PVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Line

SPC floor equipment / PVC stone flooring production line is to PVC and calcium powder as the main raw material production SPC stone floor of the equipment. The raw material is extruded through a plasticized extruded sheet, six rolls of hot film, and a decorative layer. It is a 100% free formaldehyde-free floor. At the same time, stone flooring surface embossed wood grain and a variety of patterns, the direct heat of the underlying cushion silencer layer, and then after UV wear-resistant processing, cutting, and other processes from the slotted. It is the biggest difference with the traditional floor is environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, fire.


1. Elasticity: one-step SPC floor, different from the stone,                tiles, and other hard materials, imitation stone, and                                It gives a more comfortable experience.PVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Line 1
2. Anti-mildew insects: SPC floor, wear durable,                            shrinkage stability; wood flooring is easy to                                        deformation and with a high risk of raw insects
3. Non-toxic: the latest environmentally friendly technology,           low cost, high stability.
4. Anti-Slip: Wear-Layer is a good performance of anti-slip,            especially it’s wet.


PVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Line 2


NoName of the machineQuantity
SPC PVC flooring machine   Including
1.Vacuum Loader1 Set
2 Extruder1 Set
3.Mould1 Set
4.Four roller Calender device Unwinding   system   and   Centering System
1 Set
5.Cooling   bracket   and   side   cutter device1 Set
6.Haul off machine1 Set
7.Guillotine1 Set
8.Stacker1 Set
9.Robot1 Set
Auxiliary machines Including
1.Crusher1 Set
2.SMF-600 Grinder1 Set
3.SHRL-Z500/1000A High-speed Heat/Cooling Mixing Machine (China brand Inverter controlled) With an automatic feeder1 Set

1.Vacuum Loader

S.noTypePVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Line 3
1.2Power of feed loaderKW2.2
1.3Diameter of springmm¢60
1.4Length of spring and feederM5.5
1.5Material of feederStainless steel
1.6Feeding unitAutomatic dosing feeding controlled by frequency inverter

2. Conical Twin-screw Extruder

PVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Line 4

2.1TypeTwin-screw extruder
2.3Driving motor110KW   AC motor SIEMENS motor
2.4Material of screw and barrelPVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Line 5

38CrMoAlA ,by nitriding treatment Surface hardness of screw: HV 740-940 Surface hardness of barrel: >= HV 940

2.6HeaterCast Al
2.7Heating power6 zones,   About 350W* 220V
2.8Cooling wayWind cooling
Second zone : 250W , Third zone: 370W, Forth zone: 550W,
The fifth zone: 550W, The sixth zone: 550W
2.9Reducer and distributorRigidity
model of gear: bevel gear material of gear: 20CrMnTi
soakage mode: oil-soaking and inclined gear lubrication hardness of inclined gear: HRC54-62
Installation type: Horizontal type installation
Cooling mode: use water cooling from the condenser to cool gear oil Drive force transmission: Coupling structure, guarantees stable working
2.10Exhausted wayVacuum exhausted, Vacuum pump 1 set Power: 5.5 KW
2.11Framewelding steel and steel plate
2.12Electric systemAn inverter is SIEMENS; Main motor, AC contactor, and thermal overload relay are Germany SIEMENS; Temperature controller and ravel switch are Japan OMRON; Breaker, relay and common witch are SIEMENS.


3.1Width of mould mouth1350mmPVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Line 6
3.2ModelT shape mould
3.3Heating wayInner heating Heating hose7sections,10KW(Inner heating)
3.4Mould connectionFlange1set
3.5Inner treatment of mouldplating hard chrome
3.6Mould lip heatingOil heating
3.7Temperature-controlling zonesAbout 5 zones
3.8Mould temperature controller1set
3.9Thickness regulationRegulation bolt-on mould lips, mould lips is changeable when produce boards of different thickness
3.10Heating modeStainless steel heating bars, guarantees stable and even material flow
3.11Mould StanderBracket type with movable wheels

