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LLDPE Polyethylene Stretch Film Production Line 1

LLDPE Polyethylene Stretch Film Production Line

December 18, 2023

Stretch film making machine mainly use LLDPE, LDPE or recycled LLDPE material to produce one side sticky or 2 sides sticky grass film, stretch film, cling film, cast stretch film, etc. The width from 20mm to 2000mm, single layer to 2 layers, 3 layers, 5layers, and so on.

This Unit is based on long-time manufacturing experience, combine with Italy and American high-tech to produce high plasticity, easy to operate, long life, and power-saving machine. This machine is fit for making a stretch film, cling film and protecting film.

Its Supply Ability is: 30 Set/Sets per Month

LLDPE Polyethylene Stretch Film Production Line 2










Layers double
Screw Diameter Φ55/75mm
Screw L/D  1:30mm
Screw speed 20-150rpm
Width 1000mm/2*500mm
Total Power 75 KW
Thickness 0.012-0.05mm
Capacity 80-150kg/h
Layer Structure AB/ABA
Total Weight 8T
Dimension (L)7500*(W)3200*(H)3000

Features of XHD LLDPE polyethylene stretch film making machine 

1) Higher output with stable quality stretch film.

2) Higher speed with good ideal tensile and anti-pricking stretch film, which ensures the bigger output.

3) Power saving and good plasticization can save 1/3 power among the same model machine.

4) Good water-cooling effect and imported die steel to make sure making even and good ductility stretch film.

5) Swing system installed to adjust the film thickness and evenness.

6) The alloy screw adopts special mixing function and high plasticizing design which combine import static mixer to ensure plasticization is great, color is uniform and increases extrusion capacity greatly.

7) Auto PLC controlled, Auto cutting & rewinding, fully automatic.

Product Advantages

  • Easy operating, long life, energy saving
  • Stable and reasonable extrusion
  • High-quality T-die for excellent film evenness and stability
  • Enhanced cooling system
  • (adopts 720 mm diameter primary cooling roller and 370 mm diameter secondary cooling roller)
  • Advanced oscillation (swing) system
  • Highest winding speed (up to 200m/min) among similar stretch film machines
  • High production capacity: up to 350 kgs/h at film thickness 23 microns and 150 m/min
  • Patented automatic paper cores unloading & loading system (Optional)
  • Optional fully automatic thickness gauge
  • Excellent stretch film rolls quality for both hand use rolls and stretches use rolls

Structure of the Machine

LLDPE Polyethylene Stretch Film Production Line 3















1) The most usage pallet packaging: Such as fertile, cement, chemical industrial raw material, building material, etc.

2)  Horizontal packaging: Metal pipe, aluminum alloy material, timber, etc.

3)  Rotational twist: Rolling paper, carpet, etc.

4)  Binding: Glass container, acceptance, etc.

5)  Break-bulk packaging: Soybean, grain, plastic particle, etc.

6)  Storage packaging: Such as grass.

7)  Manual packaging: It is used in wholesales, journals, printing, electronic products, foodstuffs, etc.

8)  Ring twist packaging: Type, wire, cable, steel silk, etc.


LLDPE Polyethylene Stretch Film Production Line 4

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