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Global Sources Smart Home, Security & Appliances Show Hong Kong | Trade fair for AI and smart home solutions 1

Global Sources Smart Home, Security & Appliances Show Hong Kong | Trade fair for AI and smart home solutions

April 24, 2024

The “Global Sources Smart Home, Security & Appliances Show”, a part of the Global Sources Show Phase 2, is renowned as a specialized trade fair focusing on advanced AI and Smart Home solutions, security technologies, and household appliances. Impressively held at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong, this event is biannually organized. As a significant platform for innovation in smart technologies, it is orchestrated by Global Sources Hong Kong and attracts an international audience..

At the heart of the fair are cutting-edge AI applications for Smart Home systems, security solutions, and a wide array of household appliances. Exhibitors, experts in technology and electronics, showcase a broad range of innovative products. These include smart plugs, switches, lighting systems, remote controls, curtain systems, comprehensive home solutions, IP cameras, baby monitors, smart locks, alarm systems, sensors, cameras, and many other devices that simplify daily life.

The fair presents a unique interface between innovative technology and Hong Kong’s dynamic urbanity. It highlights the city’s role as a global hub for trade and innovation and impressively demonstrates how advanced technologies can enrich daily life.

A special highlight of the fair is the appliance experience zone. Here, visitors have the opportunity to see the latest products in action. The offering is complemented by live demonstrations, product presentations, and conferences and seminars led by industry experts.

Exhibitors come from various sectors of the technology and electronics industry. The main target audience of the fair comprises professional visitors from sectors like Smart Home, security technology, and household electronics.

In conclusion, it’s noteworthy that the AsiaWorld-Expo, the venue for the fair, impresses not only with its modern facilities and large capacity but also with its strategic location in Hong Kong. This location ensures easy accessibility for both local and international visitors. Therefore, the fair is an indispensable event for professionals interested in the latest developments in the fields of Smart Home and security technology.

The Global Sources Smart Home, Security & Appliances Show in Hong Kong took place from Thursday, 18. April to Sunday, 21. April 2024.

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Fair location:

Cheong Wing Road, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China


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Fair organizer
Global Sources
22/F, Vita Tower 29 Wong Chuk Hang Road Aberdeen
Hong Kong, China
Tel: +852 2831 0222
Fax: +852 2580 7988
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Past editions:
  • 18. – 21. April 2024
  • 18. – 21. October 2023
  • 18. – 21. April 2023

Product groups: alarm systems, baby monitors, curtain systems, IP cameras, lighting systems, remote controls, sensors, smart locks, smart sockets, smart switches, …

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