Does the website prove the existence of a Chinese company?

We have already written how many Chinese scams can be avoided by confirming the existence of the company in the People’s Republic of China. A common mistake committed by businessmen who import
from China is to assume that if there is a website there is probably an existing registered company. Unfortunately, often it is not. The statement “The company for certain exists because it has got a website, the address and all, there are even pictures of the factory” is a sign of naivety. Scammers often copy the contents of the pages of existing Chinese companies, often with the address, photo, and logo.


Chinese Scams

Website can tell us a lot about a company, so if it contains the address of registration it must be compared with the address written in the company’s registration document (in the Chinese Business Licence)

Does the website prove the existence of a Chinese company? 1

It is also worth to verify when the internet website has been registered and whether it is actually assigned to the Chinese company. Frequently, on the website the company announces information about how long , whether it is the manufacturer or agent and in what industries does it work, all this information also must be confirmed with the data given in the official documents of the company. If we think that we have to deal with the manufacturer and it results that it is a trading company, some problems may occur, for example, if we want to advertise its products. The existing company that declares a great amount of false information on the Internet is also probably not going to be a good business partner. We should also mention that sometimes large operating factories in China do not possess a website, additionally also happens that operating companies have created their website about 15 years ago, which can not excite confidence. So how should we make a decision? Certainly not only on the basis of information included on the website. A well-prepared website, arousing confidence and looking professional can put our vigilance to sleep. Chinese scammers know this and for this reason attach great weight to build their web sites as well as to fast communication. These are simple socio-tecnical treatments designed to excite confidence. Well prepared importer will not be taken in but a lot of novices will be caught in trouble, and will start to thing about getting out of the situaction only when their money will appear in the account in Hong Kong or even worse, in so-called offshore banking unit.

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