Full-Auto Wet Tissue Paper Folding Packing Production Line

Wet tissue papers are very useful and you can use them for several purposes. These can help you remain fresh as well as clean and also maintain the right hygiene. These tissue papers have a longer lifetime and they come in scented varieties as well. Main Features:
  1. Folding way: “Z” “W” “C” shape.
  2. Wetting system: Double tanks with agitators. A wetting system with a continuous mixing system, circulating system, the maximum flow rate of fluid volume can be adjusted to 20L/min.
  3. Mitsubishi Servo system control.
  4. Sheet counting and stacking unit, servo motor adopted for easy adjusting quantity.
  5. Automatically monitoring the raw material. When the material lack in the shortest time, it can automatically stop the machine to avoid the loss of material.
  6. Emergency braking system
  7. Counting automatically and automatically record the date of manufacture.
Full-Auto Wet Tissue Paper Folding Packing Production Line 1                      

Machine Detailed Pictures

Full-Auto Wet Tissue Paper Folding Packing Production Line 2

Technical Parameters

Power: 380V 50HZ
Power supply: 13KW
Speed: 2500-3200pcs/min
Unfolding size(mm): (120-250)×(150-250) (L×W)
Folded size (mm):  (120-250)×(90-120) (L×W)
Folded type: Pop up or Non-Pop up(Adjustable)“Z”“W”“C”
Suitable material: spunlace
Raw material width(mm): 180-220
Product type: baby wipes, dress up wipes, lady wipes, cleaning wipes
Suitable material: spunlace
GSM: 40 -80g/m2
Installation space(mm): 10000X3000X2400 (L×W×H)
Weight: 9T


Full-Auto Wet Tissue Paper Folding Packing Production Line 3

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