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Asia Pool & Spa Expo

Location: Guangzhou – Canton Fair Complex – No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China
Date: August 03, 2020 09:30 – August 05, 2020 18:00
Asia Pool & Spa Expo 1  
Asia Pool & Spa Expo
The number of professional visitors of Asia Pool & Spa Expo reached 19,236 person-times, including 3,950 person-times of international buyers, an increase of 15% compared with last year. Among them, the number of overseas visitors is 3,160, accounting for 16% in North America, 17% in Oceania, 8% in Africa, 19% in Europe, 28% in Asia and 12% in other regions. As a professional and influential pool SPA trade platform in China, the on-site gathering of exhibitors has reached new heights. Marina’s, Mr Walter, Lian Sheng, Italian Wan Shi, HARVIA, Chiba, Aquarine, ANT, Mona Lisa, the dragon, maida/radar, Shangai shi, Germany, and the POOL LIFTS, er li/Wei Cheng, method of joy, joy, Mr Lin, day Shu, springs, weed, Sea whales, Keya, da xing, LanErDi, Mr Rich, universal, chang hai, a steady, wan ling, Chemoform, Tintometer, Tecmark eliminationCorporation, Jia Hong intelligence control, topology, Alina, hao Khalid, sharp, Eurasia, double gulls, v-kool, looked around, China into, have music, jay, Ann Maupeou, James, cory, rich worship and so on more than 300 outstanding enterprises at home and abroad, with tens of thousands of visitors to purchase the general merchants together, to the scene for an efficient business cooperation. Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2  
In order to further enhance the visibility and influence of the exhibition in the world
In order to further enhance the visibility and influence of the exhibition in the world, the organizing committee has been promoting similar exhibitions in the United States, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, and other countries in recent years, cooperating with internationally renowned magazines and media, and inviting high-end international purchasers through various channels. Asia pool SPA expo will continue to build an international business communication platform for pool SPA industry, help Chinese pool SPA enterprises to export, and spread better pool SPA material suppliers and technologies in the world. We believe that with the joint support and efforts of all parties, the exhibition will march towards a more brilliant future.  
To further enhance the professionalism of the exhibition and influence
To further enhance the professionalism of the exhibition and influence, the organizing committee will further expand the buyer database to 148000, over three hundreds of professional, the mass media resource and gathered numerous enterprises amounted to 600, the booth area expanded to 30000 square meters, more “exhibition” “will” on-site activities, 2019 Asia will continue to the swimming pool SPA expo industry sincere service!  
Product Categories:

1. Swimming pool hot spring:

Swimming pool equipment, swimming pool integration system, cleaning and maintenance system, swimming pool water treatment, heating constant temperature system, non-slip facilities, peripheral facilities swimming pool accessories, swimming equipment, bracket swimming pool, inflatable swimming pool, assembled swimming pool, baby swimming pool, fountain equipment, fountain design and system;Hot spring equipment and supporting facilities, hot spring exploration, garden landscape, planning and design, hot spring health care, hot spring health care, hot spring investment and financing and services;

2. SPA:

Spa equipment, massage Spa pool, jacuzzi, massage system, mineral hot spring Spa, Spa massage machine, etc.SPA SPA planning, design, engineering, etc.SPA training; SPA brand joining, hosting, etc.; SPA supplies, SPA consumables; Medical SPA, beauty care, beauty body; Spa engineering;

3. Sauna bath:

Bath equipment, sauna equipment, bathroom equipment, massage equipment, entertainment equipment, foot care products, bath products, bath clothing, bath health products, bath products, consumables, etc.

4. Hot water and water treatment:

Water heating system, heat pump, solar energy, electric heating, gas hot water equipment; Boiler equipment; A thermostat; Domestic heating system; Water treatment agents, water disinfection, circulation filtration, maintenance cleaning, energy-saving, and water-saving series;

5. Water parks:

Water amusement equipment, water slide, wave pool, surf pool, spiral slide, children’s water facilities, inflatable park, inflatable toys, mobile water park, water park design, engineering, planning, management, and other related institutions;

6. Supporting services:

Leisure, entertainment facilities, design, decoration, construction, strong and weak electricity, Internet, intelligent series, system software, OTO, training institutions, service institutions, management institutions, media and so on.


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