Import Bicycles from China

Import Bicycles from China

Guide on Import Bicycle From China to India

Industry Background: The total Rs 7,000 crore turnover of the bicycle industry in the country. Every year a total of 22 million bicycles are manufactured and sold out in India, China, on the other hand, manufacturers 90 million bicycles per year, out of which 60 million are exported across the world. Every year of the total imports, 70-76 per cent are from China and it has been an increasing trend always.

In FY 2020-2021 (Apr-Nov), Around 8.95 USD million of Cycle is imported from India to China. It is around 46.96% of the total import of Cycle.
  • The value of Cycle import from India in October 2020 is 1.62 USD million.
  • Major countries where Cycle was imported in October 2020 are China(0.9), Thailand(0.26), Singapore(0.19), Japan(0.07), Rep. of Korea(0.04).

How much does Bicycles from China Cost?

The prices of bicycles from China vary depending on a number of factors such as:
  1. Design – simple is cheaper than complicated designs. For instance, a kid’s bike will cost about $45, while an adult bike will cost about $75
  2. Technology and functionality – Bike with advanced technology will be more expensive
  3. Brand and manufacturer
  4. Size of the bicycle
  5. Quality of bicycle – low-quality bicycle will be cheaper than high-quality bicycles
  6. Quantity of your Orders
    1. The MOQ for bicycles from China varies from one manufacturer to another.
    2. Most manufacturers insist on FCL order usually 20Ft or 40HQ
    3. You can always test the quality by ordering 1 or 2 pcs as Sample, however, they might ask you a different price for the samples

How to Source a Reliable Manufacturer from China?

It is important to verify whether you’re with a reliable and reputable bicycle supplier from China. For instance, you check the following;
  1. Sourcing agent –you can have a person on the ground who can give you information from the ground.
  2. Freight forwarder– help in the shipping process. With the connections they have, freight forwarders can connect you to bicycle manufacturers in China.
  3. Referrals – these are companies or business that have transacted with bicycle manufacturers in China. They will help you get better deals.
  4. Visit China – It will give you an opportunity to interact directly with the bicycle manufacturer in China. This way, you’re likely to get the best deals in the market.
  5. Search for bicycle manufacturers online – Simply type relevant keywords or key phrases such as bicycle manufacturers in China or bicycle suppliers in

How can you Verify the Quality of Bicycles from China?

Quality is a very vital aspect when it comes to Bicycles from China.
  1. Quality of nuts and bolts
  2. Colour
  3. The pressure of the Bicycle tires
  4. Bicycle Manual Guide
  5. Rub test on labels; this is a quality test done so that the labels on the bicycles will not be erased for the whole life of the bicycle. A poor label is proof that the bicycle is of low quality as compared to a good quality label.
  6. Braking system
Conducting bike quality testing can be challenging. However, having a clear bicycle quality verification checklist can help eliminate ambiguity when importing bicycles from China.

How should you Import Bicycles from China?

Importing bicycles from China is a profitable venture. But how to go about this process is a challenge to most people. Let’s explore what exactly you need to do when importing bicycles from China:
  1. Check out the legal requirements for importing bikes from China. Start by looking at the legality of importing a bike to your country.
  2. Make sure you are legally able to import a bike to your location.
  3. Look for a well-established, reliable and experienced exporter in China, be sure they are genuine and contact them.
  4. Give the exporter details of the bike you want to import from china.
  5. The exporter will identify the bike you want that meets your expectation and do necessary formalities and package your bicycle.
  6. Exporter packages the bicycle and sends your bike to your destination.
  7. You can use the bike shipping service online. There are several bike shipping services online that you can hire to make the importation of bicycle from China easy.
  8. Decide the mode of shipment: Depending on your destination, you can ship by air, road, sea or rail.
  9. Get a shipping box for your bike, this requires you to package the bike before it can be shipped to your destination.
  10. Pay all the necessary fee – these will include the cost of the bicycle from China, duties/taxes, logistics and shipping.
  11. Receive your bicycles from China at your preferred destination which can be a port or warehouse.