4.Calendar device with 4 rollers

PVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Line 7

PVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Line 8

4.1Unwinding unit2sets, one is for print foil, another is for wear layer
4.2Flattening device2 PCS flattening rollers and 2 PCS Correction roller
4.3Structure typeDouble working position
4.4Tension controlMagnetic powder braker
4.5Size of unwinding roll3 inches air swelling shaft
4.6Centering SystemCentering system is used to continuously align the unwinders of the printed foil with calendar during the calendaring process.
4.7Constant tension control system4sets
4.8Side panelOne block of solid steel
4.9Diameter of roller450mm,the surface of roller wheel chrome plated,
mirror treatment.
4.10Roller materialXC 45
4.11Hardness≥ HRC50
4.12Surface treatmentHard Chrom,10um-15um
4.13Surface Roughness≤ 0.025 µm
4.14Gap Adjustment calendaringElectrical
4.15Gap Adjustment embossingElectrical
4.16HeatingThermal Oil
4.17Rotational jointChina brand
4.18Length of roller1500mm
4.19Motor power2.2KW, 4 Sets
4.20GearboxChina Guomao
4.21Mirror roller2pcs
4.22Bottom Embossing roller1pc
4.23Top embossing roller1pc
4.24This machine adopts 4rollers separate driving. Use SIEMENS frequency converter to control the speed.
Support for spherical roller bearings at both ends, high rotating accuracy. Four independent driving mode is driving mode and precision of the four-roll drive in the highest, can guarantee the effect of roller repair operation after the precision is not influenced by roller diameter variation.
On the roller gap by the worm has elevator system control, manual or motor-driven regulation;
and to ensure the safety of installation of the upper and lower limit system
4.25THERMAL OIL HEATER1set with 4 heater device
Heating power: 15KW *4=60KW
Heating Range: 170°C – 210°C
The thermal oil heater must be delivered with an oil tank (No connection with oil from the factory). Thermal oil hoses and quick connectors are part of the supply from the Supplier.
The length of the hoses is defined  considering the movements of the 4 rolls calendar.

5.Cooling bracket and side cutter device

5.1Dimension10000mmPVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Line 9
5.2Roller materialStainless steel
5.3Cooling Fan1set
5.4The vertical edge cutting device was installed on the cooling support. The installation position can be moved according to the effect when necessary. The vertical edge cutting device can mainly dispose of the unused board edge and divide the board area.

6. Haul off machine

6.1Diameter of roller245mmPVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Line 10
6.2Length of roller1500mm
6.3Line speed0-6m/min
6.4Driving motor3KW


7.2Valid cutting width1500mm

8. Stacker

8.1Dimension2000mm×1200 mm

9.Automatic Robot

9.1Min/Max sheet length800mm/2200mmPVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Line 11
9.2Min/Max sheet width850mm/1200mm
9.3Min/Max sheet thickness1.5mm/14mm
9.4Sheet weight max20kgs
9.5Max height1300mm
9.6Max speed4PCS/MIN




Revolve diameter380mmPVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Line 12
Revolve blade9 PCS
Fixing blade2 PCS
Screen mesh size10mm
Weight760    kgs

2. Grinder

Main motor55PVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Line 13
Voltage380v 50Hz
Cutter diameter575.9(28pcs moving knives,14pcs fixed knives)
Dust collector16bags
Flow valve power0.75KW

3.High-Speed Heat/Cooling Mixing Machine

PVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Line 14








Total capacity500L1000L
Effective capacity375L600L
Power of motor75Kw
AC               motor,with inverter
Quantity of each batch120-150kgs /batch
Air compressor0.4-0.6Mpa
Steel plate thickness of the hot mixer8mm
Material of the mixer bodytouch material part is stainless steel
Treatment of mixer wallPolished
Type of the hot mixing paddleTriple type
Type of the hot mixing paddleStainless steel
Rotation speed of the hot mixing paddle860 r/min
Temperature controlling methodOMRON
Material   of   mixer   cover   and   three-way connectionAluminum alloy
Opening method of the mixer coverPneumatic control
Material discharge methodPneumatic control
Steel plate thickness of the cool mixer2mm
Material of the mixer bodyPolished
Rotation speed of the cool mixing paddle≤60 r/min
Mixer cover and three way passAL
Opening and close of the mixer coverPneumatic control
Material discharge methodPneumatic valve
Electric components such as breaker, ON/OFF buttonSIEMENS
Mixing time6~10min10~15min
Quantity of Stirring paddle31
Mixer cover materialCast Aluminum
Hot mixer heating modeelectrical heating and self-friction heating
Cool mixer cooling modeBy water
Temperature controlling modeelectronical control-Omron


PVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Line 15


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