PVC edge band production line

Part1: Single screw PVC edge band extrusion line

PVC edge band production line 1

(a) Single Screw

1.Output capability :  1800kg/24 hours

General DescriptionMain electric elementsFrequency inverter: ABB
PVC edge band production line 2AC Contactor: Schneider
Air-break switch: Schneider Temperature controller: RKC or Omron
Output capacity55-75kg/h
Connect type of extruder and
mouldFlange and Bolt connection
38CrMoAlA, Nitrogen and thermal
Materialrefining treatment
Nitriding depth0.4-0.7mm
Casting aluminum heater with stainless
ScrewHeatingsteel outer cover
Heating segments4zones
Barrel Heating power16kw
Cooling by blower, temperature control accuracy:
Cooling segment4 segment
Barrel38CrMoAlA, Nitrogen and thermal
Materialrefining treatment
Main motor power(kw)15kw
Speed adjusting mode of main
motorVariable Frequency conversion
Transmission systemRotating speed of the main
Hard tooth face
High torque, low noise, high load capacity, excellent cooling system, running steady
Material of gear: 20CrMnTi,supier
Gearboxquality alloy


Part 2: Double Cavity Mould

This mould includes two parts: extrusion mould and calibration mould

The mould is designed to produce 2 PVC edge band at the same time, it is more efficient than single-out mould and makes the extrusion process more smooth.

Features: Precision machining, end products surface smooth, section size accuracy

PVC edge band production line 3

1Material3Cr17nimovn, superior quality mould steel
2Edge bandwidth and thicknessAccording to customer
3HeaterSuperior quality Iron sheet heater

(c) double station haul off machine and primer coating machine

automatic vacuum glue supplying, saving glue   

NoItemPVC edge band production line 4
1TypeRoller hauling
2Power of motor1.5kw
3Hauling speedControlled by frequency inverter

(d) Rewinder 

PVC edge band production line 5 

with meter counter and automatic


Part 3: 400 three-colour printing and UV coating machine

PVC edge band production line 6

Process: Releasing → base colour printing → IR drying → first colour printing →IR drying → second colour printing →IR drying → UV coating machine → IR levelling→ UV dryer → winding

Parameter of the whole line:

Max working width240mm
Working thickness0-50mm
Total power29.5kw
Total dimension14100*810*1700mm
Frequency inverterFulin

Details of each part

NamelengthDimensionsElectric parts
Base colour printing machine1.3m1300*810*1300Motor 1.5kw, speed controlled by frequency
IR drying1.2 m1200*610*1200IR lamps 500w*3
First colour printing machine1.3 m1300*810*1300Motor 1.5kw, speed controlled by frequency inverter
IR drying1.2 m1200*610*1200IR lamps 500w*3
Second colour printing machine1.3 m1300*810*1300Motor 1.5kw, speed controlled by frequency inverter
IR drying2 m1200*610*1200IR lamps 500w*6
UV coating machine(two rollers)1.5 m1500*810*1100Motor 1.5kw, speed controlled by frequency inverter
IR drying2 m1200*610*1200IR lamps 500w*6
UV dryer2.3 m2300*610*1700UV light 3kw*3, fan 2.2kw, motor 1.5kw, speed controlled by frequency inverter

Part 4: PVC crusher          

PVC edge band production line 7

 Technical parameter:
1Motor powerKW5.5
2Material of blade/T10
3The material of blade seat/45# steel
4Quantity for rotary bladePcs3
5Quantity for fixed bladePcs2



Part 5: Air compressor

PVC edge band production line 8


No.Of Cylinder(pcs) Dia(mm)/3 100
Rotation Speedrpm850
Air Displacementm3/min1.05
Dimension(L W H)mm1810 635 1370

Part 6: Water cooling tower (80 Ton/hr)

PVC edge band production line 9







Part 7: 300 L high-speed mixer

PVC edge band production line 10

1.  Application:Mix raw material
2.  Output: <560kg/hr(140kg per batch; 3-4 batch per hour)
3.  Equipment components:
① hot mixer
② control cabinet


1Hot mixer
2total volume of hot mixerL300
3effective volume of hot mixerL225
4material weight/batchkg/batch150kg
5motor powerKW40/55, double speed motor
6heating powerKW9
7hot mixer rotating speedr/min475/950
8Quantity of stirring bladepcs3(1Cr18Ni9Ti)
9mixing timemin/batch10-Aug
11Temperature controller/RKC

Part 8: PVC granulating machine

PVC edge band production line 11

A.     Equipment list

NOIncluded partsQuantity
2conical twin-screw extruder1set
3die face cutter1set
4air blowing system and silo2set

B.     Technical specification:

* Automatic loading and stop                                              PVC edge band production line 12

  • material of pin and pipe adopts stainless steel, no pollution  to the material
1Motor PowerKW1.5
2Spring diametermm36

 conical twin-screw extruder

Screw and barrel
Screw Diametermm¢65/132
Quantity of screw2pcs
Screw rotating directionConical converse outwards
Material of Screw and Barrel/38CrMoAlA Nitrogen Treatment
Depth of nitration casemm0.5-0.7mm
Nitriding HardnessHV800-900
Barrel Heating/Casting Aluminum Heater
Heating PowerKW24
Cooling/blower cooling
Gear box
Applicable standard/JB/T9050.1-1999
Material of gear and shaft/Adopt high strength alloy, carburizing and quenching, grinding
Gear precision and hardness/6grade, HRC 54-62
Oil sealingAll sealing adopt good products
Screw Safeguard/Automatic screw displacement alarm
Dosing feeder
Feeding motorKW1.1
Feeding speed regulator/ABB inverter
Main motorKW37kw AC motor
(Brand: Siemens Chinese motor)
Speed adjusting mode/ABB inverter
Vacuum exhaust system/1.5 KW vacuum pump
Temperature Controller/Omron digital temperature controller; temperature fluctuate automatic self adjusting
Electric components/Schneider
Extruder axis heightmm1000
Materials/Thickness of extruder table topCarbon steel 8mm
Materials/Thickness of extruder frameCarbon steel 2.75mm
Total weightKG4T
Total powerKW62.64

Die face cutter

1 sePVC edge band production line 13t(1)  ) Pelletizing die:transition part、mould adopt 40Cr forging tempering,
inner runner chrome plated of 0.03~0.04mm in thickness,surface of spure spreader chrome plated of .03~0.04mm in thickness, cast aluminum heater.
(2)  ) stainless steel cover for granulating part,cooling blower power:180W.
(3)  granulating motor: 1.5kW,height is adjustable;forward and backward can be vernier adjusted by hand.
Cutting motor speed is controlled by frequency inverter
Blade material 9CrSi;cutterhead, hilt plated with decoration chrome,on hilt equipped with spring to make the knife touch mould tightly; pelletizer part be placed on lead rail which can make it moveable forward
and back word, it’s convenient for cleaning mould.

Air blowing system and silo

PVC edge band production line 14

2 setsNumber & Power of blower 2X2.2kw
Delivery pipe/hopper material stainless steel

10L lab mixer

PVC edge band production line 15

  • for adjusting the color before formal production


Roller mill

PVC edge band production line 16







Type of motor/Electric magnetic speed adjusting motor
Heating/Electric heating
Temperature controller/RKC





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