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Enmore Automotive China (EAC) Exhibition & Trade Show Suzhou | International trade fair for the automotive supply industry 1

Enmore Automotive China (EAC) Exhibition & Trade Show Suzhou | International trade fair for the automotive supply industry

December 9, 2023

The Enmore Automotive China (EAC) Exhibition & Trade Show is a prestigious industry fair in the automotive sector, held annually in Suzhou, China. It was founded by the Enmore Group, a leading Chinese service company in the automotive industry. With approximately 300 exhibitors and over 10,000 senior professionals, the trade show attracts thousands of visitors each year, coming from a myriad of sectors including original equipment manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers, LiDAR manufacturers, camera manufacturers, radar device manufacturers, and companies specializing in automotive lighting, components, materials, assembly, and testing. The EAC focuses on industry trends in the automotive sector, providing extensive insight into the latest developments in areas such as ambient lighting, interior and exterior materials, vision cameras, head-up displays, battery storage, vehicle interaction and display, intelligent surfaces and CMF design, safety systems, radar, IMS, thermal management, and LIDAR, as well as NVH and acoustics.

The fair takes place at the Suzhou International Expo Center, a modern event center that provides an ideal platform for experts in the automotive industry to exchange ideas. The trade show is known for its informative and diverse program, which includes not only exhibitions but also lectures and stage performances. It plays a significant role in the automotive industry as it offers an important platform for the exchange of innovations, technologies, and trends. The showcased products and services, as well as the discussions and presentations, have a significant influence on the future direction of the industry.

The Enmore Automotive China (EAC) Exhibition & Trade Show takes place annually, and therefore for the 5th time previsibly in June 2024 in Suzhou.

Trade Show Contact
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Year of foundation:

Fair location:

Suzhou International Expo Center,
Expo Plaza, Xiandai Avenue, 215006 Suzhou, Jiangsu, China


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Fair organizer
Enmore Infotech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Enmore Building, Block C, No.999 Jinzhong Road
Shanghai, China
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Past editions:
  • 05. – 07. June 2023

Product groups: 4-D imaging radar, air conditioning systems, audio systems, cabin sensing, heat dissipation, laser devices, lidar, lighting, optical precision components, optical waveguides, passive safety systems, power batteries, scanning components, silicon photonics technology, software technology, vehicle cameras, vehicle radar, …

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