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China Glass

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC) – 2345 Longyang Rd, ShiJi GongYuan, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, China, 201203
Date: April 14, 2020 09:00 – April 17, 2020 18:00
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China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition
China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China glass exhibition), sponsored by China silicate society and undertaken by Beijing Zhong exhibition co., LTD., is held in Shanghai new international expo center. Founded in 1986, this exhibition is held in Beijing and Shanghai, in turn, every year. Up to now, it has been successfully held for 30 sessions. After more than 30 years of cultivation and development, China glass exhibition has become an internationally renowned and professional exhibition with complete independent intellectual property rights, and is the most commercially valuable exhibition, technical exchange and economic and trade negotiation platform for China’s glass industry, and is firmly one of the world’s two largest glass exhibitions. As the mainstream exhibition of the international glass industry, China glass exhibition is regarded as an important basis for international consulting agencies to evaluate the development of the glass market. Held in Beijing China glass exhibition exhibition area of more than 106800 square meters, 905 in 28 countries attended the exhibition abroad (240) manufacturers, from 72 countries are more than 33515 professional audience (4544) abroad to visit and purchase, negotiate trade, at the same time also held 17 technical lectures, many Chinese and foreign media and web sites for the detailed report! At present, the macro operating environment of glass industry presents a complex situation with many factors interwoven. On the one hand, as the real estate market enters the adjustment period and the growth rate of fixed asset investment declines, the demand for glass market is weakening. On the other hand, the government has introduced a series of “micro stimulus” measures to maintain steady growth, increased support for low-income housing, affordable housing, the renovation of shanty towns, and the implementation of the new urbanization plan. All this has unleashed new market needs and stimulated the internal impetus and vitality of the glass market. In line with industrial upgrading, structural adjustment of energy saving and emission reduction technology and energy saving glass products will be strongly supported by the policy and promote the application! The number of exhibitors, exhibition area, internationalization and informatization of this exhibition exceeded the previous scale, providing a communication platform for the transformation, upgrading and structural adjustment of China’s glass industry, and providing good business opportunities for the trade and cooperation of domestic and foreign glass manufacturers.

Industry Giants Gathering at China Glass
As a grand event of the global glass industry, the China Glass Exhibition has presented the progress and achievements of the glass industry with an extremely large scale, international perspective, and professional services, since it was initiated in 1986. The  China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass ) will be held. 

China Glass is a national level, international and professional glass industry exhibition which was approved by the Ministry of Commerce. It is not only the largest and most authoritative platform for the glass industry but also a shortcut for overseas manufacturers into the Asia-pacific market and the authority platform for the domestic brand to show strength to the global glass industry. With the industrial chain platform of the China Glass Exhibition, most glass industry manufacturers carry out business dialogue and technical exchanges. China Glass will comprehensively present the latest achievements of the industry development, while the global glass industry will once again focus on China.
Super-large Scale Attract Industry Giants  A great number of exhibitors have already applied for booths since the preparatory work of China Glass started. Up to now, there are 830 exhibitors to have confirmed booths, including 610 domestical companies and 220 foreign manufacturers. China Glass will be the biggest glass industry trade fair for its more than 100,000 square meters exhibiting area scale. Big brand manufacturers from home and abroad will showcase on this event, including China Building Materials Academy, Triumph Group, China Glass Holdings, CSG Holding, China Yaohua Glass Group, Jinjiang Group, Shanghai SYP Glass, Kibing Group, Luoyang Float Glass Group, Hebei Yingxin, Ruitai Materials Technology, Taiwan Glass, Xinyi Glass, Shanxi Lihu, Shahe Glass Group, Luoyang North Glass, Mingte Glass, Land Glass, LiSec, Glaston, Bystronic, AGC, Von Ardenne, Vesuvius, SEPR, Dip-tech, etc.

It should be noticed that many manufacturers in the fields of glass processing and glass production and applications have asked for increasing booth area to showcase their new machines and products, including Kibing Group, Xinyi Glass, Tianjin Dinganda glass, Shandong Fangding Safety Glass, Hangzhou Yugong smart machinery, Anhui Jingling Glass Machinery, Bengbu Chaoyang Glass Machinery, Luoyang Gangxin Glass Technology, Luoyang Fuchong Machinery, Foshan Shunde Lifeng Machinery, Jinan Lutai Machine.
Three state pavilions which are respectively organized by BMWI, VDMA, ICE Italy, GIMAV-VITRUM and Dam Associates Inc settle down to hall E1 as always. There will be a flat glass manufacturer from Nigeria to make their first appearance at China Glass and nearly 30 glass manufacturers from countries along the “One Belt and One Road” have set up their stags in the international exhibition area. These confirm the internationalization level of China Glass and indicate that the Chinese market is attracting global attention.

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