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How to Import Cosmetics in India?

Today in this blog, we will explain to you how to import cosmetics to India? Every Woman loves cosmetics and ...
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Blog 2

Is it worth spending money on a trip to Canton Fair?

Canton Fair is just around the corner once again & I thought it would be a great time to answer a ...
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Blog 2

How to Spot genuine Manufacturers at a China Sourcing Fair

China Import and Export Fair As the spring edition of the 2015 Canton Fair is on at the moment, we ...
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Scrooge mcduck in China

Financing Your Import Shipments from China

Here’s the dirty little secret when it comes to importing from China- you need money to import products! So how ...
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Blog 4

Minimizing Risk through Payment Terms Negotiation with Chinese Suppliers

In the last post we looked at 8 payment methods you can use to pay your Chinese suppliers. In this post, ...
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Blog 5

How can you check whether a Chinese company exists?

Do you run or plan to start importing from China but do not know whether your Chinese business partner is ...
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Does companies from Hong Kong have the same rights as ones registered in Mainland China?

People often ask about companies from Hong Kong and if they have the same rights to operate in China as, ...
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china 3 main cities

A 2020 Guide to Traveling to China for Business

Traveling to China for the first time as a Westerner can be daunting (the title says “White guy” but really ...
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Import from China to UK – Logistics & Landed Costs

As a large proportion of the readership of this blog comes from the UK & because I see a lot ...
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Four Considerations When Determining How Much Inventory to Purchase

It’s one of the most critical questions you’ll deal with on a regular basis as an importer: how much inventory ...
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