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Luxe Pack Shanghai 10. – 11. April 2024 | Luxury goods packaging exhibition

December 12, 2023

Luxe Pack Shanghai is a leading trade fair for luxury packaging that takes place annually in Shanghai. It is part of a global event series focused on luxury packaging, which is held in different cities worldwide. The most well-known events, besides Shanghai, are held in Monaco, Los Angeles and New York. The trade fair attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, including designers, manufacturers of packaging materials, brand representatives, as well as marketing and product development experts from various industries such as cosmetics, perfume, fashion, jewelry, wine and spirits, gourmet and other luxury goods segments.

Luxe Pack Shanghai provides a platform for companies and professionals to showcase their latest innovations, technologies, and trends in the field of luxury packaging. This includes materials such as glass, metal, plastic, paper, and wood, as well as finishing techniques, decorations, eco-friendly packaging solutions, and security features for product and brand protection. The trade fair has established itself as an important event for the growing luxury packaging market and plays a crucial role in promoting trade, innovation, and collaboration in this sector, particularly in the dynamic and rapidly growing Asian region.

On the whole the organisers welcomed on the 2 days of the fair, from 07. July to 08. July 2021, about 220 exhibitors and 5000 visitors on the Luxe Pack in Shanghai.

The Luxe Pack will take place on 2 days from Wednesday, 10. April to Thursday, 11. April 2024 in Shanghai.

10.04.2024 – 11.04.2024*

Wednesday – Thursday, 2 days

Trade Show Contact

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Fair location:

SEC – Shanghai Exhibition Center,
No. 1000, Yan’an Road , 201204 Shanghai, Shanghai,


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Fair organizer

InfoPro Digital
10 place du Général de Gaulle La Croix de Berny
F-92186 Antony, France
Tel: +33 (0)1 46 993133

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Past editions:

  • 12. – 13. April 2023
  • 07. – 08. July 2021

    • 220 exhibitors
    • 5000 visitors
  • 07. – 08. July 2020
  • 10. – 11. April 2019
  • 11. – 12. April 2018
  • 12. – 13. April 2017
  • 13. – 14. April 2016
  • 15. – 16. April 2015

Product groups: bags, bottles, boxes, containers, crates, decorations, flasks, jars, labels, loops, packaging, pockets, …

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