Three-Color Plastic Rattan Extruding Machine

Plastic Rattan Production Line

Plastic rattan extrusion line can produce single or multiple color plastic rattan equipped with one or more extruders,
and also different shape rattan can be produced if different extrusion moulds are used. Including round rattan,
flat rattan, embossing rattan, artificial rattan as well as colorful rattan. Plastic rattan is widely used on a rattan chair,
tea table, flower basket, weaving art and craft, furniture, etc. Preferring different raw materials such as PE, PP, PVC, etc.

The extrusion line can produce plastic resembling a rattan with differing texture.

Three-Color Plastic Rattan Extruding Machine 1

Plastic ProcessedPE, PP, PVC, EVA
Output (kg/h)30 – 50 kg/h
Screw DesignSingle-screw
Screw diameter (mm)55 mm
Screw L/D Ratio28:01:00
Voltage220/380V, 50 Hz
Power (kW)25
Weight2 tons
Warranty1 YEAR

Model: 3-color plastic rattan extruding machine

ItemUnitpart(s)number Description
1Three-in-one extruderMain extruder      screw & barrel1 setØ65; L/D:28:1,      substrate: 38CrMoAlA, nitriding
Sub-extruder            screw & barrel2 sets Ø35 ; L/D:25:1, substrate:38CrMoAlA, nitriding
Main gearbox1 setoblique gear, hardening, polished
Main Motor1 set18.5kW, frequency varying
Sub-motor1 set3kw
Hopper & Fan Cover1 eachstainless steel
2Cooling bath1 setlength:6m, stainless steel
3Drawing & Take-up unit1 setdrawing motor:1.5kW,  take-up motor:0.75 kW,           both frequency varying
4Panel1 set11 zone temperature control, 7 air cooling

Three-Color Plastic Rattan Extruding Machine 2

Product Detailed Pictures

Three-Color Plastic Rattan Extruding Machine 3






1. Extruder+die
Fine steel, many ways of processing, quality assurance

Three-Color Plastic Rattan Extruding Machine 4

2. Cooling tank
304 stainless steel, anti-rust, anti-corrosion

Three-Color Plastic Rattan Extruding Machine 5                         3. 3.Take-up and take-off units
with a reducer, can emboss strips.
Friendly design, operating safety assurance, automatic changing plates

Advantages of this Machine

Three-Color Plastic Rattan Extruding Machine 6

1. High Output
With optimized alloy screws, we can improve the output of PP/PE/PVC extruding.

Three-Color Plastic Rattan Extruding Machine 7












2.Stable running
We use specialized inverter controller which with step-less speed conversion. Additionally,
if using some auxiliary machines or some different control ways,
we can make many different rattans.

Three-Color Plastic Rattan Extruding Machine 8











3. Advanced Structure
need that raw materials are complex.

Three-Color Plastic Rattan Extruding Machine 9

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