Which Types of Bicycles from China can you Import?

You can import any of the following bicycles from China:
  1. Children’s Bike, there are quite a number of children bikes that can be imported from China. All children ages are taken care of right from 4 years to 11years.
  2. Fixed Gear Bicycles; there are companies in China that manufacture bicycle that has no freewheel appliances. The freewheel design was developed early in the history of bicycle however, fixed-gear bicycle continued to be an outstanding racing designer.
  1. Hybrid Bicycles; you can import a variety of bicycles from China depending on their usage and functions. That is where hybrid bicycles come in, the company has blended itself with quite an array of bicycles such as; Cross bike, Commuter Bikes, Trekking bike etc. This bike comes with an upright position providing comforts to the rider.
  1. Giant bicycles, which was established in 1972 is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer and is the largest manufacturer of bicycles globally. Giant has sales distribution channels in over 50 countries.
  2. Tandem Bicycles; was established in the 1880s, and was designed with dual pedalling power to help propel the bicycle. This is a type of bicycles designed to be ridden by at least two riders and is also associated with the seating position.

Can you Buy Bicycles Spare Parts from China?

There are many Bicycle spares parts with unique features you can buy from China
  1. You can buy from the manufacturer – contact the manufacturer of your brand for spares parts.
  2. Buy from a trading company – the trading company may link you up with the manufacturer of spare parts or perhaps purchase from them.
  3. Buy through trade fairs – trade fairs and exhibition, you may find a spare part that you are looking for and make the purchase.
  4. Buy from a distributor – the distributor of the company may sell to you the spare part that you may be looking for.
  5. You can buy from China Brands – this is an online company dealing with spare parts, it can save you time.

This is an indication that you can really buy bicycle spare parts through the above options

What are the available Surface Finishes for Bicycle from China?

  1. Galvanization finishes
  2. Stainless Steel finishes
  3. Electro Polishing
  4. Super TGIC Powder Coat
  5. Thermoplastic Coat
  6. Coated Stainless Steel

What Material is Bicycles Frame from China made of?

  1. Diamond frame
  2. Carbon Steel
  3. Magnesium frame
  4. Aluminium alloys frames
  5. Titanium frames
  6. Carbon Fiber frames

Import Challenges from China

  1. Huge importation fee – this hinders most people from doing importation.
  2. Poor Negotiation – some language barriers makes it impossible for better negotiations. The best part, you can use sourcing agents.
  3. Choosing the wrong customs broker or importer – some brokers are not genuine and end up misleading the client.
  4. Making a payment to a middle man agent – some Middle man agents have huge commission fees and long payment process that delay arrival of the product.
  5. Receiving a bicycle in a bad condition – you may receive a bicycle which may be damaged, this fear has shunned away clients.
  6. Online Scams & Fraudsters – some of the online sites are not genuine end up taking money from the client and not delivering the items requested.
  7. Getting the Wrong bicycle – you may receive a bicycle that might be quite different from the one you order.
  8. Ignoring state requirements – some may be ignoring state requirements on which product to import and on which condition.

Given these challenges, it is important to contact the manufacturer for the best deal from china. Wedoimport is a Sourcing Agent and can overcome all the challenges in importing Bicycles from China.

Which Documents do you need when Importing Bicycles from China?

The Customs clearance process for imports can be tiresome. However, the following documents are needed for importing bicycles from China.
  1. Commercial invoice – this provides enough information for the custom and border protection officer to determine if the commodities being imported are admissible.
  2. Packing list – this list is provided by the freight forwarder and it contains information from the invoice and is checked to verify cargo.
  3. Bill of landing – is a commercial document issued by a carrier to the shipper of good, signed by the owner of the vessel.
  4. Arrival notice – is a communication that is prepared by a carrier to let the recipient know that the shipment has arrived.
Others may include a certificate of origin and quality inspection certificate. You should have all documents that will help you during the custom clearance process.

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