     Luggage Extrusion Production line 4  

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