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CISGE Beijing 25. - 27. March 2024 | International exhibition on equipment and technology in shale gas production 1

CISGE Beijing 25. – 27. March 2024 | International exhibition on equipment and technology in shale gas production

March 7, 2024

The CISGE, short for “China International Shale Gas Technology and Equipment Exhibition,” is a leading international trade fair focusing on shale gas extraction technology and equipment. Since its establishment by the Zhenwei Exhibition Group, it has become a significant platform for information exchange, presenting the latest findings, and introducing innovative technologies. Held annually at the New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC) in Beijing, the event attracts participants from various sectors, including exploration and development companies, shale gas investors, service providers, equipment manufacturers, engineering firms, software and IT companies, technology suppliers, and research institutes..

As a meeting point for professionals and companies involved in the extraction, storage, and transportation of oil and gas, CISGE emphasizes the growing importance of shale gas as an energy source within the global context. It highlights the role shale gas will play in future energy strategies. The exhibition’s offerings span a wide range of products and services, including equipment for shale gas exploration, fracturing technologies, surveying and mapping techniques, extraction and purification systems, storage solutions, electrical engineering, and safety equipment.
A standout feature of the CISGE is its accompanying forum, which addresses industry policies, market investment opportunities, and sector challenges. This forum provides a unique platform for exchanging information on current developments, trends, and innovations in shale gas extraction, thereby fostering discussions on forward-looking solutions and strategies.
The New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, the venue for the fair, with its modern facilities and infrastructure, offers an ideal setting for conducting this prestigious event. The NCIEC’s location in one of the world’s most dynamic economic metropolises further enhances the international significance and appeal of the CISGE.
In summary, the CISGE serves as a central gathering for experts, companies, and research institutions in the field of shale gas extraction. It plays a key role in showcasing and discussing the latest technologies, promoting innovations, and developing new business models within this rapidly growing sector.
The CISGE takes place for the 14th time on 3 days from Mon., 25.03.2024 to Wed., 27.03.2024 in Beijing.

25.03.2024 – 27.03.2024*

Monday – Wednesday, 3 days

Opening hours:
Monday, 25.03.  09:00 – 16:30 h
Tuesday, 26.03.  09:00 – 16:30 h
Wednesday, 27.03.  09:00 – 14:00 h

Trade Show Contact

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Fair location:

New China International Exhibition Center NCIEC,
88 Yuxiang Road, TianZhu Area, Shunyi , 100031 Beijing, Beijing,


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Fair organizer

Zhenwei Exhibition Group
Qisheng Exhibition Industrial Park,No. 2433, Xingang East Road, Haizhu District
Guangzhou, China

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Past editions:

  • 31 May. – 02 Jun. 2023
  • 28. – 30. July 2022
  • 08. – 10. June 2021
  • 26. – 28. August 2020
  • 27. – 29. March 2019
  • 27. – 29. March 2018
  • 20. – 22. March 2017
  • 29. – 31. March 2016
  • 26. – 28. March 2015

    • 1800 exhibitors from 65 countries
    • 80000 visitors
  • 19. – 21. March 2014

    • 1600 exhibitors from 65 countries
    • 60000 visitors

Product groups: electrical equipment for feeding and extracting, fire protection and safety equipment, safety protection products, Shale gas production technology, simulation systems, technologies for shale gas extraction, transport equipment, transport pipes, …

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